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Getting away from the Magic!

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If you're at the Fort for an extended time and are getting bored, the below article has about a 100 things to do in and around the Orlando area this holiday season.

Everything from drinking games, festive runs, block parties, movies, concerts, listings for the theme parks events, and who could forget Corsets & Cuties Holiday Kick-Off Show Start the season with a little teasin' and Merry Tuba Christmas Enjoy the rich sounds of Christmas as tuba, euphonium, sousaphone and baritone players give a free concert!!

Who says everything revolves around the mouse...




Happy Hot-lidays, Orlando! Our annual preview of everything to look forward to this holiday season 

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is ... well, at least we got a cold snap this year. The holidays in Central Florida may not have all the natural accoutrements of late fall/early winter as other regions, but Jesus Christ (pun intended), do we make up for it by throwing festive lights on literally anything.

In our annual preview of the holiday season, you'll find lights on trees, lights on boats, lights on bikes, and lights on the remains of prehistoric bird-lizards. Along with the lights, there are plenty of reasons to dress up like a jolly old elf, drink hot cocoa (or something stronger), give back to the community and just generally make merry. Even the Scroogiest secularists among us have to admit that it's the most wonderful time of the year.



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