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  1. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us. I enjoyed reading about it.
  2. Rachel and I were there last week. They had already started marking things down to 50% then.
  3. This is actually a contest being done by a fellow Fiend. Lone Star has been a member here for quite awhile. I have enjoyed the videos he has shared of his little girl.
  4. I entered. I have been having dreams about going on a cruise lately. Clearly these are signs that I am going to win this sweepstakes. No need for anyone else to enter the contest.
  5. I'm in. Jessica had to cheer in Montgomery on Friday. Do you know how hard it was not to just skip the game and continue south?
  6. Probably true of some there. Not me though. I think that is why the memory has stuck with me. It was pure joy.
  7. I just thought of something and you will probably remember this too. One of the best concerts I ever attended at Merriweather was a Beach Boys concert. It was pouring down rain. My friends and I were sitting in the lawn. Katrina and the Waves open up for them. They started playing "Walking on Sunshine." Everyone was dancing in the rain and beach balls were flying through the air.
  8. That was when I was going to concerts there. I also worked at the Ryland corporate office right across from Merriweather in the 90s. I was one of the payroll admins. It really is a small world!
  9. I enjoyed many concerts there in my teens and 20's. I like Salisbury. Of course it probably looks nothing like it did back in the late 80s and early 90s.
  10. Thank you all for joining in and patiently waiting for the update. I apologize that it has taken me so long to get back to this report. So, Friday started off late and slow for most of us. Not for Sarah though she had an early morning flight and before we knew it she was at the Outpost. Marty took off on the golf cart to pick her up. Gretchen was going t be joining us for the weekend as well and would be heading over today. Jen had gotten on the road at some point Friday morning. Aside from Kelly and I having booked some Fastpasses for Soarin that day, as per WWW bylaws there were no plans. Late morning Kelly and I headed over to Epcot. We made our way over to Soarin and got in the Fastpass line. After that, we headed over to the World Showcase. When in the World Showcase one must do what the World Showcasians do. So we did. K Marty and Sarah caught up with Kelly and me in Mexico. At some point, Jen made it to Epcot to and after stopping to pick up these joined us too. Did I mention we were in Mexico? Following our visit to Mexico, Kelly decided to head off by herself for a bit. I am not sure where she went, but from the looks of this, it was somewhere that required her to ride the monorail. That's the thing about WWW everything is so flexible. It's like a being on a retreat. We met up with Carol and rode Frozen Ever. As you saw it was the Festival of the Arts while we were here so here are some pictures relating to the Festival itself.
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