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  1. It was a perfect weekend. Just what I needed to recharge.
  2. And the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is larger than both at over 130 acres. It has 17,000 animals of 962 species. I may be slightly biased since I started going there back when I was about 6 years old, but I think it is the best zoo in the United States.
  3. Just wanted today Welcome! I saw by looking at your profile you have been a member for awhile. Glad you decide to ask a question. Hopefully you will feel comfortable enough to join in on other conversations. Like maybe telling us more about yourself and your family over in the “Introduce Yourself thread in the community section.
  4. I think sometimes we just forget that some of these forums are for the general public as well.
  5. I am catching up in my Fort Fiends reading. This is a general thread in the forum correct? So that means even non members can read it. I noticed some email addresses have been posted. When you post it anyone can see it. If you are like me you probably don’t want any more Spam mail going to your inbox.
  6. Rachel and I were just checking that out. We just finished watching (not all at once) the Fairytale Weddings and were looking to see what other Original shows were available. I will let her know you said the Pixar in Real Life was good.
  7. Jessica was pretty excited about that news. I mean we own it already, but still this means she can watch it anywhere.
  8. I really enjoyed “Waking up Sleeping Beauty.”
  9. I keep telling myself I need to spend more time there doing that.
  10. Have I mentioned how much more joyful my life has been since giving up Facebook for Lent. I can see why people have removed themselves from it. I don’t know that I will do that as I do like to be connected to family and friends. However, I do plan on removing myself from many groups and unliking pages.
  11. I am so glad to know I was not the only one.
  12. I have a friend whose husband has been in the hospital at Vanderbilt for over a month. He was first sent to the local hospital here. Then they rushed him to the main hospital. Shortly after arriving there they had to send him to Vanderbilt. He had been diagnosed with pneumonia, bronchitis and the flu. Someone asked her if he was ever tested for the Covid19. She said no because at the time he got sick it was not believed to be in the States. Today she posted on his Caringbridge site that she can no longer be with him in the hospital. His nave is Dave if you wish to add him to your thoughts and prayers.
  13. We took advantage of Marcos buy one pizza get the 2nd for $3.14 deal.
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