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  1. momof3kids-Yvonne

    New to the Fort. Best things to see/do

    Welcome to FortFiends! You picked the right place to ask your questions and seek advice about the Fort and WDW. We have some awesomely knowledgeable folks here. Oh and I am great with four year olds should you need a babysitter for this Fort camping trip and future cruise. 😂
  2. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    I have checked ok more like stalked Kroger, Target and Publix. None to be found near me.
  3. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Custom Made Themed Ears - Fort Included!

    Has she considered being a Sponsor here on Fort Fiends? I believe there are many different types of sponsorship levels.
  4. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Custom Made Themed Ears - Fort Included!

    These are great!
  5. momof3kids-Yvonne

    February 2019 Refurb Schedule

    I thought I read somewhere recently that the Peter Pan ride is back open.
  6. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    My cousin who lives in Monroe, MI posted on Facebook that she found them at the Kroger there.
  7. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Reusable Bags are Here!

    I used to live near there in Odenton. I remember when that mall was built. When I go back to visit family, at least one trip must be made to Arundel Mills. Oh and going to Chevys is a must on the trip there.
  8. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Happy Eighth Birthday Snarky!

    I truly appreciate all that Snarky and Fort Fiends has done to not only teach me more about Disney and camping, but also gave me some true friendships. We are family. This is evident in the out pouring of love we show to each other when one of our own has been sick, injured, let down or passed away.
  9. momof3kids-Yvonne

    2019 ticket price increase

    Be sure you coordinate that trip to TN around the annual Defeated Creek GG. This typically occurs mid to late September.
  10. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Greenbriar Campground-Gatlinburg

    I second this.
  11. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Military Discounts for 2019

    Steve has a CAC card. I keep watching to see if they will extend it this year. Last year it didn't happen until the fall.
  12. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Spring Break or Early June??

    Welcome to Fort Fiends! My first trip to WDW and the Fort was with my grandparents. Those memories last forever. As far as your question goes, I have not gone at either time recently. I have heard that the spring break time tends to be quite busy.
  13. momof3kids-Yvonne

    Our Fort Christmas Display

    Welcome to Fort Fiends! I hope you were able to see Kelly and Jason's fabulous display. I have to settle for seeing it via the internet. For as amazing as it is on there I can only imagine how much better it is in person. Oh and if you did get to see it, I hope you let them know you're a FF member.
  14. momof3kids-Yvonne

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Gwen, I am sorry to hear about your back. Please never worry about keeping a trip report going constantly while you are at Disney. You're on vacation. One that you so needed after all you have been through these past couple years. We appreciate the time you take to share your photos and thoughts, but never feel obligated to do so.
  15. momof3kids-Yvonne

    42 hours in Florida

    So just in case you want to support a good cause and have a vow renewal, there is this option. Hurry it goes away in 19 days! https://www.omaze.com/experiences/disney-fairy-tale-wedding-magic-kingdom