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    So frustrated...

    I would try to contact someone in charge. Tell them you are not happy with their solution, that you booked the site in good faith based on what was on their website. It wasn't your fault that they had the incorrect pricing, and that they need to admit to their error and honor the price you paid. Hopefully they will cave in and let you keep the price (and not give you a site next to the dumpsters). If they don't honor the price, look for a local Albuquerque TV station that has one of those consumer advocates, tell them your story and see if they will look into it. At the very least it was a mistake that the festival should make good on, at the worst, it was a case of bait and switch.
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    I've said it before but I just dont get it. Why are they so surprised that people aren't running down to an incomplete land? You've already been closing parks early and charging for special parties, milking everyone for everything, blowing up ticket prices, exponentially increasing APs, charging for parking. At some point things will level off....and they've found that point. I can't wait to see it. I wont make a special trip.
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    Hopefully Imgur is going to co-operate and I'll be able to add some photos to this report. Some of you may have seen some of my other posts looking to purchase a [email protected] We found one about 6 weeks ago in Atlanta, and this was going to be our maiden voyage in it. Previously we camped in a tent then moved up to a old 1986 Coleman PUP. The [email protected] is in another universe all together. We went to the Fort over Veteran's Day weekend. I worked a 1/2 day Friday, so we left Tampa around noon. I had hitched up the camper Thursday night, and used my wife's car Friday to go to work. While I was at work, she loaded 3 tubs and the tent in the bed of the truck and the suitcases in the back seat along with our snack bucket. When I got home, I filled the ice chest and tossed it into the truck and we were off. It was an uneventful trip, other than trying to avoid the numerous potholes on I-4 and keeping from getting run over by semis and idiot drivers. We were able to check in as soon as we arrived, but then hit our first snag. We were assigned to the 2000 party loop or as some people refer to it Miami North. We tried to get a site in 1500 but they said it was full. They did allow us to pick our site in 2000 and we picked 2030. We got over to the site which was just about at the upper part of the loop. It was a nice site and we had the big grassy area behind us which led to the comfort station. I attempted my second time backing the camper. It went better than my first time into our driveway, but I ended up unhitching on the road and pushing the [email protected] back into the site. We arranged the camper enough to get my truck off the road and then started setting up the tent for my daughters and our screen room. We worked on those first because the sky was getting darker by the minute. We were able to get those set up and the camper and it still hadn't rained. My daughters and granddaughter showed up around 5 and we had dinner. By then it had started to sprinkle. We decided to catch a bus to Disney Springs and go to the Christmas Tree Trail. It rained on and off while we were there, sometimes pretty hard and other times just a mist. We saw some trees Had a frozen eggnog fortified by Captain Morgan. We walked around to a few stores but as usual, Disney has done a wonderful job promoting themselves so everything was packed. The kids decided to stay and my wife and I caught a bus back to the Fort.
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    I checked out the pin display at the Meadow and saw some fairly new pins (still no Musket Mickey) and found this one. Had to have it. Found out a couple of days ago that they were supposed to go on sale on 11/11, but I guess the Fort jumped the gun. They have them for all of the WDW resorts, also California, Hawaii, and Paris. No Musket Mickey pins, but they still had the 51 cent Musket pressed penny! We decided to walk down to the Settlement and look around. It was pretty sad to see all of construction fencing up and the beach blocked off. Nothing new at the Settlement Store. We looked around some more then headed to the bus stop. Some Reflections pictures thru the construction fence at the bus stop. New Barn? We got back to the site and had lunch. Everyone was happier being fed, and also that it warmed up and the sun dried out the tents indoor swimming pool! That's my two oldest girls and youngest granddaughter. We hung around the site for a while listening to the neighbors blaring music and barking dogs. I repaired the tetherball 3 times, and that was in addition to maintenance coming out in the morning and replacing the ball because the loop on it was broken. I wonder if the kids riding on it while their parents looked on (and at their phones) was why it kept breaking? Got changed and headed to the MK. Had a nature show at the 2000 bus stop Got down to Pioneer Hall and the little store/kiosk across the walkway was open. Found this Picture doesn't do it justice. This was the 8th picture I took, just couldn't get a good shot. I had on my Country Bear shirt and the CM said she really liked it. She asked me if I collected pins and I said ones that mean something to me. She pulled this out of a bag and said they weren't out yet and gave it to me. I got Pixie Dusted!! Headed down to the boat and saw these. Turns out they have been doing the team building contests all week. I read somewhere after we got home that they ran until 11/14? MK was typical weekend MK. Crowded, but at least the temp and humidity was down and it felt a little more Christmassy then walking around in 90 degrees and 95 % humidity. They were filming a bunch of different acts all around WDW for multiple specials. Here are some pictures from the park and the MK filming. If you've ever been there or anywhere else while a show/movie was getting filmed, you know nothing goes right on the first take or the 15th. We had gotten a note at the campsite alerting us about fireworks going off up until as late as 12:45. Now we knew why. A lot of the re-takes involved fireworks going off behind the performers, a whole lot of times. My wife and I decided to head back towards the campground. We walked to the Contemporary to look at the gingerbread house. Again is was really nice walking around and not dripping sweat all over. After the gingerbread house we went and caught the boat to the fort then the bus. Arrived back to the site to blaring music, dogs barking and kids yelling. But you can't say anything because it would ruin their "magical " time. At least the tetherball was still in one piece! Sunday, a trip to AK.
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    2019 Christmas Events

