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  1. momof3kids-Yvonne

    SDMT queue removed

    My mom doesn't. My sister keeps saying she needs one. She barely answers her flip phone. We laugh because she will call, leave a message and then turn the phone off.
  2. momof3kids-Yvonne

    River Country

    Yes. I did.
  3. momof3kids-Yvonne

    River Country

    Oh do you think they will take my Marriott points?
  4. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    https://www.fortfiends.net/topic/199-please-introduce-yourself/ Welcome! Now that you have taken the step out of lurkdom be sure to join in on the other conversations. Maybe let us know more about you and your family in the Introduce yourself thread. Here is a link to it.
  5. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Any information on I 10 through Florida

    I know Rita said she was living in Tallahassee. Have you tried sending her a PM?
  6. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Nice DCL article from Yahoo, 7 myths debunked.

    I like the advice about 1 day at a port not being enough to see everything. They are right also when they say it is more of a tester. I know after our one day at Cozumel I could definitely see a future trip there to spend more time.
  7. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    Jessica perfected hers when we went on our cruise.
  8. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    I am too especially since my Facebook Memories keeps reminding me I was there 3 years ago today. That was when I met you and your beautiful loving family.
  9. https://wdwnt.com/2018/10/be-our-guest-restaurant-at-the-magic-kingdom-now-serving-mimosas-and-other-alcoholic-beverages-for-breakfast-and-lunch-services/
  10. momof3kids-Yvonne

    A Very Short Trip

    That sounds like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Don't worry about not taking any pictures. You got to spend quality time with your loved ones at Disney. Then shared a glimpse of the time with us. That is all that matters.
  11. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Shop Disney Haunted Halloween Sweepstakes.

    That of course is an added bonus.
  12. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Shop Disney Haunted Halloween Sweepstakes.

    As you will be limited to 3 guests and obviously your husband will be one. The other two spots will be difficult to fill if you do win. I mean you don't really want to start a fight among your children. So I will graciously volunteer to go with you. That leaves one more spot for you to fill. Perhaps a contest at home? Who can clean the bathrooms the best? Who is making dinner tonight? Wait are those piles of laundry that need to be done? You could really play this to your full advantage.
  13. Not sure if anyone was able to help you out, but I am going to bump this up just incase you still need these things.
  14. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Shop Disney Haunted Halloween Sweepstakes.

    You think I would share and not enter myself?
  15. This one is for Disneyland. https://parks.disney.com/shopdisney-haunted-halloween-sweepstakes?cmp=smp|sdhhsweeps|natural|synergy|1899-12-30|shopdisneyhauntedhalloweensweepstakes|social-ddn&cmp=smc|1770677766