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Guest Reportedly Seen Falling from Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World

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Guess it's not the happiest place on Earth for everyone.

First the ferry incident, now this...


Wednesday 3/4/20

UPDATE: The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that a woman jumped from an undisclosed location at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in what has been deemed an apparent suicide. The woman was found dead by the authorities once they arrived on scene.

As far as an official statement, all that OCSO has publicly released is the following:

“At this time, we believe this was a suicide, and we have no other information to release.”

Reports on social media are indicating that there is heavy police and rescue activity at Disney’s Contemporary Resort due to a potential incident at the site.

Heavy sheriff, security, and rcfd presence, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort right now.

— Chris Elltee (@unbrief) March 4, 2020


Witnesses aboard the Monorail are stating that they saw someone fall from the resort within view of the Monorail. All transportation in and around the Magic Kingdom (including Monorail service) has been stopped temporarily, and guests in the area should expect delays.

Due to the nature of the incident, there are also reports circulating of a potential suicide, but this has not been confirmed. Unfortunately, Disney’s Contemporary Resort has been the site of numerous suicides, with the last incident taking place in 2016.

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