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  1. momof3kids-Yvonne

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Gwen, I am sorry to hear about your back. Please never worry about keeping a trip report going constantly while you are at Disney. You're on vacation. One that you so needed after all you have been through these past couple years. We appreciate the time you take to share your photos and thoughts, but never feel obligated to do so.
  2. momof3kids-Yvonne

    42 hours in Florida

    So just in case you want to support a good cause and have a vow renewal, there is this option. Hurry it goes away in 19 days! https://www.omaze.com/experiences/disney-fairy-tale-wedding-magic-kingdom
  3. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Discovery Island

    I think this may call for an investigation by his cousin Yuri.
  4. momof3kids-Yvonne

    42 hours in Florida

    Frontier just recently came to Huntsville. Steve and Drew flew on it to Denver when they went to the Nebraska football game last month. Like you said the seats are not comfortable and they nickel and dime you on the extras, but the base rate of the flight is super cheap. We went ahead and got Steve enrolled under their Den savings program. So of course I am constantly searching for trips for us to take to Orlando and/or Denver over the next year.
  5. momof3kids-Yvonne

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    I hate all the trouble you had before getting there, but glad you made it and are enjoying your time there.
  6. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Halloween 2018 Golf Cart Parade Pictures

    I read somewhere that the people in the hotdog cart were tossing out hotdogs in buns wrapped in foil.
  7. I like the lavender one.
  8. I second Dave's reply. They lost me at cotton candy.
  9. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Tell Us Your Vote

    Nutella waffle because it can be both a meal and a snack wrapped up in one. So I can take the money I save and buy myself a Lapu Lapu!
  10. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Heading south.

    Anytime someone would come visit us in MD the first thing they would typically say is that there are a lot of trees here. They line the BW Parkway and I think every other highway in the state.
  11. momof3kids-Yvonne

    California here we come!

    Thanks for taking the time to share your report. Sorry I am so late in reading it.
  12. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Heading south.

    I have friends from that area. I really like it there.
  13. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Class C vs Class A...help!

    Ok. Who left Dave unattended? He's trying to confuse the new members again. Country Coach Guy, when it comes to DaveInTN a few things to remember. 1. It is always his fault. 2. He really misses the MSB Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls. 3. Be careful if he offers you some of the Russian Green Death beer. I have not had it, but I have heard stories. 4. His daughter Anna gives the best hugs evah! If you ever get a chance to get one from her you should. 5. He has been slacking on posting Anna pics. Maybe this will persuade him to fix that.
  14. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Class C vs Class A...help!

    This is a great site for getting information about the Fort and Disney. Not to mention just a fun site overall.