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New 2017 Fort Wilderness Merchandise

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A few weeks back, one of the TCD twins noticed a guest in the MK with a nifty Fort Wilderness ball cap she had never seen before. She asked the guest where he got it, and he said at the Settlement Trading Post.

The TCD twins made a beeline there when they got a chance, and sure enough, there were new hats, shirts, mugs, and other things.  They called to let me know.

But, they didn't take any photos.

There have been some mentions on this board about new merchandise.

But no photos.

Well, now there are.

I popped in to the Fort the other night for the sole purpose of seeing the new stuff in the Trading Post.

And this is what I saw . . .

A new long-sleeved green men's shirt- the front:


The back:


A new, short sleeved brown men's shirt- there is only a design on the front of this one:


A new ladies' shirt:


A new kids' shirt (I think this is different from the old kids' shirt) :


A new zippered sweat shirt (no design on the back) :


A new ball cap:


New mugs (these are kind of small compared to previous versions of Fort Wilderness mugs) :


A new magnet:


Did you notice the hidden Mickeys made with marshmallows on the magnet?  Cute.

New key chain:


New bumper sticker:


And even a new shot glass:


All I can say is wow.

I don't remember this much new Fort merchandise being rolled out all at the same time.


But wait.

There's more.

Did you notice the sign on the table mentioning the Shop Disney Parks App?

I did.

I've never used that.

I figured they wouldn't bother putting Fort stuff on there.

But, they had the sign right on the table with the Fort stuff.

So I looked.

Wow again.

Look at all of this stuff!:



I didn't notice those pins they show online, or that metal key chain.  They did have the coozie there, but I didn't get a photo.  As far as I can tell, they are not offering the green shirt on-line- they had some of those other long sleeved shirts there, but those are not new.

Apparently, you can buy all of this stuff from the comfort of your own home:


How do you like that?

I have the new green shirt and the new ball cap, but I want it all!


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Thanks a lot for blowing my trip budget, TCD!!

LOVE the new shirt designs.  Guess we're eating PB&J a few nights.  :P

8 minutes ago, Travisma said:

Now's the time to hit the outlets and stock up on the old stuff.

And if you're smart by extra, hold onto it for 10 years and sell it on eBay for a killing to all the Fort newbies!


Good point about the outlets.  We usually try and get over there early in our trip before we buy anything in the resort/parks.  It would be cool if we found some of the old design Fort stuff there.  (oh and if we do, I'll be sure to let y'all know)

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19 minutes ago, BradyBzLyn...Mo said:

Thanks a lot for blowing my trip budget, TCD!!

LOVE the new shirt designs.  Guess we're eating PB&J a few nights.  :P

I'm right there with you!

If past history holds true, some of these items will be out of stock quickly, and won't be restocked until after the holidays.

I wouldn't count on there being much Fort stuff in the outlets.  The typical practice is for the stuff to be offered in the Castmember store first, and then dumped in the outlets.  Fort stuff rarely makes it to the Castmember store, and I think it's very, very rare to see Fort merchandise in the outlets open to the public.


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14 minutes ago, YodaGirl said:

Love it!  I'd hoped to add a new Fort hat to my hiking pack, but it looks like it's a no-go until our next trip. When I clicked on it and a few others, it says in-store purchase only. Thanks for the info!

Oh, sorry.  Silly me, I thought if they had it on-line that customers could buy it on-line.  I should have remembered that Disney doesn't operate like normal businesses.


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40 minutes ago, Tri-Circle-D said:

Oh, sorry.  Silly me, I thought if they had it on-line that customers could buy it on-line.  I should have remembered that Disney doesn't operate like normal businesses.


I know, right?  Go figure. 

At least it lets us see all the things we *could* buy. Lol Is it October 2018, yet??

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2 minutes ago, slices said:

The parks shop app is kind of dual purpose. As well as letting you order online it can also be used to see which shops have an item.


There are a few items that this makes sense with. This stuff not so much.


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They know Fort people are fanatics and there isn't a lot of merchandise available.

So that gives them an incentive for booking a site and making a trip!

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We had our first cool weather in six months over the weekend, and I dug out some of my long-sleeved t-shirts, including my most recent Fort long-sleeved t-shirt.

When I saw it I realized that it's a different color from the one they currently have in the Trading Posts.

The Meadow Trading Post was displaying the shirt described on-line as the Raglan Tee:



The shirt on the right in this photo is the long-sleeved shirt I have:


The current main shirt portion of the current tee is much lighter than the previous version.

I like the older one better.


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I hate to say it, but this year's "Fort stuff" doesn't wow me...  Its hard to explain, but I think all of the shirts are too "non-descript"  Like the designers came up with these from on-line printing company...

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I almost bought the long sleeve green shirt because it was the only  one that put the big logo on the back (I don't like big logos on the front of shirts) but it's a thick shirt plus it's long sleeve which I don't care for but it did look nice.  Although if it would have been a black shirt or white or blue I would have got it.

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I got the cap when we we there last month.  They also have a couple new pins.

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For information purposes, I snapped a photo of the Fort merchandise on display at the Settlement Trading Post today, February 14, 2018:


The mugs are from Big Thunder Mountain, and say "It's the wildest ride in the wilderness!"  I guess since they use the word wilderness, the merchandise people think Fort campers will buy them. 

On a happier note, they are providing a choice between two ugly tire covers.  How long have they been promising us new ones?


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