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So the jury is still out on whether we go to the Fort this fall or hold off another year, but in the meantime we've decided we need to make sure we go *somewhere* this fall and have booked a week at First Landing State Park in VA.  We've never been but the sites back up to the beach, which is dog friendsly, it's pretty darned cheap (state park) and is a day's drive away, which is about as far as we'd want to go for just a week.

This is in the VA Beach area, close to the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel.  Anyone have any recommendations for things to do in the area including good places to eat?  (seafood of course)  Bonus points for things specifically in late October.


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Consider a visit to the the VA. Marine Science Center which is a very nice Aquarium.  Located on the other side of town from where you plan to camp.  This is a great rainy day place to visit

Might see if you can book a tour at Oceania Naval Air Station, a very busy Navy jet base.  Always aircraft of many types flying around VA. Beach.

Near your camp area, you may wish to visit the Old Lighthouse.  It is on a military base, so you will be checked out.  Access to the public is permitted up to, but not beyond the lighthouse.

In the middle of town, just on the boardwalk, is the old Coast Guard Rescue building, now a museum.  Very interesting to visit, and recommended.

Opportunities for boating and fishing are available as you might expect.

When visiting, we will often go to a restaurant called Abbey Road, that has lots of Beatles stuff.  The food is OK, and not very expensive (based on local norms).  They have parking adjacent to the restaurant.

Have fun!

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If you like history and/or photography, I had a blast at Ft. Monroe national monument, which is about 45 minutes from where you'll be staying. Fun to walk around the fort and check out the casements. They have a really nice museum inside the fort showing life throughout it's life. I've got loads of pictures from there. Only wish I had a decent image posting site and I'd upload a few. 

If you're planning on going to Jamestown, I'd take a trip to the "real" Jamestown site just a few miles past the "recreated" village. 

I loved just jumping around from historic site to site when I lived up there in Maryland.

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