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Does anyone know if the boat and bus schedules have been changed do to this soft reopening.  The only thing that I've heard is that someone claims to have waited an hour on the pier for a boat to the MK.  I've seen people take videos of themselves riding buses that don't seem crowded but how often to they run.  I know the Trams aren't running yet in the park parking lots.  I don't look forward to getting all my steps in before I even get to the MK or HS.


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We were just over there today.  The internal buses are slower than normal, but not bad.  I would say they have one bus on each route.  The longest we waited was about 5 minutes, but we were just going between the Settlement and the Outpost so it didn't matter which bus we got on.  They were very empty though.

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I was at the Fort yesterday. 

The external buses are not on a schedule, and they were not posting estimated arrival times:


They removed all but one row of benches at the Outpost bus stop:


Bus capacity is very limited- a lot of seats are blocked off and there are opaque panels installed between the rows:


All of these means traveling by bus takes a lot longer. 


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Funny i was there yesterday, ghost town. And a lot of loops are closed... the limited transportation will only take you to a park by bus/boat. then you can travel to another resort but for now no resort - resort hopping directly.

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13 hours ago, greenbar said:

I shudder to think of what the seating on the boats look like.

They have signs stating where you can sit, like one row is open and only 2 spots open on the bench in front or behind it. Keeping distance is what i took from it. And if you find yourself alone for a moment don't remove your mask..... they are like ninjas, you'll hear "sir please remember to wear your mask"  :dontknow:

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