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Help! Supposed to arrive Friday!

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Most posts on FB have been saying the 20th is the magic day.

We have gas in Tampa at the majority of stations, and I've seen it at the exits along I-275.

Not sure about anywhere else, but most people seem to have been finding it except down around Highlands County where there are still a lot of power outages.

Do you have gas buddy on your phones?

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49 minutes ago, Retired and Happy (Ken) said:

Assuming the previous posting was Tuesday the 12th, what is the update on the Fort and gas availability?

As far as the Fort goes, I'm hearing a possible delay in opening until later this week; but not clear.

Gas supply is pretty much back to normal around Disney.  Prices are dropping and all of the stations along 192 and in Disney have gas.

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Gas Buddy app is great, especially for finding diesel in areas away from the interstate. Most of the stations around here have fuel and I know the station on Buena Vista Dr had fuel, so don't think fuel will be a problem. There were some stations around here only accepting cash, I would say this is due to still having a lot of the cable and phone lines down. So if you don't usually, maybe carry enough cash to get you a tank of fuel in case you get into a situation of not being able to use credit. That being said I haven't been to a station since Thursday, so they could all be back up and running though. 

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