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We went today and had a lot of fun.  Some neat vendors and a great opportunity to look at every different style of RV out there.

When you buy a entrance ticket, you get a 2nd day ticket, for free.  

I think I’m being out voted on going back, so if you’re at the Fort and you want to our extra two, send me a PM.  You can use them tomorrow or Sunday.  We are not at the Fort, but plan to swing by tomorrow...which means you’ll probably want to use the tickets Sunday (or you can come pick them up them from us, tomorrow morning).  Parking is $8 (I think) for a car.  Cash only.

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I wanted to go today but I have had a slight health problem so I didn't want to drive down crazy I4, we are at Lake Magic. Last time I was there it cost me a lot of money so maybe it was a good thing.

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On 1/20/2019 at 5:33 AM, xplore said:

I went with my brother in law Saturday. He's looking for a new class A. From 9 till about 11:30 the crowds were not bad at all. It was packed by noon so my recommendation is to go early.

Yes, we were there on Friday... we arrived when the gates opened and stayed until around 3p.  It was a great day.

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