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A different place to camp near WDW :-)

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Cypress Cove nudist resort is holding an open house this week for anyone who hates clothes

Local nudist resort Cypress Cove is opening its doors this week to any fellow clothes-haters out there. 

On July 14, anyone can come out to the resort's open house from noon to 4 p.m. to experience it for themselves. And no worries, you can stay fully clothed (unless you don't want to, of course). The resort is located at 4425 Pleasant Hill Road in Kissimmee. (about 25 miles from WDW).



Ever wanted to visit a nude beach or enjoy the ultimate freedom that comes with a clothes-free vacation? Look no further than Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee. Cypress Cove is opening its doors to the public for an annual Open House on Saturday, July 14th from Noon to 4:00 p.m. As our guest, you will enjoy complimentary resort tours, food and music in front of the Clubhouse, and our recently expanded white sand beach.

Cypress Cove is a family-friendly nudist resort located on 300 acres that includes a 50-acre lake, 20 acres of recreation, and 130 acres of protected wetlands.

Enjoy accommodations that include 84 villa hotel rooms and apartments, a modern campground/RV park, and a residential community. There are so many things to do at Cypress Cove. 

Visit our beautiful resort and let us show you around!

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The open house will probably be at most of the naturist resorts around the country.  This is National Nude Weekend, and generally the time when the resorts accommodate the curious and try to entice new members.   I was a member of the Naturist society for a number of years.  The resorts are really nice, and there is not a 'bunch of hanky panky' going on, like most people try to infer. 

Once everyone is nude,  no one really cares.  It's not exciting or titillating, if everyone is doing it. 

My home resort had a lovely campground, cabins, a pool, clubhouse, volleyball courts and a full service restaurant.  Odd to be in a restaurant where the clientele are nude but the waiters are clothed.   On NNW once, they brought in a helicopter for rides, and a country western band for entertainment.  (Ok, it is HILARIOUS to see people wearing boots and cowboy hats, and nothing else!)  

By the time the day was done, the helicopter folks and the band had shed their clothes, too!  It's actually uncomfortable to be clothed, when most people around you are not.  Humans are a herd mentality, when in large groups. 

I encourage everyone even a little intrigued by this, to check it out!  It's a nice lifestyle. 

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Since I am a fan of train wrecks, and just can't look away, I just had to click on the website to satisfy my curiosity....  Now that my eyes have stopped burning, I'll know better next time not to click on the photos section of a nudist resort website!

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