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  1. What kind of plan are you looking for? Requiring temperature checks, requiring everyone to mask, social distancing and sanitizing hands and touchpoints frequently is the standard plan for most businesses. If they do it for everyone, CM's and guests alike, that sounds like a plan. I can't see offering testing for everyone before they return to work, and every week thereafter. That is pretty cost prohibitive. I can see not allowing the sharing of character suits during this time, and more frequent textile cleanings for CM's who have to handle them.
  2. While I love the current Splash Mountain theming, I am ok with this change. Most kids today have never seen or heard of Uncle Remus and the Brer Rabbit stories, and cannot connect. Like Mr. Toad, Uncle Remus' time has passed. The Princess and the Frog also has great songs, and I'm hoping to be able hear 'Gonna to take you there" with Raymond. I got so attached to that bug.
  3. I've got a week in Dec 2020. If they never open reservations back up for 2020, I wonder if I can auction those off to the highest bidder? (j/k)
  4. Thanks for the update, Jason. I'm still holding onto my December reservations. Planning this vacation, for me, is challenging in a good, unique experience way. At this point, I can only hope for the herd immunity and maybe there will be a new drug that will lessen the impact of the virus ( such as tamiflu does for the flu), I don't think there will be a vaccine ready yet. I'm curious to see how this all pans out. I'll be heading to SeaWorld San Antonio tomorrow, to see what their new procedures are like. I had to make a reservation for the day, but they are not designating any entry times, or limiting time in the park. I've already decided I won't be touching any rides, or going to any of their shows. I'm just going to walk the park, see the outside exhibits and enjoy some summer.
  5. I would love to see them onscreen. I fear that Anne McCaffery was probably right. Her son, Todd McCaffery has written out some books in her world, and while they are good, they don't have quite the same feel to them. He has been to a number of conventions where I was able to speak with him, and he was once excited that a canadian producer was looking into the books as a possible movie series. This was just after the 2nd Jurassic Park movie came out, and Todd was dabbling in computer art with the dragons. I guess nothing ever came from that.
  6. I think people put too much faith in critics. I know you have to choose where your money goes, but I don't think these movies are so bad. I liked John Carter of Mars, and I loved The Lone Ranger. In fact, that movie was the first one in a long time where I was wanting to watch it again, immediately. It was fun and unexpectedly different. The critic I follow gave Artemis Fowl an F, and I can't understand why. The movie entertained me, and I was not bored and I enjoyed the story very much. It's a B in my book. I guess I'm easily amused. I haven't wanted to walk out on a movie since 'The Tale of Despereaux'. As for another movie franchise, they need to stop trying to wrangle the old stories into new, more PC versions of the popular tales. People loved the stories for what they are, and changing them to a 'directors view of what it should have been' ruins it more than anything. A Wrinkle in Time is a good example. What the hell was that movie doing? Everything I loved about the book was gone. They should look at popular fantasy / sci fi. That is where the money is. Dragonriders of Pern would make a great franchise for a more adult movie set. The alternative lifestyle in the weyrs is a decent fit for today's crowd, anyway.
  7. I got mine on Saturday! One on the fridge and 2 on the car. Love 'em! Thanks for making these.
  8. I'm missing my invoice. @yahoo.com is the e-mail, please.
  9. I have to say, I have never been so happy to have retained Jason as my travel advisor for this round. My reservations aren't until December, so I expect things will change a number of times before I get there. Nice to have someone watching it like a hawk for me. Thanks Jason, for all you do!
  10. I will take a set, and one extra 'missing the mouse' please. 3 total.
  11. Since when has that ever stopped a blogger / youtuber?
  12. I am holding onto my hope for my December vacation. I'm betting the parks will be open again, the question is will my Disney fund remain intact through all this.
  13. That'll give a bit of humor to the grim situations. If you see a doctor or nurse wearing a poncho with the mouse, you can honestly say: " what kind of Mickey Mouse operation is this?!"
  14. I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not.. lol. Easter doesn't mean much to Buddhists. Anyway, gave me a giggle for the morning.
  15. Since you carry the virus 5 to 14 days before symptoms show up, he was probably ill when he got on the plane, or caught it on the plane to Orlando in the first place. This is a disaster of such a magnitude as I never expected to see. Even staying home now for a month, it's not going to stop infections, and IF everyone tries to return to business as normal in May, then it will fire up again, and we will just have kicked the curve down the line. The virus is here to stay, and all we can do is try to slow it down so the hospitals can keep up and hope that someone can create a vaccine, fast. It still does not kill the majority of people. It's more contagious than we thought, but 75% of the population will probably not need hospitalization. It's just that we don't have enough hospitals for the 25% that will need it.
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