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    No reservations?

    “Really big.... tracts of Land?”
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    One thing I noticed, is either a typo or something else.... beautiful views of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Clementine Beach is on Bay Lake. It's pretty hard to see Seven Seas from there even during the day.
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    I would rather smell the propane ☹️
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    River Country

    Imho, the cabins are definitely not worth the cost for a family of 4 or below unless you have a CM discount or your sharing with another family. I’m sure Disney knows this since the majority of the time, there are many empty cabins. As far as other Disney resorts go, besides the value resorts, I can not afford them so I can’t comment if they are worth the price. I will say, I know most of the rooms at the higher end resorts are your basic hotel room with upgrades like a new tv like every other resort in the world. The contemporary is a great example. I suppose with that resort, you are paying for the convenience of the location. For well over $500 a night, your paying for something. Living close to WDW makes us locals look at things differently....I think. I have friends up north who save all year for that magic vacation that may take 5-6 grand out of your wallet, so I guess it’s a deal for them. I know at the moment since I’m trying to plan a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland next year. I don’t think it’s going to happen due to price. This is why I complain about the cost of the campsites now going so high. A once a year trip to the best campground in the country may seem ok to pay a high price, but to a local who wanted to get away from time to time to visit Disney on a budget is now gone and will never come back
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    River Country

    I think they have 2 reasonable options to get people into and out of the new resort, noted on the below map. The least expensive option (in yellow) would seem to be utilizing the WL's existing entrance road, and then forking off onto the bus road. However, this would add a great deal of additional traffic to that entrance, which wouldn't seem to be ideal. A second option (in purple), would create an entirely new entrance off of Vista Blvd to the east of the existing drainage canal. The road would run north toward the new resort, possibly joining at some point with the existing road utilized by the purple bus route out past the group camping area. This would seem more ideal to me, as it would be an exclusive, themed entrance for the new resort. It wouldn't come into view of either the campground or the Lodge. Let's face it...Lodge guests don't want to see a bunch of additional cars streaming past their resort. And the guests of the new resort don't want to drive by a trailer park to get to their fancy hotel room. Everybody would be happy with this option. Although it would cost the Mouse more money. I think we'll see how Disney plans on accessing the property for construction purposes fairly soon, and then maybe we'll have an idea of how they plan to have guests access it. If they punch a new road through off of Vista, then I bet they may ultimately go in that direction for guest access.
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    I think I've seen pictures on the interwebz of some of the fixtures in a display in Branson at Silver Dollar City. Conflicting information. This article says the lights are from the Osborne's http://www.amusementinsider.com/2017/11/silver-dollar-citys-light-display.html Another article quotes Silver Dollar City as saying the additional lights are NOT from the Osborne display. So who knows?
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    Get Yer Beer Here!

