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Haven't heard of them.  Are they able to deliver to the Fort or do you have to go pick it up?


I know it says delivery on their site, but the Fort has seriously cracked down on outside vendors coming in and the official line is that it's not allowed.


Even if you have to go pick it up their prices do sound very reasonable.




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Maybe you can mention two things when you talk to them...


1) they have very annoying music on their website and the first thing I did mentally was want to leave, however I resisited and pressed mute instead


2) they would get a lot more business if they were an advertiser here, since you are calling and all....

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ok update on the cart rental from central Florida golf car rentals. I emailed caroline yesterday asking if they actually deliver to FW and she responded they will meet you in the parking lot next door and get your extra scan card to enter FW. so basically she wants me to sneak her in to deliver the cart. not NO but heck NO!!!! im not risking my vacation for a few dollars.

called Matt and Rich at the golf cart shop sun city and they fixed me up for the ten days and yes they can deliver to FW, at least that's what I was told. lol tried to call Kenny, but he never answered or returned my call!

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New to the site. Howdy.

Cabins booked 9/2 to 9/8.

Booked a golf cart w/ Carolina at CFGC for a great price.

She just said they'd contact me a day or two earlier for delivery details.

Now ya'll have me worried. 


How is it that Kenny and/or Matt deliver carts / get on property w/o a Key Card?

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Thanks.  I did actually talk to Kenny.  He was $30 more total over 6 days (I realize this isn't significant).  He charged the full amount 10 days out and as a first-timer, I was nervous about the meet=up after $$ had exchanged hands.  CFGC promised not to charge until cart delivery which put me more at ease.... I think I'll just hope for the best. 


Question - are you all saying that CFGC wanted your KTTW card to get access to property for drop off?  Are you concerned they'd take off w/ your card? 

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