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Disney Showing it’s Age ?

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Is it just social media making us more aware of problems, or is Disney falling apart?

Seems like they have had a lot of mishaps lately.

Fires in the Land kitchen, Big Top, and and now People Mover.

Problems with the MK turnstiles/MB scanners today.

Skyliner and ROR breaking  down.

Numerous posts of trash and obvious wear and tear.



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11 hours ago, mouseketab.....Carol said:

I think it's the instant internet and everyone with a phone is an Instagram reporter. You can't do anything or go anywhere without it being posted on the web.

And posted instantly, with random subjective commentary (vs any kind of real and/or objective info), that then takes on a life of it's own and goes viral along with tons of speculation, like some mutant form of of the old telephone game.

I remember back in "the old days" (ok maybe 10 years ago) when there were just a handful of forums around and social media wasn't the machine it is now.  There were still reports like this, but unless those forums had people on them that spent a significant amount of time in the parks and were actively posting (and you happened to belong to one of those forums) you probably didn't hear about them.  

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Maybe there are more people noticing and calling attention to it now, but the condition of WDW has been in a steady decline for the last 20 years.  

At this point, the majority of guests can’t recall how spotless and perfect things used to be in the parks and resorts. That standard is long gone. Disney has steadily cut cleaning and maintenance schedules despite growing attendance. And I think guests are a lot more sloppy and inconsiderate these days. There are still plenty of trash cans, but so many guests don’t bother to use them. 

The comfort stations at the Fort are a perfect example of this. There was a time, not that long ago, that you could walk into a comfort station at any time- day or night- and it would always be spotless. The opposite is the case now. More often than not, I will find trash, paper towels and toilet paper on the floor whenever I go in a comfort station. The cleaning schedule has been cut to the bare minimum. 

So, there is more attention to the declining conditions at WDW- but these recent observations are not wrong.  


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Disney has really let maintenance go.  Perhaps they should be less concerned with building new high end resorts and packing in as many hotel guests as possible.

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