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It’s been a while and I hope everyone is doing well. 
I need some suggestions for our upcoming Christmas trip. 

My wife and daughter have been bugging me for years to stay at the grand Floridian. But not only stay there but stay there over the christmas holiday.  
Well I decided to pull the trigger and I booked us a room at the GF for this Christmas. 
As some of you know it’s been one hell of a year, 10 months, for us.  so I feel we need this.  

So I figured since I’m going into debt anyways I might as well go all in and book us some extras. But I’m not sure what extras we, they should do. 

I will be sending the DW & DD to the grand Floridian spa one day. 
thought about renting a boat one night to watch the fireworks. 

Since I was raised Catholic Christmas Eve has always been a bigger “deal” to us than Christmas Day. 
So I need some recommendations for a special place to go for a traditional Christmas (Eve) dinner. 
And a special place to go for Christmas Day breakfast or brunch .  

I’m thinking it might be cool, but very busy, to have breakfast/brunch at the magic kingdom. But I'm open to any suggestions. 

Thanks in advance. 
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