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The Agony and Ecstasy of our trip

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We had reservations for breakfast at Chef Mickey's.  Never been there before and we liked it.  The food was good, hard to ruin pancakes, eggs, waffles, beacon and fruit.  The Cast Members were excellent.  Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto came out and danced.  Donald was rockin it big time!  He stole the show.  We then went to EPCOT. On purpose this time.  We did Frozen, The 3 Caballeros, China's movie, American Adventure, Spaceship Earth, The Land, The Sea, Test Track, Mission Space, and The France Film.  We had Fish and Chips in England for lunch/dinner.  My son had funnel cake for lunch/dinner.  We wondered through the different countries.  Lots of neat stuff, but a little on the high side for us.  Was very disappointed the main UK store was closed.  Was really hoping to get a Liverpool FC item.  My wife has always wanted to get a robe and pajamas at Japan, but never did it because of price.  I told her see wasn't allowed to leave the Japan store until she bought some.  She did.  My oldest son bought some Bonsai stuff.  We have gotten a picture of the kids in front of the fountain in Italy every time we come, so we did that.  I'm going to have to get those pictures together and display them somehow.  Saw many hand cranked penny smashers all over WDW.  Closed out EPCOT.  Headed to the campground.

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Heading to Hollywood Studios today.  Got up a little before 7:00 AM again to try and get on the RotR.  FAIL!!!  Remember I mentioned that the kids saw the Droids and were wondering if they could get in and do it?  Well, my wife found out that if you go there first thing and asked if there are any openings you might get in.  So we get there and head directly to the Droid shop.  Three of the kids wanted to do it.  We asked the very nice CM if there are any openings?  She said yes at 9:00 am since it was after 8:30 we decided to just wait until 9:00.  The droids are $99, but WHAT there's MORE!  If you get the bundle: droid, backpack type carrying case and a personality chip for ONLY $167!!  How can you pass this up!!  They of course got the bundle.  You can pick between B-B8 or R2 type Droid.  They selected the B-B8 type one, because they thought it "looked" cooler.  So you go to this conveyer belt, like at the airport to pick up your luggage, and select the different pieces that you want.  They are different shapes and colors to choose from.  There is someone there to help you if you need it.  Once you have all of your parts you go to a station where someone helps you put your Droid together and to activate the personality chip.  It was a nice process.  It moved pretty quickly.  After that we hit the rides.  Star Tours, Smuggler's run (new pilots!  The old ones were demoted to weapons!), Midway Mania (Everyone agreed we liked Slinky Dog but not enough to stand in 90+ degree heat with little shade for 45+ minutes), one man's dream, MM Railroad (while we were in line it struck 1:00 and I tried for RotR again.  FAILED!  But there were people cheering around us so they must have gotten in.  Once out of four tries isn't bad.  At least we got on it once.), Tower of terror and Rock Rollercoaster.  At 3:00 we had an appointment at Savi's Workshop.  Five of the 6 of us made lightsabers ($200).  You have 5 groups to choose from and then multiple different pieces for each part.  You also get to pick your Kyber Crystal color: Blue, Green, Purple and Red.  Once done you also get a carrying bag for your lightsaber.  The show was neat.  You can also buy kyber crystals at Dok-Ondar's.  He also has yellow and white crystals plus the other 4 crystals.  It is also said that if you buy a Red crystal it might actually be a Black crystal, very rare.  We ate at Sci-Fi Dinner.  We've done it before and like it.  Sometime after he had gotten his Droid and Lightsaber my youngest son was sitting somewhere and he said "Who ever said money can't buy you happiness was a dirty rotten liar!"  It was very funny!  Yet another GREAT day!

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The last few days will be put here because we were just redoing things we had done before.

Next was the Magic Kingdom again.  We did Country Bears, Liberty Boat, Goofy"s roller coaster, Haunted Mansion, pirates, jungle cruise, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Mermaid and other favorite rides.  We ate at Be Our Guest.  It was OK.  The food was good but small portions.  Cast Members were great. Beast came out and walked around every 30 minutes or so.  The interior was very detailed and nice.  We had fun just redoing things we had done already.

The next day was a chill day at Blizzard Beach.  We did Summit Plummet and the rest of the slides and lazy river.  Like I said it was a chill day.  We even saw Goofy!!  It rained in the afternoon and continued to rain so we decided to leave.  We had fun.  

The next day we went to Epcot, again, on purpose.  We did the Seas first because last time we only had a small amount of time to look around.  Next was Imagination!  We saw Pooh wondering around!  The Princesses coach went by several times in the day.  We looked around the different countries again.  We ate at San Angel Inn.  We liked the atmosphere of the restaurant.  We had a very hard time understanding our CM because of the mask she was wearing.  She was very nice.  The food was OK.  A little spicy for me, but I don't like spicy food.  We redid the other rides and took some really nice pictures of Spaceship Earth.  

Our last park day was Animal Kingdom.  Redid Dinosaur, Everest, Flight of Passage, Avatar boat ride, Rafiki Conservation station, the Safari and the trails.  We had fun.  

We really enjoyed our trip and had great fun.  We did miss the fireworks and the interaction with the characters.  Also the mask policy was annoying but what are you going to do.  Like I said we had a GREAT time anyway.  Thanks for reading, because this was my first trip report.  Bye!!


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