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News Flash; I was in the Meadow TP this morning as a castmember was putting out new Fort license plates, license plate frames and car magnets. Also a new men's tshirt. I was the very first to purchase

You know I saw the first man to wear that shirt wearing that shirt on the first day of release for the first time.

We will be there the week of Tgiving, so if they are there, just pm me and I will pick up what you would like.

I bought the last one at the Settlement and I didn't see them at Meadows. Supposedly there is a shipment coming in tomorrow, but of course they don't know what's in it. We are headed to the pool shortly so I will go back to Meadows and check. If they have one Jen, I'll grab it for ya.

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Here's the scoop. Got to Meadows around 12:45, they still had nothing but the shirts/sweatshirt. I asked one of the CM's if they knew when they were expecting the merchandise, she said they got a shipment this morning but it contained no FW merchandise.

I go back in there around 3:30 to buy a Corona and they had about 20 of the ornaments out. I bought one. Jen, if you don't want it let me know and I will put it up for whomever does want it (first one to let me know besides Jen gets it!). And please do NOT expect to pay me for it. Consider it a Christmas gift. :)

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