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I-4 Named the Most Dangerous Highway in America

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4 hours ago, Travisma said:

Guess that depends on your speed.  I usually set the cruise control for just below 60, and if I'm in the center lane semis are trying to run me over.

I've tried to stay in the slow lane numerous times (which I don't mind) except for the jackasses merging onto the highway that think you need to slam on the brakes to let them merge in, instead of them slowing down.

It gets real bad just West of Disney, those people just barrel onto the road without a care.

We were on 275 in Downtown Tampa a couple of weekends ago, doing 60 and this little SUV goes flying by us doing at least 80.  He was weaving in and out of traffic, cutting across multiple lanes.  When we got off out exit it was either him or a close match SUV slammed into a tree in the median of the road we exited onto.  And the car wasn't 90 degrees  into it, the car was in line with the median.

 Usually go with the flow as long as it's not way over the limit.

I hate those selfish drivers who weave in and out, so dangerous to themselves and everyone else near by. 

Another pet peeve is the drivers who tail gate so closely I can't see their head lights.  Why don't they just pass me?  Plenty of room in either lane.  Sometimes I move to the right lane, let them go pass in the middle lane,  move back and watch them tail gate the next car in the middle lane.  Jerks.

Right lane driving takes lots of patience to avoid on-coming traffic.

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