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Observations, pros and cons

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Well, as some of you know from my other post, we are campers again and spent a few days at the fort and the parks last week.  Since it’s been over a year since we did a true Disney vacation, I wanted to give some opinions on some of the changes we saw:

Animal Kingdom:

its been over 2 1/2 years since we have been to this park and we actually went twice this trip. We were very excited to see the 5 year project of Pandora completed. As much as flight of Passage is an awesome ride, I was very disappointed with Pandora overall.  First, I thought the area would be much bigger. I was not impressed with the usual Disney use of concrete for everything(trees, plants,etc). I felt a lot of inspiration from Epcot.  As Much as the floating mountains are impressive, they didn’t do much for me. I know they can’t actually float a piece of concrete, but to me they didn’t even look like part of a the movie. The river cruise was alright. The use of projection for the animals and the waterfall was great. But again, it was a short ride and I expected way more than a little mermaid ride. Overall after a 5 year project, I was not overly thrilled with Pandora. Flight of passage though was a fun ride and I think a tad better than soarin and we love soarin.  Pandora was saved for us because of this ride. 

We had a FP for rivers of light and I have to say, one the best if not the best night time show of all the parks. There was some great imagination that went into this show and we really enjoyed it.  Are those floating flowers on a track?  If not, kudos to the flower drivers. 

We had dinner at Yak and Yeti for the first time and actually had a great meal and cheaper than most resort restaurants. The sevice sucked but the food made up for it. Maybe because this is a Landry’s restaurant that is not solely operated by Disney like the rain Forrest. Overall, Animal kingdom used to be my least favorite park but it’s starting to gain momentum  we had a great time both times  

The Fort:

a few little changes.  I loved what they did with the cart parking at the Marina  it was starting to get out of hand with carts parking all over the place  it’s nice the bikes are out of the sand and grass is now growing in areas once damaged by carts  the picnic tables are a little strange there, but I’m sure it was a typical fort quick fix.  I also thought they did a great job with the landscaping by the new cart parking and all  the new shrubs along the cart path.  It’s nice seeing them put money back into the fort.  The chuck wagon was a good idea to give another food option at the fort.  The fencing of the playgrounds was beginning the last time we camped along with fencing of the pool  both great ideas   At least now I know my kids will not wander off

Overall we had a great time and loved camping again  we went to the other parks but no real significant changes.  I did notice more security after dark at the fort and less people out and about after the fireworks.  Probably another good thing.  Now for the biggest con, we went to book spring break for next year and a premium site was $210 a night.  WTF


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Glad you  had a good time I felt the same way about Pandor, I don't think I will do spring break again after this year it was just to crowded for what it cost. 

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