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Once you post a pic here by linking it from another site such as photobucket, flicker, etc, you CAN'T change or move the pic over there!!!!

The link breaks and you get just a message from the hosting site that the pic is no longer available!!!

So please consider that when posting pics. Get them organized, edited and and titled the way you want before linking them here!!!

We are getting more and more new visitors and members every day. I've been browsing lots of threads today and there are already several broken picture links!!!

Thanks Fiends!!! Let's not let the content go away!!

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Hey folks, just a friendly reminder that if you're posting images that you didn't take/create yourself, please include a credit to the owner, preferably a link to the source if possible.


We don't want anyone getting into copyright trouble... including Snarky.


That also goes for sharing anything from FortFiends elsewhere.  Please at least be sure to include a link to the source.


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