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New KRISPY Mickey Bars

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I do like a Mickey Bar once in a while, but add Krispies and some white chocolate to it and I'm all in!!


NEW Mickey Bar Krispy Treat Spotted in Magic Kingdom

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That’s no Mickey Bar, that’s a Mickey Krispy! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — Magic Kingdom just gave us the ultimate snack mash up…


A classic Mickey Krispy that looks just like a Mickey Bar, melting ice cream included.


This new Mickey Krispy features the iconic Mickey shaped treat totally covered in milk chocolate with some white chocolate “ice cream” melting from one ear, which has a “bite” taken out of it — don’t worry, no one started snacking before you 


If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll really enjoy this twist on the classic Disney snack. You can grab this adorable treat for $5.49, or a snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.


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1 hour ago, DaveInTN said:

I got excited for a minute until I realized what they are.  I initially misunderstood and thought it was a Mickey Ice Cream Bar with rice krispies in the chocolate and a drizzle of white chocolate on the ears.   

Now, didn't that just make your mouth water? 

Lol!  That’s exact what I thought.  

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10 hours ago, Grumpy and Grandma said:

Because that's what sells...

Also cheap to make, and the sugar buzz keeps you going allowing you to spend more $$$ on other foods, because the empty calories left you hungry 20 minutes later!! :bananas:

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19 hours ago, Beckers said:

I think they are cute but I’d never eat them. Why Disney has to dip/cover/over sugar everything is beyond me.

Because S-U-G-A-R!!!!


I tend to lean salty over sweet (I'll eat my weight in WDW popcorn any day) and realistically there's little chance I could eat a whole one of those at a whack.

The last 24 Hours at MK I did they were giving out FREE cake pops at 3am. Holy sugar rush batman!!  I'm pretty sure one of those was more sugar than I normally eat in a week.

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