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The second most annoying couple in the world LOVE BUGS

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Disney FB pages have been exploding with posts about the annual Love Bug invasion.

People are freaking out that they are all over the place, even in the parks, and OMG landing on people.

Not sure if the posts are just herd mentality or the posters have never been in FL this time of year.

There were some interesting photos posted, one was of a ME Bus that was completely covered on the front, another meme showed  this Related image


But this article takes the invasion to new heights!


Burn Florida to the ground


Follow the link to a video

You took it too far this time, Florida. 

It's one thing for lovebugs to smash relentlessly onto our car windshields during their harmless mating season. Floridians are used to that. We don't even complain anymore when we accidentally inhale a horny couple. 

But this video posted by Dana Hayes Erickson shows an egregious attack. The Sarasota resident was fishing with her husband and friends on a boat off Lido Key Beach when they were swarmed by a biblical-sized orgy of lovebugs in the middle of the ocean, WFTS Tampa Bay reports. 


The terror in the video, which has over 2 million views, is obvious. 

"We gotta get the hell out of here. We're taken over by bugs," a woman says. "This is fxxxxxx up." 

"Look at that," another woman says, pointing to the seats crawling with interlocking black insects and letting out a cathartic scream as more of the randy turds have sex in her hat. 

"They were everywhere," Erickson later told Bay News 9. "In the cabin of the boat. They were in our seats, under the seat mats, in our towels, in our shoes. Everywhere. My bathing suit." 

Erickson told the TV station that they fled the lovebug attack at 40 miles an hour but that wasn't enough to get them off the boat. Two hours of power-washing finally cleaned off the gross corpses. The only trace left of those lovebugs is this disturbing video, which we will never be able to unsee. 

"So what's worse?" we asked Erickson. "Love bugs on your car or on you and your boat during a fishing trip?""It is definitely worse on a boat," Erickson responded. "You're protected in your car, not so much on a boat."

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And this is what we get when kids that never played outside, grow into adults.  They never learned to deal with wildlife!  At least they are harmless.  I've been in a swarm that size of biting flies in Kansas once.  That was painful.

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