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    Food & Wine

    We will be there October 15-22nd. Planning on hitting Epcot two or three times. If anyone is at Epcot on the 18th come by the Seas pavilion and watch me, DW, and DD(13) scuba dive in the aquarium. My DD just got certified and where better to take her for her first dive
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    Don't worry, Mickey's Backyard Massage Parlor and Casino will continue to feature weiner roasts and 2 for 1 cocktails every Tuesday from 9-11pm. Tell 'em Minnie sent you and enjoy a free Mickey bar, while supplies last.
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    But but but, the desert parties are just to die for. And little Melinda just looks so adorable in the 98 degree temps and 95% humidity in her $300 Bippity Boppity makeover. Ta Ta, we're off to our 4th character meal of the day, the premium plus dining plan is just divine...
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    Year of a Million $chemes Continues

    I'm sure the mommy bloggers are just gushing over how great it will be, and of course all the rest of the freeloading bloggers will love it also since they don't pay for it.
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    There are numerous threads going way back about the River Country DVC. Here's one that particularly addresses the BYBBQ from 2011. WannaBeImagineer 93 Posted May 4, 2011 Here's the drainage plan. It looks like this is going to be the relocated Backyard BBQ Pavilion. It's right where it was rumored to be, behind the Trading Post, just off Bay Lake. Sorry its only on 11x17, I had a heck of a time reducing it to less than 500k. This post has been promoted to an article aDrainagePlan11X17.pdf
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    This is sad. AP was our favorite restaurant at WDW and Territory Lounge was our favorite lounge. Even if the lounge doesn't change I can't see the atmosphere staying the same with the families being drawn to the character meal. I'm not trying to upset folks with kids but one of the reasons we like the Wilderness Lodge is it tends to have quieter adult oriented places to eat and drink. Put that together with a launch ride around the lake and it makes for a nice evening. Hopefully it is just a rumor and if not that Disney sees the error of their ways.
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    My sources tell me that Disney is planning on remodeling Cali Grill next year into the Top Of The World Frozen Fireworks Dessert Party. Stuff yourself with cupcakes and macarons while mingling with Anna, Elsa and Sven, then enjoy an underwhelming sideways view of Happily Ever After with piped in music, all for just $139/pp.
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    I'm kind of surprised they didn't build in another full serve restaurant when the built the new DVC. Like they have at Kidani Village. A small, intimate, higher end place.
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    Hoop De Doo closing?

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    I would totally be up for that!!
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    Thanks for sharing that! I'm that weirdo that keeps trying to get closeups of what's on the bulletin board to see if I can read it and that's one I've been wondering about for ages!
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    I'm not sure about Tree Limb Mickey, but Musket Mickey would be great. Maybe, just Mickey in his "Wilderness Outfit" with his coon skin hat.
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    Hoop De Doo closing?

    I doubt attendance was down, pretty hard to get reservations. I did see an article that Disney, Universal, other theme parks, now make a big deal about attractions going away with advanced notice, special $$ parties, exclusive merchandise, special times for passholders to ride. Another way of getting some extra $$$ in their coffers.
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    Hoop De Doo closing?

    Part of the rumor article mentioned about shutting it down due to the impending construction of the new mystery resort. Wonder if it'll be closed because of safety issues, they are tearing down the settlement buildings, or it will be moved to the new resort area? Or its just a good attention grabbing headline to get people clicking on their site and not offering any real information in the article itself.
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    How about Musket Mickey? Or should I say tree limb walking stick Mickey! 😀
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    Looks good. I guess this is how he is still honoring his belief that Sunday is for church/relaxing... As such, this location will be part of the 4R “Barbecue Ministry,” all net proceeds from the Food Truck’s sales every Sunday will support The 4R Foundation, which in 2017 funded more than 950 local schools, churches and charitable organizations. (All other 4 Rivers Smokehouse locations will remain closed on Sundays.)
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    New to the fort!

    I've tent camped in 1500 twice and liked it. Setup last time was a 2 tents and an EZ up.
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    It is only for breakfast. Dinner stays as is. The refurb is required because the kitchen is suitable for the dining pace of dinner, but would be tough to keep up with the demands of a character breakfast. They do not want to mess with a signature dining restaurant for dinner. The reason this is happening is because they identified Artist Point as a space that is underutilized because it is closed except for dinner, and it is one of the few higher end resorts without a character meal.
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    Saw this in a Facebook Group this morning. Purchase a bag of sand at the Meadows then take it here to see what gems you may have found. Supposed to be up and running this weekend. Edited to add it may be the Bike Barn where you will purchase the bags of sand
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    After a weekend of catching up on vehicle oil changes. Two Jetta's. golf cart, wife's Trailblazer, two dirt bikes and my service truck. My wife came in the house super excited after work yesterday after she found the "hidden Mickey" I made for her to find on the garage floor. OH BOY !! September 23rd can't come soon enough or she may need an intervention.
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    I will recommend Monsieur Paul to anyone any time for any occasion. We've had terrific meals at a bunch of Disney's signature dining locations, but the meal we had there was a notch above the rest. And then there's the atmosphere - as Doug said very elegant (but not stuffy) and remarkably quiet. It almost makes you forget the noisy masses downstairs. 🙂
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    Yay... more of the SW!! My brother-in-law was stationed in Sierra Vista for several years. We visited once... decent town. Your kiddos are so cute :)