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Okay... no guarantees that this will be any good... but here is goes :lol:

On April 14th, the kids and I headed out:  5,200 miles, 4 National Parks, 2 National Monuments, 6 State Parks, a few private campgrounds and thousands of memories.  It. Was. Awesome.



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10 hours ago, djsamuel said:

I've been hoping you would post something of your trip.   My favorite part of the country to visit.

I can see why!  The area was stunning!

10 hours ago, Cortezcapt (Derek) said:

Woohoo, I'm in. Was also hoping for a trip report! 

Ha...thanks!  You might not say that, after you read it (I'm not the best).  LOL :lol:

9 hours ago, h2odivers...Ray said:

I’m in. Can’t wait to read all about it. 

Especially about your time in Oklahoma.  

Oh mercy...the people we met, the things we saw... OKC was memorable ^_^

9 hours ago, GradyBunch said:

I'm in!!  You had me at 5,200 miles

Haha... thank you!

9 hours ago, Dalspot ... Karen said:

Yay! Trip repor!


9 hours ago, shoreline99 said:

Man, and I thought we had a solid ten-day trip in April at 2400 miles..

It. was. awesome!!!

8 hours ago, Beckers said:

Looking forward to hearing about your trip!!

Glad your here!  I'm having fun, reading about yours!  We need to go back to Legoland!! 

8 hours ago, momof3kids-Yvonne said:

I'm in.

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8 hours ago, dblr....Rennie said:

Been waiting for this!!!!!!

Thank you ^_^

7 hours ago, wdwpoohbear...Jennifer said:

Yay!  Can't wait to read more!


6 hours ago, Mrs.TN22 said:

I'm in!  Looking forward to more!!!

I hope it's worth reading... haha :lol:

6 hours ago, Seals said:

In and I'm already impressed !

Oh gosh...thank you!

3 hours ago, Grumpy and Grandma said:

You drove 5,200 miles.  I was lucky to get grandma to drive our MH 5.2 ft...:lol:

Haha... if she wanted to go, and you wouldn't drive...she might surprise you :lol:

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Let's get this started...

We had originally planned to pull-out, super early on the 14th of April (6a was the plan).  The reason for this, is we wanted to reach a children's museum in Jackson, Mississippi by early afternoon so the kids would have a few hours to check that out, before going onto a campground.  However, plans changed when tornadoes moved in that weekend and we were forced to skip the museum and left closer to 11am.  The weather was super ugly in W. Alabama...the kind where the temp jumps up 15 degrees, the sky turns black, the clouds are low and the alarms on your phone start ringing of the Tornado Warnings.  I was on I20 with the other drivers and I think we were all watching the sky very closely and waiting for the sounds of hail.  At that point, I was praying (in my head to not scare the kids) and watching the other drivers closely as I honestly wasn't sure what to do.  I had the weather channel playing live in my earpiece and they were watching for tornadoes, but none had been sighted.   

God was good and we made it safely through.  It crazy how quickly the temp drops, when you've left the storm.  Never was I so happy, to see 80 degrees turn to 65....the clouds lifted and an hour or so later, we were treated to a wonderful painting by God:  


Because we had missed the opportunity to make the museum, I decided to push through and go as far as I could (this was made easier by the fact that we had not made campground reservations for that night, only knew of a couple around the museum who said that availability wouldn't be a problem).   But, not before I thought it a good idea, to stop for gas: 


Yeah...cut that one, a bit close :lol:

Our night came to an end in West Monroe, LA at one of my favorite overnight places:  Cracker Barrel.   I love being able to pull in/out quickly and we always eat breakfast before leaving.  If the weather is nice and the area is safe, it doesn't get much better than overnight parking at CB.  This CB is the best I've found thus far.  The staff was very friendly, the food great, Pilot truck stop just down the road and the parking!  Crazy HUGE lot.  Yep... that's our home on wheels...at the end of their (very) long lot.  It was awesome!


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11 hours ago, DaveInTN said:

Hi Nacole.... I'm here.   

Got Cracker barrel breakfast pics?  :P

Ha... no.  You'll just have to use, your imagination :lol:

9 hours ago, CCIntrigue...aka Gwen said:

I'm in!  Looking forward to all the details!


1 hour ago, dblr....Rennie said:

3 MILES TO EMPTY, I could never do that, especially towing!!!!!!!:cantbelieveit:

Haha... I know, right?!   That was a first; I was a woman on a mission (and no, that mission was not to run out of gas :lol:).

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17 minutes ago, twiceblessed....nacole said:


Haha... I know, right?!   That was a first; I was a woman on a mission (and no, that mission was not to run out of gas :lol:).

Well at least your adding some suspense to your report :bravo:

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First day was 489 miles... the next day, was a nice 330.  Actually, the original plan was to stop at Tyler State Park in Texas, but I realized that we'd be there super early so I decided to push onto one of our destination spots and add a night there instead.  So... Waco, Texas it was!  During our fill-up that day, I saw a small trucker chapel... love it!!



We stayed at a CEO campground in Waco called Airport Park.  Very happy with this campground.  Paid $24/night for electric and water.  Only downside was the bathhouse was filthy and two of the three nights we were there, it was VERY windy (but I'm sure that's hit or miss).  However, the location was great, the rangers were awesome and you really couldn't beat the view.   Our site was a pull-through and the kids loved it as they had their own "private island" (or so that's what they called it^_^).  Their imaginations went wild...they had SO much fun playing.  We were greeted by a "friend"; I told him to go away...eww!  The picture is a close-up, he was actually only about the size of a nickle :lol:


Besides the beautiful view... there was also a fire pit, grill and picnic table under a permanent structure/cover:



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