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Golf Cart SOS

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So... my parents just decided to surprise our kiddos and join us for the first week of our fall trip.  Yay!  They will be so surprised!!   They'll be with us 10/27 - 11/3.  They're actually going to stay off property, but we plan to spend a majority of our time (they won't be going to any parks, just too tough for mom) at the Fort.  Mom just had her third fusion surgery (big toe, didn't even know they did that!!); she's had one on one foot and now two on the other as the first one didn't work.  Man... arthritis is simply awful :(

Because of this impromptu trip, we've run out of time to rent a golf cart from Disney (ouch on price!!) or from the usual recommendation.  Mom cannot walk the Fort, there is simply no way.  We may look at renting her a scooter, if we cannot find a cart, but that would be tough on dad.  

If anyone has any thoughts or recommendations, please send me a PM.  I'd appreciate any suggestion.


Thank you!!

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20 hours ago, h2odivers...Ray said:

Glad you were able to find one that help your mom out.

 I would’ve let you borrow ours but it would probably cost more to drive to Oklahoma and back twice then it would’ve cost to rent six scooters. LOL 

Haha, yes... probably so.

Would have been good to see you though 😊

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