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Cortezcapt (Derek)

Pet Friendly Cabins?

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So I was searching for pet friendly hotels around Orlando (long story of why we couldn't take the trailer but wanted out of town) and came across a listing on Hotels.com for The Cabins at Fort Wilderness.


So that got me wondering, as far as I always understood pets we're not allowed in the cabins, unless of course they were service animals which I believe by law would have to be accommodated at any resort. So that sent me off on a search and I came across two more places 59aa3200559d0_Screenshot_20170902-00044201.thumb.png.d02bd1784030035e1961c86418d9ac6c.png59aa3216c1d31_Screenshot_20170902-00051801.thumb.png.49e23d0e2128a6b84b57b83ecd225487.png

I know you can't believe everything you read on the internet, but are there pet friendly cabins. If so is this a new thing, or did I just misunderstand and or assume the cabins weren't pet friendly?


All of the searches I did were specifically for the cabins and not campsites. 

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Pets are not allowed in any of the cabins, at least as of our last trip. I specifically asked one of the CM's at the outpost and was told the same thing as above. There's a cool app called BringFido for hotels, parks, restaurants etc and a quick search does not list any Disney hotels. It does, however, list the Four Seasons, so the next time you want to spend the big bucks I guess you can bring your dog.

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