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Has anyone seen one of these contraptions yet?

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1 hour ago, shaffecv said:

Before the Great Movie Ride shut down. Somebody turned the flower bed sprinklers on right in front of the theatre. A couple hundred strollers were soaking wet.

That'll teach ya to park in an unapproved spot.

Oh goodness!😳

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So went to my brother's house the other day and my sister-in-law had bought one of these, along with all the extras including beach tires. From talking with her there seem to be a few companies selling them but only 2 are approved for use at Disney. They must have a 5 point restraint system in them to be approved by Disney, per her. 

I haven't been in the parks with a ton of them yet but seeing one in person I do think it would be better than the dreaded double wide strollers and folds up as small or small then they do. Although once you add the cooler and everything else maybe not. 


Seems like they are the new must have thing though. She bought 2 because she couldn't decide what color she wanted. When they arrived she picked the color then sold the other on Facebook the same day for 60.00 more than she paid. 

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