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New Sparkly and Shiny Ears Coming this Summer

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We will have Mickey Bars, Minnie Bars and now Shiny and Sparkly Ears!  All kinds of new ears for the kiddos!



Just yesterday, it was Mickey Bar Minnie Ears that were going to be the next big thing at Disney Parks, but they may have their time beaten before they’re even released. Now, the newest addition coming this summer will be sparkly iridescent ears!


There is not a ton known yet about these ears except for the fact that they are going to sparkle a lot in the sun and depending on what colors you’re close to, your bow will likely match. It will especially look its best when it hits shades of blue, pink, and purple thanks to whatever angle you may move it into.

The inside lining is a soft pink velvet.

No exact time frame has been announced for the release of the sparkly new iridescent ears, but they will hit Disney Parks sometime this summer.

Article excerpt courtesy of doctordisney.com and full article link is above.
Picture courtesy of doctordisney.com and Disney.

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