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In 1500 The comfort station is right next to site 1503, so any site from 1501 - 1508 is very close to the comfort station. The loop is small with only 21 sites so, you are not too far.

There are 2 comfort stations in the 2000 loop. There is one in the middle of the loop. Site 2020 is right across the pathway to that central comfort station. There is also some sights around 2040 that is close that comfort station.

The other comfort station is near the end of the loop and right near the bus stop, so the higher numbers, 2059, 2060, are closer to that comfort station.

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13 hours ago, BB The Disney Darlin said:

Which partial hook-up sites are near comfort stations but not too close?  We have kiddos and would want to be near the restrooms but wouldn’t necessarily want to be right next door. 
Thank you!

In 1500 the lowest # sites are the closest.


In 2000 there are 2 comfort stations.  The mid range #s are near the upper comfort station, and the lowest and highest #s are near the other comfort station near the bus stop.

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