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Hi, all. My daughter's Cub Scout Pack is camping in the group camping sites for Easter weekend. I've been on the Fort grounds several times and finally got to stay at a cabin for this past Halloween, but I'm not at all familiar with the group camping area. Can anyone tell me your experiences with this? I hear there's a cut-through that puts us very near the Meadow pool, but what else might be good to know? Many thanks for any reviews or help you can give!


E-ticket-lizabeth, proud Disney fanatic

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Yes, at the one end of the area there is a little bridge that comes out in the middle of the 900 loop road.  Take a right and it will take you right to the exit which is directly across from the Meadow Trading Post. 

You can see it on the Fort maps if you look closely.

It looks like they can accommodate more than 1 group in that area at 1 time.

This link talks about camping there  https://www.disboards.com/threads/group-camping-boys-scouts-at-fort-wilderness.1511580/


Then I found this

 Please take note the Group Tent Camping Area (Creekside Meadow) is classified as "PRIMITIVE".
. . . very rustic, and will remain this way
. . . available to groups of 20-or-more
. . . very reasonably priced
. . . no per-site conveniences such as cable, electric
. . . no "pads" for tents, just the grassy ground
. . . comfort station nearby

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There was a large group there last week when we were there. I would say don't plan on sleeping late. We were in the 900 loop, and I heard would hear kids screaming and having a good time by 7 to 7:30 every morning. It is a nice area for group camping. It sounded like they were having a blast all day long.

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It was funny, when we went to breakfast on Sunday, we took the Orange/Purple bus from Outpost to Settlement and the group camping area was full. (Our reservation was at 10, we went through the area on the bus about 9:45).

When we took the Orange/Purple bus through there about 11:30 after breakfast, the entire area was completely empty except for Cast Members doing some cleaning. That entire crew packed up and left quickly!!

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On 4/3/2019 at 8:53 AM, E-ticket-lizabeth said:

Hi, all. My daughter's Cub Scout Pack

It just struck me as odd that you said your "daughters" Cub Scout Pack. I know the Scouts have recently added girls, but that's the first time I've seen someone with a daughter in Cub Scouts. I hope she enjoys it 🙂

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