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  1. Thanks for the update! Can't wait to hear more. 😃
  2. You would think that if one TA can book, all the TA's can book? I'd check with Jason. Use the TA to get the site for you. You don't have to pay any extra for their help!
  3. Yay! I'm still here and following along. How awesome is it to be the first to check in on the 50th! That is a lovely memory to have.
  4. Thanks for the trip report! It was a great read. I really miss these.
  5. Very cool! Trip report, please?!
  6. I agree that it is a blatant effort to move crowds, and certainly to upsell food and other options. But I can't really say that moving crowds based on wait times is a bad thing. If it can distribute people around the park so that all wait times are somewhat equal, that seems to me to be a good thing. Having the ability to see the wait times in my hand, instead of having to find a board or walk to the ride to decide, is also a good thing. However, in watching the videos of vloggers "doing what the Genie says to do", they are putting in a LOT of steps, charging back and forth across t
  7. I'm thinking the app will work wonders for those guests who have never been to the parks, and never thought once about planning their day ahead of time. They will find it so helpful to be able to see posted wait times, and purchase the plus package to 'cut in front'. Those folks will feel special and find it magical. For those of us who plan the day and read up on average waits at each ride, understand what RD means and zag when others zig, it won't be nearly as helpful. Heck, down here in San Antonio, I see people shelling out their money to get the Quick Queue option ( $20 per person
  8. It's always a jolt when you forget when checkout time is. Good think you remembered the alternate route!
  9. I am ready to embrace the Genie+, but I'm sure there will be the usual bandwidth frustrations of trying to get on the Disney wi-fi. I intend to turn wi-fi search off and just use my data, and hope that the coverage is good. Virtual queue's make me happy, when done right. Being able to wander around and enjoy other activities when I would have been stuck waiting in a line is great. And for this trip, I will happily pay for RotR passes, but I am lucky because I only have 3 in my party (hopefully). I don't see paying for any other premium ride. I am sad to see the free fast passes going
  10. I am so looking forward to eating here. This restaurant is a must do for my family. Good hot and sour soup, the spicy honey crispy chicken ( Or honey sesame chicken if you are not into spicy) is so good I found a copycat recipe to make at home. I still think it is better here, though ( because I don't have to cook it!). I am not a fan of any kind of chinese beef dish, so I've never tried them here. I may get adventurous on my upcoming trip and try the crispy duck fried rice, but I have a hard time not eating my favorite dish that I only get once ever 5 years or so from here!
  11. the-nba-experience-at-disney-springs-will-not-reopen I am fine with this. Here's hoping they bring back an Arcade with a real restaurant and bar. They can theme it to Wreck it Ralph, and we can have DisneyQuest 2.0!
  12. Criminy-ently, Trigger... That's a might pricey! Oh well, never expected to go to one of those parties anyway.
  13. I'll bet it's more like 50%. It's hard to get people to move away from the area they are used to, to say nothing of leaving family, if they are close.
  14. Thanks for writing all the trip report! I loved following along. It's nice to hear about folks having a good time at WDW again.
  15. It would be a nice PR move, but can you imagine the ramp up in tears and other entitled parent complaints? Kids being told by their parents that the only way they are getting a wand is if they are picked so they can get the 'free' one. Parents going ballistic when their precious doesn't get picked, so now they have to buy a wand. Parents trying to bribe the employees or otherwise game the system. It'd become a nightmare.
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