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Do we have to leave?

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We slept in today it is so peaceful here. The site next to us and across from us are packing up. We made another big breakfast this is what I love about camping no waiting in a crowded place and made just the way I like it. As we are getting are stuff ready for the comfort station to get ready for the day there is a little boy from the site at the beginning of loop riding his bike into are site. I would guess maybe 4 years old. He starts talking to us and rides with us has we head down. He tells us that he has to go home today. We say we are sorry and did he have fun? He says he did and it was ok that he was leaving he gets to play with all the new toys he got. He was super cute and it reminds me that will be us soon backing up to leave. Side note they did not leave till around noon.

When we get back my husband and I go for a bike ride while my son relaxes. We love riding around seeing all the cute decorations and all the different campers. We ride for about a hour and head back. We then decide to go mini golfing. In the past we have gone to winter and summer that is not open. I call Fantasia for a reservation and was told we don't need one. We head on out and find it with no problems. Now getting in is a little tricky has there is construction going on around it. We figure it out and put are names in. There is 2 other groups waiting before us. We wait about 10 min not to bad we don't mind waiting it's nice to just sit and look around. We have a great time here I was a little nervous we would not like it has much as winter summer but, we do. My husband was the big winner but, not by much.

We head back to the Fort and decide to play shuffle board. While getting are stuff I put are names down for the Tye Dye shirts. My son decides he doesn't want to make one. We ask about renting a canoe and was told they are not renting them today because of wildlife in the area. Not sure what that means she said they check it every morning and come back tomorrow. This was a little disappointing to my son he really wanted to do this. Maybe they should have a sign up? We head to the court and a family asks us where they can get the stuff to play. They arrive back and we give them a quick explanation on how to play this is their first time. After a couple of games this time I end up the winner! My son heads back to the camper it's time for us to make the shirts. We have done this once about 4 years ago. It is much more organized this time. We are spaced out at tables and ,told we have to wear a mask. I tell the CM running it how much better this is from last time. She says they finally listen to her that she has been telling them for years how they need to change it. The shirts already have the rubber bands on them. The dye is all lined up nice and neat. We get a little talk with some tips on how to make them and we start. We have a lot of fun making these and it seems pretty popular people keep coming in and out. After this we head back to the camper and decide the big question what's for dinner? 

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