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Turtle Watching Event at Vero Resort

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If you have never seen this in person, I highly suggest this be on your bucket list.  You can look on any of the wildlife sanctuaries on the East Coast of Florida and they hold similar events this time of year.  As a Floridian who grew up near the beach, it is a real cool experience everyone should get to experience and get to enjoy nature and wonder at its resplendence.





Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, located only 2 hours southeast of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, has guests that return year after year. And I’m not just talking about human guests. Sea turtles use the beaches for their nests. They lay eggs and bury them in the sand. Once these eggs hatch, the baby sea turtles make a break for the ocean, using the natural light to guide them. Tour de Turtles is an event that tracks the migration of these sea turtles.


Beginning at 7am on July 28th, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort will begin hosting fun family activities centered around sea turtle conservation. Guests will be able to learn all about ways to help protect these amazing ocean creatures. Satellite transmitters will be attached to the shells of the sea turtles and they will set off on a race around the world. The transmitters send back important information about the turtles’ migration habits, helping scientists with efforts to maintain the turtle population.

Tour de Turtles is an incredibly popular event for guests. So much so that Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is fully booked for this event. To learn more about the Tour de Turtles, please visit www.tourdeturtles.org. You can also visit https://verobeach.disney.go.com/ or contact your travel agent to learn more about Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for future trips!


If you aren’t already planning to attend this year’s Tour de Turtles event, Disney Parks Blog will be live streaming it! Be sure to tune in to see all of the turtle fun at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.

Article excerpt courtesy of chipandco.com.

Pictures courtesy of Disney.


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