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Just the two of us

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We just returned from a 7-night stay.  Our son is now adulting, so it is now just us. This was the first time in full hook up. We did online check in and got a text at 10:30 that site 1829 was all set for us. We pulled in about an hour later so good timing. Today was Labor Day and it looked like a parade of campers with everyone leaving. The first thing we noticed was all the standing water everywhere. We have never been in September before so not sure if this is normal. Second thing was how quiet it was. We got all set up and took a bike ride to get an activity sheet and birthday button for my hubby. I wanted to check out the wilderness we have never been and had the time. We took the boat over to MK and enjoyed some nice warm sun! We took some photos at MK and then then boat over to the wilderness. It is a very beautiful resort! We decided to take the bus back and one pulled up right away. There was a group that seemed confused about where they were going. It seemed like they did not speak English really well. They did not get on so off we went. In the fastest bus ride ever, we arrived back. We then went to Publix for some groceries. Made dinner and got ready for bed. Traveling always makes you sleepy. We have an early day tomorrow at AK.  

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The Fort is generally quiet during the week off-season. We like to plan our trips with an arrival on Sunday to take advantage of the relative quiet. Depending upon whether we plan to spend a day in Savannah we will either check out the following Friday or Saturday parking in the overflow lot for brunch at the Trials End before hitting the road.  

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18 hours ago, Military Mouse said:

Sounds like you're having a great time.  We love taking the boats between the resorts.  Did you notice if the trail between Wilderness Lodge and the campground is open yet?

The trail between the resorts is still closed (in fact no longer exists).  However, there are signs of work that was done to repave a trail, but no progress in a long time.

The boats between the resorts are still not running.

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Today we are up and excited for AK. We have a quick breakfast and are at the park a little before 8. We are in pretty quick not really any line. This is my husband's favorite park, and he just had a birthday on the way here. To celebrate I booked us the Wild Trek. Check in is at noon so, we have plenty of time. We decide well, I decide that we will save Avatar for last. We walked right on Everest front row. This seemed to be a thing this trip we got front row on most things. Did Dino also a walk on. Went back and watched Kite Tails. This was a nice time to just sit and relax for a bit. Next was Tough to be a Bug movie. We had to wait for the next show, but it was only about 5 min. We then took our time and walked over to the bird show. Next, we walked back over and did the new Nemo show. It was cute. I liked that they shortened it a bit. The park was pretty quiet today it was nice to just take the time to really look around. 

Time for the tour we got checked in and waited about 10 min. Then you are given a locker to put your stuff in. Then you are put in you a harness given a water bottle to keep and explained the rules. There was about 12 of us in the group. We really enjoyed the tour! I was a little worried my husband is not good with heights, and you have to walk two bridges that are high off the ground. He was fine no problems. The tour lasted a little under three hours. They do give you a very light lunch almost a big snack. It did get hot but, they did offer you a cooling towel. 

After the tour we saw the Safari ride had no wait why not ride? Next, we walked the animal trails. We talked about seeing the Lion King show but, decided to skip it and do it next time. All that was left was Avatar area.  My husband got a little dizzy the one time he rode Flight of Passage, so he did not want to ride. The wait said 35 min I can take it or leave it this time I decided to skip it. We did the boat ride the wait was about 15 min. I find this ride very relaxing. This area is so much better when it's dark. We looked around for a bit and decided one last ride before we leave.

Earlier in the day my husband wanted to do Kali. I have never been on this has I do not like to get wet. My son rides this with him I stand and wave to them. This time no son husband really likes this ride. It was the end of the day, and we would be leaving I said I would do it. This was also a walk on. This was a one and done for me. The boat was really spinning, and I got dizzy. Then a huge wave of water hit me right in the face. I hated the whole thing! Never again he is on his own. 

We decided to call in a pizza order at flippers for dinner and pick it up. We made are way out it was 6:00 we were getting hungry. Pizza was done we took it back to the fort. It was not very good. We have had this pizza before and this time it was just ok. We decided to take a walk around and check out some of the decorations. It was still pretty quiet around. 

We called it a day. Tomorrow we can sleep in! 

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It felt good to sleep in and relax this morning. We made a big breakfast, did a couple loads of laundry and, enjoyed sitting outside. We had several campers around us but, we hardly saw them. 

 We got ready and went to play mini golf at Fantasia Gardens. We had no wait. There was a group in front of us that we did catch up with but, we had the time we didn't mind.

I will give you a hint who one it wasn't my husband. Once we got done, we sat done and talked about what to do next. We decided to go back to the Wilderness and do a open house DVC tour. We wanted to see what the cabins looked like. We made are way over and there was another couple with us for the same reason. The cabins are nice but, for that amount of money we would just rent a house nearby. Of course, the other couple ditched us when we weren't looking. We got stuck listening to the whole sales pitch. We kept telling him we just wanted to look.  I wish we would have made a run for it with the other couple! Once that was over, we made it back to the Fort.

We love camping and would take this over what we saw any day! Of course, it had started to rain. We just sat around for a little while before we had to get ready for dinner. We have 4 o'clock dinner reservations at the Hoop Dee Doo. We love this show and are so happy it is back! It was still a little rainy so, we took the Umbrell's. We decided to walk with the option to take the bus if the rain got heavy. We made it and the rain was not too bad. We got checked in and waited. The rain had just about stopped. The food was good except for the ribs. I did not have any but, my husband said they were tuff. Once again, we had a great time! Once we got out the rain was back. We looked around the settlement for a little while. We walked back to the camper and but a movie on. We talked about going to Disney Springs but decided against it. Just didn't feel like going out there in the rain and dealing with people. We watched the movie and called it a day. 

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