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Are interactive robots coming to resorts?

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Are Interactive Disney Park Robots Headed to a Disney Resort Near You?

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interactive Disney park robots

Disney Enterprise, Inc. has published a patent today that focuses on robots interacting with each other within groups. And from the document we can assume these are being developed for use in a Disney theme park. Are interactive Disney park robots something we can expect to see soon?!


The patent is titled “Systems, methods, and apparatuses for stereoscopic imaging” and focuses on a camera that allows to or more robots to interact within the same area.

The patent states:


“Robots may be used for entertainment, utilitarian, and/or other purposes. A plurality of robots may be deployed in an environment and programmed to carry out one or more tasks. A plurality of robots in such a scenario may be referred to as a “robot swarm.” It is often desired for the robots within the swarm to be “aware” of each other. Individual ones of the robots and/or a central processing unit may carry out localization processes including determining relative location, speed, direction of movement, and/or other information about individual ones of the robots. A tracking system may be used for localization. Tracking systems include, for example, onboard tracking systems, external tracking systems, optical tracking (e.g., camera tracking/imaging), wireless communication systems established between two or more robots and/or between a robot and a central processor, global positioning systems (GPS), and/or other system.”

US20170064290A1-20170302-D00001.png?resi US20170064290A1-20170302-D00002.png?resi US20170064290A1-20170302-D00003.png?resi

The Summary also states:


“Accordingly, one aspect of the disclosure relates to a system for omnidirectional stereo camera imaging for on-board localization of an omnidirectional stereo camera apparatus. In some implementations, the omnidirectional stereo camera apparatus may be incorporated into a movable robot platform, and/or other type of platform. By way of non-limiting example, a movable robot platform may comprise a robot used in an amusement park, and/or other types of robots.”

Now, I certainly do NOT have a technical background, but it appears that Disney is hoping to have robots (or maybe “Droids”) in an area of a theme park(s) that are aware of each other and interact with each other.  I don’t know about you but my mind immediately went to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – opening at the Disneyland Resort in the summer of 2019 and the Walt Disney World Resort later that year.

I’m intrigued and excited to see this development in action!

Source: Google Patents
Photo Credit: Google Patents


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