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How much does Kenny charge

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Really good point, Jen!

Because rates do change (and some folks offer discounts based on # of days) I haven't got any specific rates posted on the GC info page, but I know folks have posted here and elsewhere what they paid. Be sure to call just to confirm the most current rates.

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I rented from him for a week in August. Paid $260 for the whole week.

That equates to 4 days at the Fort rental's rate of about $65/day (they don't offer a weekly rate as far as I know). Plus I didn't have a stupid yellow flashing light on top of our cart.


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He's gone. Jen/Chris are on top of things.

Don't know why but I'm showing up on the main page as Guest. Hope someone isn't trying to tell me something.

Fairies can be useful, every now and then.

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I assume Lou was referring to the spammer who wrote quite lengthy posts in some foreign language. Even the most longwinded Fort Fiend doesn't write posts that long. Weird.

Ah! Then I didn't miss much since I speak no foreign languages and would not have understood it anyway!

Thanks for clearing that up.

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I am looking to rent a golf cart for my upcoming trip. (17th-24th cant wait!) Third time staying at FW! (Love it there) Just can't do disneys rentral prices.

Which off-site place would everyone recommend the most?

If you are talking about September 17, you may not have a whole lot of choice.

You should call one or more of the places listed on the golf cart page and see what's available.

Most folks reserve far in advance.

Oh, and welcome to the board!


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Golf cart rental page is here...


We only list companies there that have been recommended by a good number of Fiends. :)

As TCD said, short notice might be tough, but it's worth making a few phone calls.

Good luck!

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