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Has Anyone Done the International Cookie Stroll at EPCOT?

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I am interested in a review.  (other than this one obviously)  Thanks.



Cookie stroll

The International Festival of the Holidays at Epcot brings all of the best of Christmas to one location. No matter whether the holiday is one of deep significance or holly jolly merriment to you (or both!), you’ll find it at Epcot. This year brings a new way to enjoy the festive fun of the season. the Cookie Stroll is the festivals newest addition and it gets two thumbs up from us!


Here’s how it works: pick up a passport (available at any cookie location), buy 5 cookies at various locations around the World Showcase, get a stamp to fill your passport, take your passport to the final location and get a special prize (a “completer cookie” – a chocolate dipped  Mickey sugar cookie)

Cookie stroll


How fun is that? Each cookie costs just $2, which means completing the Cookie Stroll costs $10. $10 for 6 cookies is a bit steep but the cookies are delicious and it is a fun activity to do with the kids while you enjoy the various holiday kitchens.


The cookies themselves are delicious. Each booth has a different flavor and we really couldn’t choose a favorite. The Black and White at L’Chaim and the Completer Cookie were standouts though!



If you’d rather save your cookies for later, this adorable jar is available for $19.99 anywhere Festival of the Holidays merchandise is sold. What a fun (and memorable!) way to take them back to your hotel for all of those late night cravings!

We think this is a fabulous addition to the International Festival of the Holidays and really enjoyed every moment of it. We hope this will become a staple of the Festival for years to come!


Check out all of the holiday cookie goodness in the gallery below and be sure to let us know what you think!


Let me know if you plan to do this or if you think it is worth it.  I obviously will have to do this with another person and split it, as I am allergic to chocolate.  (it is a real bummer)

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On 11/22/2018 at 8:37 AM, Travisma said:

One of the food bloggers gave it a very poor review.  Said the cookies were grocery store quality.  He won’t be getting any future invites to events....

Ha Ha, I bet not.  

When I looked at it on chipandco's facebook page, I saw a bunch of comments about "do they have gluten free, do they have this, do they have that..."  Now, I am allergic to chocolate (cocoa beans) and I will be happy to take a chocolate eating buddy with me and share if it is worth it!  😉

I know that Disney is really good at dealing with allergies and people who have issues, but common people, take a buddy!  Just MHO

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