    https://www.orlandoweekly.com/orlando/orlandos-theme-park-watering-holes-boast-brews-you-wont-find-in-any-ordinary-bar/Content?oid=20668785 Orlando's theme park watering holes boast brews you won’t find in any ordinary bar Roll out the barrel By Seth Kubersky Everyone knows that Walt Disney famously eschewed alcohol sales when opening his original theme park in Anaheim, for fear that Disneyland would become a fairground full of drunken delinquents. But did you know that Walt Disney World might have been built in St. Louis instead of Central Florida, if brewing baron August Busch Jr. hadn't called Walt crazy for refusing to serve beer? Walt was no teetotaler, but he could always sneak off to his private apartment above Main Street's firehouse for a Scotch Mist, and he certainly never had to stand in a three-hour queue for Flight of Passage while sober. Fortunately, today's tourists can pound a pint of bright-green Hawke's Grog Ale (brewed by Terrapin Beer Co., and tastier than it looks) while they wait for Animal Kingdom's Pandora rides, or enjoy any number of other exclusive imbibing experiences inside each of Orlando's major attractions. Unless you're an annual passholder, the cover charges may make you choke, but these theme park watering holes boast E-Ticket brews you won't find in any ordinary bar. WALT DISNEY WORLD Epcot's World Showcase has long been ground zero for theme park drinking (our MO is to start with a Black & Tan at the Rose & Crown Pub and stumble 'round counter-clockwise), while Animal Kingdom – in addition to the aforementioned Avatar ales – pours Old Elephant Foot IPA and African lagers at Nomad Lounge. Mickey has loosened the Magic Kingdom's anti-alcohol edict, at least inside table-service restaurants, but you still can't stroll the park sipping suds; Adventureland's Jungle Navigation Co. Skipper Canteen, which serves the resort-exclusive Kungaloosh Spiced Excursion Ale, is your best bet for beer sans reservations. And a year from now, we'll all be drinking fermented Bantha milk inside Batuu, but until then BaseLine Tap House (located just outside the upcoming Star Wars land's entrance) is the hottest hangout at Disney's Hollywood Studios; select your own four-sample flight of Californian craft beers, pair it with a hot Bavarian pretzel, and watch for the Jedi fanboys to start lining up. If park admission isn't in your budget, park for free at Disney Springs' Lime garage and settle in at the Polite Pig, which is pouring Cask & Larder Ales and Porters brewed by Larry Foor inside the Ravenous Pig. UNIVERSAL ORLANDO Harry Potter's Butterbeer might not give you a buzz, but the Hogwarts Express train ride that connects his two Wizarding World areas inside Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure is the most beer-friendly theme park attraction we know of. Not only will they sell you a brew in the queue, but they'll let you drink it during the ride; we recommend grabbing a Wizard's Brew chocolate stout from Diagon Alley's Hopping Pot before hopping in line. USF's Simpsons-inspired Springfield is home to Moe's Tavern and Duff Brewery, where the seasonal Dufftoberfest märzenbier is currently on tap. Volcano Bay's signature Volcano Blossom fruity pilsner is brewed locally by Orange Blossom Brewery. Outside the parks, the fermentation tanks in CityWalk's NBC Sports Grill & Brew are fake, but Florida Beer Co.'s 862 IPA is only available here; ask what's in the bar's Beer Engine hand-pumped firkin. And serious beer enthusiasts should sign up for Jake's Beer Dinners at the Royal Pacific Resort, multi-course paired meals highlighting craft breweries from Abita to Walking Tree. The next events are Dec. 7 and Dec. 31. SEAWORLD SeaWorld was known as a suds-seeker's paradise during the Anheuser-Busch ownership era, back when the Budweiser Clydesdales were as much mascots of the park as Shamu. The attraction's brand suffered badly in the wake of Blackfish, but has rebounded recently, buoyed in no small part by beer-based promotions. It began with the return of free beer (featuring the park-exclusive Mako Red Lager) at Mama's Pretzel Kitchen over the summer. The recently opened Waterway Grill, located alongside the brand-new Infinity Falls raft ride, pours Motorworks Brewing's Midnight Espresso Porter, plus a dozen more rotating craft beers; annual passholders should ask about the refillable stein program. Finally, this summer's first-ever SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival, offering samples of more than 100 drafts from local breweries like Crooked Can and Orlando Brewing, has been a success; it wraps up this weekend on Sunday, Nov. 11.
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    Country Coach Guy

    Heading south.

    Before we permanently relocated to Florida we made a yearly trek from Maryland to Florida. First, we stayed in hotels on our southern drive as we always stayed at a Disney on property resort. More truth in advertising, I haven't stayed at the Fort since 1976. Now that that's out of the way I'll combine the two. We've made more than a few southern trips from Maryland to Florida in our RV. Mostly to Naples and Tallahassee but the breakaway has either been 10 across or I-4 out of Jacksonville. Soooo... the southern route. We take 95 south to Rt 301 and cross the Harry Nice bridge to King George VA. I personally hate 95 in northern VA so much that I pay a $36 toll to cross what I call "ass clencher bridge". If you're coming from further north you might consider Americamps RV resort in Richmond VA. Very nice place and Big Rig friendly. Not a place we stop at on all trips south. Our first stop from leaving home was Fayettville RV Resort In Fayettville NC. All our stops are big rig friendly, and they are all just off of I-95. The last stop south is Coastal Georgia RV Resort. It's in the area of Brunswick. From there, it a short 3 hour trip to Disney. All of the places mentioned above have nice facilities and full hook up level sites. I'd post some pictures of each but there is a size limit that's way smaller than anything I have. Hope this helps somebody who might be in the planning stage looking for a nice overnight stop. All are nice for a bit of a stay as well.
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    Nice decorations! Thanks for sharing the photos!
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    That's really not all that bad when you consider what it costs for a comparable amount of gas at Ohana.
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    This is a great site for getting information about the Fort and Disney. Not to mention just a fun site overall.
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    Heading south.

