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Every Disney ‘live-action’ remake in the works

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This is a long article, so I'm not going to copy it all into here.  Follow the link to the full story.



Your beloved childhood classics, but real-ish

Disney’s live-action take on the beloved animated film Aladdin hit theaters in May, just two months after Disney’s live-action take on the beloved animated filmDumbo. The two movies represent just half of Disney’s 2019 remake slate, with two more features hitting theaters later this year (The Lion King and Maleficent 2), and another (Lady and the Tramp) arriving at the launch of the Disney Plus streaming service in November.

Once upon a time, a hit Disney animated film received a direct-to-home video sequel. Now they now get shiny, live-action — or in the case of The Lion King, photorealistic — remakes. So which Disney films will be reimagined in the near future? When are they coming out? Who’s involved?

Here’s the who/what/where/when of every upcoming Disney remake planned, rumored, and in the works. (We can only speculate about the why.)

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