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What is happening? Is FF dying out?

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I randomly popped on to FF and this was the first thread I noticed.  I have a lot of catching up to do around here but am delighted to see so many familiar names contributing!  When I was a "regular" here, I lived outside of Jacksonville, FL and my kids were in elementary school.  We started camping at the Fort in a tent when they were 3 and 6, then a pop up, then a TT.  In 2013, we relocated to a suburb of Philadelphia.  Sold our TT to another family on this board right before we moved.  We did get a new one, though we do not tow it down there.  Now when we visit WDW we stay in a cabin.  Expensive, for sure but worth it to us to be able to visit our happy place.  We go about once a year, in large part because my sons both go to college in FL.  Yes - for those that may remember me - my 2 boys are now 19 and 21!  One is a senior at UF, the other a sophomore at UCF.  

We got priced out of parks many years ago, but would still go very rarely, especially to see my boys march down Main St. USA for their HS band trips.  We did visit one park during the pandemic, it was just ok, but disappointing for reasons everyone has mentioned plus we didn't get on Rise as hoped.  However, we have thoroughly enjoyed every stay at the Fort, despite not having our own camper and all of the restrictions.  The only thing that has been a downside is the construction and how much it has changed down by the marina.  Losing that beach and the ugly weird fake greenery "fence" just makes me sad.  I was just there with my youngest in late August right before we moved him back for school.  Lots of loops closed for paving, etc. but again, we made the best of it and it was a nice relaxing few days.  If I had traveled that far with an RV though - I'd have been pretty mad to have not enjoyed the things one should while staying there.

As for what others have mentioned, yes I do think social media contributed to the decline in activity here.  But, the FB Fort groups are mostly useless.  Some are borderline militant with the rules and seem to be slanted toward one TA or another.  Meh.  One page in particular is so full of drama and BS, but the gal is so silly with the "breaking news", etc. it's almost entertaining.  I've always said this is the best resource, and if the Fort ever returns to it's former glory, it will reemerge as such.

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For me, we've actually lost some interest in Disney and the Fort. The uptick in prices, the fact that we can no longer buy an annual pass at present, and the pandemic, has put a damper on our enthusia

I randomly popped on to FF and this was the first thread I noticed.  I have a lot of catching up to do around here but am delighted to see so many familiar names contributing!  When I was a "regular" 

I'm going to touch on a few topic that i've read in this multi page thread.   1. Is FF slowing down?  Answer yes, I think other social media consumes peoples free time online.  I think they

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9 hours ago, Tri-Circle-D said:

Go Gata and Go Knights. 


FL Prepaid!!!  I'd much rather they went to Penn State like most of their classmates, but they are both right where they want to be and doing well!  Cannot ask for more than that!

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8 hours ago, DaveInTN said:

Hi Cyndee.  Nice to hear from you. 

Go Gata. 


And you as well!  I thought of you when my sons both got the opportunity to record at Bob's Big Boy/Sound Kitchen in Franklin a few years back.  Paul and I will be back in a few months for his brother's big bday bash.  I'm tired just thinking about it lol.

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Been a while since I've visited. Nice to see some good information amd read the threads.

Like so many others have said, the pandemic, trying to get camping sites a year out and camping site cost have contributed to our lost enthusiasm for Disney. Lately it seems like they are looking for news ways to extract $$ from guests. Maybe it's me but, I just don't feel the magic much anymore.

Today was the first time I've visited FF in a year+.

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