    The frame for the Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian has been erected. These are the themed trees at Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail. I hope it's cooler this year, we were sweating walking thru the trail last year! The Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail will be back for the 2019 holiday season and is set to begin welcoming guests beginning Friday, November 8, 2019, through January 20, 2020. This walk-through experience in the Marketplace at Disney Springs has photo opportunities galore along with holiday music and falling “snow.” Keep an eye out for special food and beverage kiosks and merchandise from select shops throughout the trail as well. Some themed trees will not return this year such as Pluto, 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book, The Muppets, and Alice in Wonderland and a few new trees have been added including Aladdin, The Lion King, and a Walt Disney World Theme Parks tree. Although subject to change without notice, below is the list of Disney-inspired Christmas Trees coming to this year’s Tree Trail: Walt Disney World Theme Parks Mickey & Minnie Mouse Beauty & the Beast Sleeping Beauty Aladdin Frozen The Princess & The Frog The Little Mermaid Mulan Haunted Mansion Snow White Pinocchio Toy Story Disney Villains Dumbo Cinderella Robin Hood Star Wars Peter Pan Tangled The Lion King Mary Poppins Fantasia
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    We have always enjoyed the breakfast at Whispering Canyon.
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    Get breakfast to go from the French bakery in Epcot. Then walk over to the Skyline and eat your breakfast in the air.
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    Not so out of this world beers...

    Tampa has Cigar City brewery which consistently wins awards for their beers, plus we have about another 30 in the surrounding area. All of them would probably be large enough to fill any orders that Disney would place.
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    Disney Kennel

    Thank you, good thoughts. I don’t know that finding something here would be the best fit, simply because we’ll probably camp before and after, so the 3 night need (for the cruise) would end up being much longer if we left him here. Having said that, I have had a couple of Fiends reach out to me and offer up solutions for taking care of Simon there in FL ❤️
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    The Fiesta has offered to put us in a lot, farther out, for the $40..... but after talking to so many, the North VIP sounds like one to take. However, we did a day at the MK this past trip and hate to say it: we missed the parks. So, I think we'll use the money we would have used to go to the balloon fiesta, to save for tickets (probably not APs, but regular tickets). Honestly, this would have been more for Tom and I; I think the kids would have liked it, for a couple of hours. Plus when I asked them if they'd rather do the fiesta or a couple days at the parks... the Mouse won. LOL We are doing another cross-country trip next summer so, that will be huge adventure. On the list for this trip: Glacier, the Oregon coast, Crater Lake, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore (plus lots in between, including fantastic family time) ❤️
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    Back Gate Closed

