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Goin' with the Flow- TCD's Disney Dream Trip Report

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Bet the Captain would not be happy if you kept him waiting. :rofl2:

I'll bet you're right.

I am not sure what would have happened, but they planned on sailing at 5 too, so I'm sure there might have been a problem if we were actually late.

So do they scan something when you return to the ship to know that all passengers are safely back on board? I have to believe they've got a system for that, but I've never been on a cruise so I gotta ask...

Yes they do.

You have to show your KTTW card, and it is scanned as you leave the ship, and then when you come back aboard.

Believe it or not, they didn't used to scan who left the ship.

I guess they didn't care. If you missed the ship, that was on you, as they had no way of keeping track who was not aboard.

That is no longer the case.

sweet update there!

Thanks. and there was another one posted right after you posted this. So you have some more reading to do.

Here's my mini TR:


Notice the vantage point of my DH taking the picture--still in bed! I came back bragging about just having run 3 miles in straight humidity (while 13 wks pregnant, no less) and he bragged that he made it to the breakfast buffet before they closed...

The two CMs organizing the race said they were staying for 45 minutes and then had to leave for other events. I don't know what happens with medals if it takes you longer than that :panic:

Congratulations! For finishing the run and for being pregnant, too. I don't remember hearing that before!

Great job on earning that medal!

The LOF said we all needed to earn one, and it wasn't looking like that would be easy.


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Cheap plastic Mickey medals brings out the worst in people.

Foul, foul, foul, I'm calling for the "Mickey Cheap Plastic Medal" judge to rule on this bogus and outrages medal fraud. I say they're pity medals and should be disallowed as real cheap Mickey plastic

I may not read TRs but I sometimes look at the photos. Uh, whadya think, I'm blind? Did I notice, of course I did. But I have to ask the obvious question.

Thanks! I haven't been around much during the summer. My days are often filled with eating and naps, I can't complain too much. I took zero notes during our Fantasy cruise and not too many photos, so not much material for a TR. The few tweaks they made from the Dream were great.

One of the new adult areas, Satellite Falls, was wonderful. A waterfall comes out from the black seam you see with random intervals. Nice cushy chairs with shade--we stayed out there for 6 hours on our first sea day.



This splash pool and covered areas are new too. It's not 18+


OK, you can have your TR back now ;)

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Geat CC day! Congrats on all you accomplished this day.

Since you asked earlier, the last time we did a Disney Cruise was November 2006. It was my first cruise. We spent CC day on Serenity Bay. It was a very nice way to spend the day. True we didn't have Dance parties or crab races but we did have cabana boys bringing us drinks.

I just told Mike that I NEED to go on another Disney cruise. He didn't say no. Should I just go ahead and book it? He may have been doing this when I asked. :sleep: :rotfl6:

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Slow down, you move too fast, ya gotta make the morning last....

Help me lord, I'm singing Simon & Garfunkel.

So much random stuff goes through my head when reading a TCD report. Some of it I can't share,as you mentioned this is a family board. I will try to remember what's happened in the 3 updates I've missed, without having to reread and take notes.

Corona. THAT I remember.

With all due respect (I learned from Ricky Bobby that as long as your preface an insult with that, you can say anything) you do a great job at balancing Nerd with Cool.

Meaning: I would imagine you're dressed up and somewhat nerdy in your professional life, but you leave work and wear flip flops with bottle openers in them.

I like it. :thumbsup2:

I am not a fan of cats either, but I have heard they don't like water. I wonder where he came from? Must have been a heck of a swim.

"Spring A Leak" I have almost done that once, and it forced me into a palmetto thicket.

I'm super glad that you didn't get in the hammock at the adult beach. I bet you could film a CSI episode if you'd brought a black light.

Funny that you had the ship looking for you and good job duping Frank on the gangplank. Honestly I have lost count on bragging rights. Maybe you could create a score board at the end of the report, for those of us with a short attention span.

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Breaking news!! I was so inspired by Andrew's TR that I contacted Rhonda and booked a cruise. Now I just have to wait until Nov. 10, 2013.

So will you be at the Fort for Halloween 2013, then cruise, then Thanskgiving back at the Fort? That would be jim dandy! And..............I will be extremely jealous!

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So will you be at the Fort for Halloween 2013, then cruise, then Thanskgiving back at the Fort? That would be jim dandy! And..............I will be extremely jealous!


Sorry I hijacked your thread, Andrew. I will be watching your adventures even more closely now!!

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Wow! I leave for a few hours and come back and there have been TWO updates! Good job TCD! And we thank you.

First, love that you can take booze with you. And love that you took it on the island and used your shoe bottle opener. The best part is that you guys finished it off before leaving. :beer:

How awesome to be last on the ship - I would be way too chicken for that! You definitely get big bragging rights for that!

Glad the rain passed over. That's usually the biggest part of a trip like that you can't plan on. The weather.

Bicycle question: did you happen to notice if any of them had training wheels? Little inquiring minds would want to know...

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Ok since we are planning a cruise next year for our honeymoon I have an very important question to ask. How did you transport so much alcohol onto the ship. Did you have it in a container or was it in checked baggage? I can't afford a cruise AND all the beverages my wife will want on one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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