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Just checking to see if there were any other fiends who liked to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal?  We've been six out of the last 7 years. I'm a Halloween nut (can't wait to decorate my campsite during our Oct trip to the Fort this year!!) and really enjoy going. My wife was hesitant to go the first time, but I think she likes it as much as I do.  Last year they had a "Walking Dead" house that was great!

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I would love to go.  But nobody in their right mind who knows me has agreed to it.



I've seriously freaked out, bat guano crazy town kind of freaked out and took whole exhibits with me. 



So okay, I tore down my first school house haunted house when I was in kindergarten.  When I was 17 and did it for the last time with my mother, that's when I was no longer welcomed at haunted houses with my family members. 



Some where, some time, when I wasn't present, somebody gave my husband an instruction manual because he said "NO!" the first time I asked. Now, if they didn't give him an instruction manual, how did he know?


*sighs* Halloween Horror Nights, someday.  

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We went to Horror Nights last year, and loved it so much that we're going again this year!  We're going to go the weekend of Oct. 12.....will probably do the Horror Nights stuff Thursday night (hoping it won't be too crowded and it's cheaper).  Going into it last year, I was pretty sure that I wouldn't survive......but I did!  So, that means I get to go back!

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