    Thanks for the information. Where in Maryland are you from? My family moved there when I was in middle school. We lived in Columbia. I went to college at Salisbury. Also went a semester to Mount Saint Mary's in Emmitsburg.
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    Disney parks Blog had 2 different articles about new snacks coming. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/10/tasty-fall-treats-around-walt-disney-world-resort/ Tasty Fall Treats around Walt Disney World Resort Down in Orlando, the trees are still green and the summer heat is still lingering, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fall season at Walt Disney World Resort! Throughout October and November, you’ll be able to find your favorite autumn flavors throughout the resort. At Magic Kingdom Park, you’ll LOVE all of the spooky sweets for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, such as the Candy Corn Milkshake (available daily at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies). This shake is my FAVORITE treat right now. It’s made with candy corn ice cream and topped with cotton candy and the cutest Mickey-shaped marshmallow! If you want to know about all of the fun offerings for this event, I recently put out a foodie guide giving you all the spooky details. Outside of Magic Kingdom Park, though, there are fall-inspired eats around every corner! Way to many to list here, follow the link to the article.... AND THIS https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2018/10/walt-disney-world-resort-sweet-treats-october-2018/ Walt Disney World Resort Sweet Treats: October 2018 October is the perfect month to talk about sweets – with Halloween candy and pumpkin snacks galore, there’s plenty of sugar to go around! But outside of the fall offerings around Walt Disney World Resort, our chefs are always hard at work creating more yummy treats for you. So what’s in store this month? First up is this ADORABLE cone treat at Magic Kingdom Park. Starting on Nov. 1, fly on over to Storybook Treats to take a bite out of Tink’s Pixie-Dusted Cone! All it takes is faith, trust, and a sweet tooth to enjoy this tasty treat made with lime soft-serve and topped with white chocolate “wings,” cotton candy, and just a little bit of Pixie Dust. Speaking of cotton candy, did you know that there’s now PURPLE WALL COTTON CANDY? That’s right! Served at a cart near the purple wall in Tomorrowland, this mixed berry-flavored cotton candy is tasty AND it’ll be the perfect edible accessory for all of your cute pics! Again another long article...
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    No reservations?

    Duh...I’m stupid. Lol
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    Halloween 2018

    You’ll be missed, Mo!
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    Indy Land Coming??

    I can't think of a movie franchise though that's more iconic than Indiana Jones my 9 year old loves it. Disney should have done something with National treasure but that ship has sailed.
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    MK Main Entrance

    It's a lot better than it was in 2011. It's primarily, if not all, 4 lane now. Like Blake said above, go all the way to Vista and turn right into Disney property. Other than a couple of speed bumps that are a pain with an RV, it's a quick straight shot to the Fort from there.
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    Indy Land Coming??

    I agree...focusing on a newer movie franchise is a great idea. This is probably as good a time as any for me to let the cat out of the bag. Disney has licensed the story of my life to create a new land at Hollywood Studios, to be called 50 Shades of Dave. Let your imaginations run wild on that one.
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    The Fort on New Year's Eve

    I think you'll be fine. We've done it at other resorts in previous years with no issues. The best we've done was to make reservations at the Wave in the Contemporary and then walk over to the Magic Kingdom gates. The views are great.
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    River Country

    This news makes me so sad. I think this property will have such a negative effect on the Fort. Sad because it’s all getting too expensive, sad because it’s all getting too crowded, sad because we have so many sweet family memories there...and I see the time to make more of those memories, slipping away. Just sad 🙁
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    EPCOT... True or Rumor?

    I thought they were going to use a crane with a big 9 Iron and do a chip shot out of the park to the parking lot!
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    1700 loop. Love it!
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    Back to my PhotoBucket album. Can you see this one?
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    With our Thousand Trails membership + Trails Collection add-on, we did winter very cheaply this year. Dec 17-31, Royal Coachman in Nokomis, FL Dec 31-Jan 15, Breezy Hill in Pompano Beach, FL (we split our stay between free and paid nights to be near friends- wouldn’t recommend this park) Jan 15-20, Pioneer Village in North Fort Myers, FL Jan 20-Feb 3, Lake Magic, Clermont, FL (super easy to get onto Disney property) Feb 3-17, Thousand Trails Orlando, Clermont, FL (just 3-4 miles up 27 from 192 & still convenient to Disney) Feb 17-20, Winter Garden RV Resort Feb 20-27, Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, Orlando, FL (not incredibly convenient to Disney but fantastic for Universal) Feb 27-Mar 13, Tropical Palms in Kissimmee, FL (convenient to Disney) Mar 13-20, Thousand Trails Orlando, Clermont, FL Mar 20-Apr 3, Lake Magic , Clermont, FL Total cost: right about $1,000 but that was only because we paid to be near friends in southeast Florida ($850) and wanted to try Bill Frederick Park ($150). We could have filled those parks in with others. And now, TT did change the rules on the Trails Collection parks that I won’t get away with going from one TC park to another like I did before. But, it’s definitely manageable. If you aren’t adverse to moving and want to explore a little, this is great. I was NOT enthusiastic about some of the That said, I have friends who have a TT membership and a deed at Fawn Ridge and move every 2 weeks between the 2. They spend about $1,000/year on maintenance/annual fees but winter from Nov-Mar on it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fort Wilderness FAQ

    We now have an entire page dedicated to all things Golf Cart Rentals - on site and off - that is being maintained regularly with current info. CHECK IT OUT HERE We also have many more pages of information on all things Fort Wilderness and WDW. This includes loop information, current activities schedules at the Fort, weekly WDW times guides for all 4 parks, restaurant information and menus, and MUCH, MUCH MORE! These are being updated and added to all the time. Check out the site map of all pages currently available HERE.