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New Tsum Tsums at D23Expo

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My niece goes bonkers over these things....




D23 Tsum Tsum Sets

The D23 Expo has begun, so that means lots of incredible sneak peeks, and of course exclusive merchandise! Tsum Tsum Central has a preview of the D23 Tsum Tsum Sets that will be released at the expo! Four new sets will be released during the expo, a Stormtooper Set, a Pixar Shorts Set, a Mary Poppins Set, and my personal favorite a Rescue Rangers Set!

Each day different sets will be released at the Disney Store at the Expo. The Mary Poppins, Pixar Shorts, and Stormtrooper sets will be limited edition sets of 1000, and although not confirmed the Rescue Rangers set will most likely have the same edition size.

D-23-Tsum-5-500x500.jpg D-23-Tsum-6-500x500.jpg

There are many Star Wars Tsum Tsums out there, but this set is really cool. The Storm Trooper “Through the Years” set includes six different types of Stormtroopers. You’ll find Clonetroopers, and even a Deathtrooper, how cool!

D-23-Tsum-7-500x500.jpg D-23-Tsum-8-500x500.jpg

Fans of Mary Poppins will be delighted by this Tsum Tsum set, inspired by the Jolly Holiday.  Mary, Bert, a Penguin, and a Carousel Horse come packaged in a box that is practically perfect in every way.

D-23-Tsum-4-500x500.jpg D-23-Tsum-3-500x500.jpg

A Pixar Shorts set will feature 8 Tsum Tsum plush from the beloved shorts many of us look forward to with each Pixar release. The set will feature 2 from each of 4 Pixar Shorts: For the Birds, Presto, Boundin’, and Piper. My heart definetly melted a bit when I saw the Piper Tsum Tsum!

D-23-Tsum-2-500x500.jpg D-23-Tsum-1-500x500.jpg

Now for the grand finale, the Rescue Rangers Tsum Tsum set!! Unlike the above sets that come in a box, this incredible set features our heroic pals in a plush version of their infamous air ship! Chip, Dale, Monty, Gadget and Zipper fly to the rescue in the most adorable Tsum Tsum form. They are all mini sized Tsums, with the exception of Zipper who will be a micro size. I need a Gadget Tsum Tsum in my life!

These fantastic D23 Tsum Tsum Sets will be available at the Disney Store at the D23 Expo only and will be very limited edition, so don’t miss out!


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