    I remember this! What a throwback. The magic bands are problematic and a waste of an investment Disney isn't seeing a return on. Such a shame. And besides all of the issues, they're creepy and collect way to much of our data for my liking.
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    At least Collene and Aimy have a senss of humor about it.
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    Cali Grill - quick thoughts

    So good! Literally sent by God himself.
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    What gripes me is the kid or kids getting on and off the cart between every site that is ridiculous....if they are that lazy they should just stay at home...
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    Cali Grill - quick thoughts

    We have been to Morimoto's a couple of times and they seemed consistently good but we haven't been there in a while. One thing I really liked about Morimoto's besides the sushi/sashimi is the Japanese/American fusions they come up with. It makes for a nice balance if you don't want just fish and rice. When we first moved here in the early 90's I was trying to find a decent deli. An Italian guy I worked with told me to go to a BP station which I thought was crazy. Turns out the owner had moved here from New York and decided the gas station would give him the most business. For a long time it was the only place in the area where you could buy good crusty breads. We eventually found a Kosher deli as well. Again it was some refugees from New York. Sadly neither are around anymore.
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    December Reservations

    Keep an eye out. My reservation is getting rescheduled tonight. I have the first 2 weeks of december in a premium. Hopefully you can grab it once it is release back to the pool.
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    But they will probably sell out a lot of the nights, which will encourage them to come up with even more money grubbing schemes that cost extra. They already parties that cost extra during MNSSHP.
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    Or, IF you have a car, Publix and Walmart are just 15 minutes away ☺️
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    Not quite dinosaurs, just had to dodge the horse and buggies and the Penny Farthing bicycles. It was the late 70's to probably mid to late 80's. That was when the trading posts still had the deli counters where you could order fresh made sandwiches.
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    Just stopped in at the Meadows and took a peak in their cooler: $5.50 for a 20oz bottle of “Smart” water. Mercy!😳 Tom laughed and said, “you wouldn’t be very smart, if you bought that” 😂
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    I'll bet you anything that $40 is their normal rate per night, and the $100 rate is for special events. Someone forgot to put the special event rate into the system, for the dates of the Balloon Fiesta. I would speak to someone there in management, to try to hold onto that rate. I know that when the hotel chain I worked for forgot to enter their event rates in time, they honored the rates as long as the reservation had no changes. If you changed the reservation at all, even to just cancel some days, the event rates would apply. I am pretty sure it is legal for them to change the rates this far in advance and with the number of days notice they have given you. However, if you bring in bad publicity, or insist upon keeping the rate, they may hold for you. It really all depends upon how many people booked at that rate, and how many will not complain and pay the new rate.
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    It’s going to be noisy 10/24

    There were some pictures/videos on FB of the show, taken from nearby neighborhoods
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    Quick question

    Or get an electric kettle. Something like this: Electric Kettle on amazon I use one for French Press Coffee. Also used one like this to make my wife hot tea in the Hospital after she had a procedure. Nursing staff was in Awe.
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    Rise of the Resistance Update

    IMHO my visit to Star Wars:Galaxy's Edge felt like buying a cheap knockoff Star Cluster:Spiral Universe toy at a local Flea Market. You know what it's supposed to be but somethings missing. The whole place felt like a total outlet mall experience of the real thing. Like PGHFiend I'm in no hurry to go back. I don't think the new ride is going to salvage the overall "meh" overpriced land perception. Disney just learned just because you build it doesn't necessarily mean they will come. There's more to it than that. They misguidingly gave us the fake when we wanted the real thing.
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    River Country

    Some more pictures from yesterday. These are from the area of the playground and beach near Trails End.
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    NYE at WDW $$$$

