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    About a year ago, Jason decided that he wanted a timed to music light show, and we decided we’d bring it to the Fort. Jason learned the software... we picked songs... he bought, built, and programmed. Today is opening night, and it’s been a hit! For those who can’t make it, here are some clips. I’ll try to post some of the other songs too. I’m really proud of his hard work!
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    Best social media comment I saw on this so far is that they're buying this land because it's where the line for Star Wars Land is going to start when it opens.
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    Strawberry Moon

    2019 ticket price increase

    I wish they would sell 1/2 day passes. That would alleviate the crowds as well.
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    No really. Campsites are valid For stays most Sunday through Thursday nights 8/4/2019 through 9/12/2019 when you book through 3/24/2019 to save up to 20% More details at my Facebook page for all resort options. Contact me for a Free No Obligation Quote [email protected]
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    Or you could always get a job with Disney, get paid crappy wages but also get passes to 'get in free' to the parks. That's how I did it. 😉 Also married a man who stayed a cast member long enough to retire with a silver pass. Ta-Daaa
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    Disney pricing out the middle class

    If this was a once in a lifetime trip, $5000 would probably worth it to some people for a family vacation. For a yearly or multiple times a year trip that's a lot of $$ (at least to me). But then again I'm cheap...
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    Disney pricing out the middle class

    We have a trip booked in Nov pending Brian’s time off being approved and I’ve got to tell you, the more I think about the cost the more I’m like wth are we thinking? It’s a crap ton of money and sure we will have fun but will we really have $5,000 worth of fun?
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    Disney pricing out the middle class

    Yeah that was a big goof. I think it was a typo and should've been Universal Studios since they opened in 1990.
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    I was expecting to see Dave posting a cinnamon roll picture.
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    Cool. I'll let my family know. Thanks
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    Enjoyed the fireworks last night from the dock. The eastern side of the beach was reserved for a desert party. Here is a picture from the dock of the party.
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    Glad we were not there. Camping at the fort is turning into like staying at a crowded value resort. We are slowly migrating away from Disney. I think after Galaxy edge opens, we are done with the mouse.
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    Here is a video. Hope everyone enjoys. https://youtu.be/LB209ewg2to
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    This was the western side of the beach.
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    I appreciate what Disney does for our active duty and retirees. Thank you! It would be nice if they did a little something for us guys who were medically discharged or simply did their time.
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    I have a list going for clients already for those dates. They started booking back in August and it fills up quickly. Things do shift and change and people do cancel. It's just a matter of your or your travel agent checking, checking, checking for you.
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    Haven't seen this posted yet. From Yahoo and Southern Living https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/disney-debut-apos-4-park-161348757.html
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    Golf Cart: to do or not

    Man, I ask a question about car or golf cart a month ago, come back and it turns into how disney is a rip-off and overpriced. Haha. Well, to summarize our experience, turns out we were so happy with the car decision. For the price, IN OUR FAMILY’S opinion, it was very economical. We weren’t dependent on the buses, I feel in Disney that time is worth money. So we saved so much not waiting as long for travel. To everyone that says it’s becoming a rip-off, it may but our family visites every 2 years. We do not own a camper so we rent one from a company in Orlando. This was our second time renting to stay at the fort. The for 6 nights we paid $1400. 700 for the premium site and 700 for the camper. I do not feel that is too bad. If you were to rent a 1bd from Davids (i did own dvc at one time), i think a 33’ would be considered a 1br in dvc it can be anywhere from 2400(okw) to 4900. (GF preferred). Seeing when we go we are slight park commandos, so a room for us we are only in to sleep. So $1400 seems like a steal compared to the Deluxe hotels. Anywho, we enjoyed our trip and we like going every 2 yrs, and that’s our plan from now on. Plus our kids are 9&6, so we may need to tweak when we go (summer) as to not pull them from school. We have done that since our youngest started. I will say our only major negative was the amount of people in the parks starting the sunday of thanksgiving week. It was insane. We have never gone during a holiday and we WILL NEVER do it again. But we made it work. Thanks for all the thread replies and happy holidays.
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    Car. Use the internal buses to avoid the long walk to the Settlement.
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    No reservations?

    I work my rear off too much 51 weeks a year. I don’t want to do it on vacation any more...especially for the money we spend. I’m leaning more towards my wife nowadays. If I could afford a class A and push a button for set up, I would enjoy camping again, but that will never happen. Renting a cabin in the smoky mountains for near the same price or cheaper than a concrete pad at Disney sounds much more inviting. And the theme park there is better than Disney anyways
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    No reservations?

    A little work beats a boring hotel room any day. And I don't care what class of room, not one other then the Fort has my truck 10' from the front door. We tried the resort and it was easy but we still came back and bought a camper.
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    Best Birthday Present Ever

    My wife and I have talked about buying a trailer and see the country once I get out of the Army. It's taken some convincing and selling, but renting a trailer last year she started to get the bug. We've flirted with the idea to buy a trailer when we move this summer. Not the "dream trailer" we want when we're old farts, but one that's inexpensive, we could kick around in, and sell if necessary (being inexpensive we won't lose our shirts). Today as we were driving to lunch for my birthday, out of the blue she asked me if I still want to buy a trailer and she is really excited about the thought. I can't wait to move now. We're moving to the DC area which isn't too far for a FW trip. Happy birthday to me!
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    Great job and something like this would be very helpful for m to see where each site is located in a loop as the videos on you tube and the app do not show that in the format you have created. My loops of interest are 1700 and 1800. If someone has maps of these 2 loops please let me know and I can use the Fort Fiend app to get sizes.