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  1. Thank you! If I am armed with this, I have a valid argument!! However, since we're in a preferred spot, I planned on requesting a spot with a larger Coquina pad so we can place our tent and canopy. Will I be raising red flags about our dog if I emphasize that we are tent campers? Ugh... thank goodness we have a great pet sitter on stand by. Decisions
  2. Oops! ... So we didn't bring our 4 lb yorkie last visit. This weekend we have a preferred site booked but aren't planning on bringing her because we're tent camping. Since I keep reading about the lack of 'governing' on dogs~ ie. Dogs found in all loops, 6 dogs in a pop up...etc. I thought I would call and ask. After 4 people either didn't know or out right told me they 'thought' she would be ok in the tent if we kept her in the crate, the person at the front desk said no. According to him, no tent campers are allowed dogs even if crated. I wondered if anyone had insight or new info/comments to help us out. We're leaning towards not bringing her, but we would love to have her with us if there is a way. TIA
  3. First time poster here! I could not find this info posted anywhere so I spent over an hour on the phone with 5 different people from reservations, to the call center and FINALLY was transferred to the front desk ...ugh. This weekend will be my family's 2nd time at the fort. On our previous visit, I thought I had read that pets were not allowed in partial hookup sites so w
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