    We are renting a 7 bedroom, 3 bathroom house for $535 for 2 nights for NYE in Ocean City, NJ. For $15 each we are getting their “first night buttons” which gives us entry to a ton of things (string bands, Harlem wizards, dueling pianos, imagination movers, inflatables, ice skating, Fireworks etc etc). The house is being split between a bunch of us. I’ll take my cheap NYE over their $350 per person events any day.
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    The year of a Million $chemes continues. For only $29.95, get your Skyliner commemorative Depends before boarding for your jaunt in the sky! Changing rooms are to your right. Family packs (2 adult, 2 children) are available at a discounted price of $110.00. PS, no refunds.
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    Figured I should update with the 2 weekend trips under our belts. While I have a CDL and love driving trucks, and how much I loved 5th wheel towing and the power of the dually and driving the 2 Super Duty trucks we had, everything about our traveling has changed. There is absolutely no comparison to having the party start once you pull out of the driveway! No more waiting for the relief of the weekend until you arrive, its happening as soon as we shut the garage door. Got stuck in an hour long traffic jam. My wife made food and I cranked up the Sirius radio through my phone app and we had a great time. I truly can't believe how much easier the motorhome is to travel in with no bathroom breaks necessary and to have the ability to get snacks and to pet the dogs or whatever. I don't have to move the dogs back and forth, or the kennel in and out of the truck. My wife no longer has to pack road snacks and coolers, or move pillows and blankets The dogs can get comfy on the floor anywhere. Setting up camp is backing in, hitting the auto level and putting out the usual gear. Leaving is just as easy, crank it and go. The ride is no contest better than the truck and 5th wheel. All of the bumps I used to picture the wheel breaking off the camper is soaked up with ease by the motorhome, even thought it's a leaf spring coach. Also, g rated tires on 22.5 wheels definitely eased the blowout gear from the trailer (though that can happen to any vehicle) I did the "Cheap Handling Fix" with the sway bars and it drives so much better than the way home from Georgia. One hand steering now. The views are unbelievable with the huge windshield. When we came through Wytheville, VA on the way home it was like watching a movie with the mountains rolling ahead and we saw a fully grown pumpkin farm in the morning mist, truly a new sight we hadn't ever seen on a route we've driven a dozen times. Fuel mileage is back to exactly what it was with the 2008 v10 we used to tow with, but the difference is now I drive an f150 that gets 8 mpg better when going to work. Insurance for the truck went down 200 a year, the 5th wheel was 100 a year and the motorhome is 500, so it is costing about 200 a year more for insurance. Travel time is definitely reduced with an 80 gallon tank and limited need for stops. Never say never, but I'm not sure we could go back to towing.
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    The Poly ones have to be the worst. I don't think I've ever seen anyone at any of the cabins. Either going into or out of them, or sitting on the porch. If I spent that much $$ on a room, you wouldn't see me getting more that 5 feet away from it. My butt would be parked in the room or on the porch until the last click of the clock at checkout time.
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    Bye bye 2 rail fences

    You would think so, but most of these are unpainted. I say it's to make way for freestyle cart parking 😂
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    Bye bye 2 rail fences

    My sources tell me they are replacing all of the existing fencing with chain link, as a means of testing the waters and conditioning Fort guests to accept this type of fencing. Eventually, they will circle the Fort with chain link fencing, with barbed wire on top, as a deterrent to keep campers from entering the grounds of Reflections as well as the Four Seasons. Although a memo to be delivered to Guests upon checkin will note that the fencing is designed to keep gators out of the camping loops.
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    Yet another private viewing area for Happily Ever After. They keep squeezing out the poor slobs who "only" purchased a park admission ticket, setting aside multiple prime viewing areas for those paying extra charges for the various dessert parties, dinner parties, etc. Making matters worse is the choice they made when crafting HEA to replace Wishes to include all of the projections, making the real estate in front of the castle even more desirable. That decision has led to the escalation in property values we are seeing in front of the castle....people are willing to pay more and more just to secure their spot, when in years past you could get the same essential show from multiple locations throughout the park for Wishes. This is like a corrupt City Councilman voting to place a subway station right next to the apartment building he owns, thereby driving up values and rents. Disney changed the show, molding people's viewing habits and creating increasing competition for a select few viewing areas, then cashes in by selling access to those areas. The Mouse is a greedy SOB.

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