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  1. h2odivers...Ray

    Food & Wine

    We will be there October 15-22nd. Planning on hitting Epcot two or three times. If anyone is at Epcot on the 18th come by the Seas pavilion and watch me, DW, and DD(13) scuba dive in the aquarium. My DD just got certified and where better to take her for her first dive
  2. h2odivers...Ray

    Where to eat Christmas dinner???

    I’ve aleays wanted to try Monsieur Paul’s. Do you remember if they did a special menu for Christmas? does artist point do a special menu for Christmas dinner?
  3. h2odivers...Ray

    Where to eat Christmas dinner???

    You know I can’t turn down a food german buffet. (Or bier).
  4. h2odivers...Ray

    Where to eat Christmas dinner???

    Thanks. I can’t temeber the last time we ate there. That is definitely an option.
  5. We will be at WDW on Christmas day and wanted a few recommendations, from fiends on where we should go eat Christmas dinner. It will be me, DW, and DD14. Thanks advance for your suggestions.
  6. h2odivers...Ray

    Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN

    I think I would go just for the potluck dinner. Lol.
  7. h2odivers...Ray

    7/13-7/15 Quick Trip TR

    I’m in. i wish we lived closer to be able to take a quick weekend trip. Too short FP? never heard of it. But it’s a pretty cool idea. did you happen to catch the wait times for FoP when you got in? have you ridden it before?
  8. h2odivers...Ray

    California here we come!

    I love Wally World. I grew up going there as a kid. I also got to ride colossus on opening day. Glad to hear the old Park is still doing well Wow. Y’all got a lot done at Disneyland and CA.
  9. h2odivers...Ray

    Disney Employee Killed In Accident Near Pop Century

    Lol. Btw. My degree is in journalism. It’s ashamed what today’s “journalists” consider journalism
  10. h2odivers...Ray

    Disney Employee Killed In Accident Near Pop Century

    If he was working on the utility vehicle how did it jump a curb...? was it moving while he was trying to fix it? do they mean the utility cart he’s was driving?
  11. h2odivers...Ray

    California here we come!

    Btw how long does that VPO Mike Wolfe filed on you last? and how many feet away do you need to stay from his driveway?
  12. h2odivers...Ray

    California here we come!

    I’m really enjoying reading your report. Thanks for sharing. Been to GOTG (brother lives in the Springs) and Red Rock but there was no concert at the time. It definitely would be cool to see one there. Was this your first time to Disneyland?
  13. My two cents. If you’re going in the latter part of the afternoon I would go up to the California Grill and grab a drink and an appetizer. No reservation required just tell them you’re going up to the bar. Which opens at 5 PM. Swing by the Poly and hit trader Sam’s. It does get quite busy in there, it’s a very small place. when we were there last time we walked inside, looked around, and went outside and had a drink on the deck overlooking the bay lake. swing by the grand Floridian and have a drink there also. I don’t think it’s been mentioned about it but at Port Orleans Riverside there’s a free show most nights at the lobby bar. Yeehaw Bob puts on a great show and it’s free. But get there early if you want a seat
  14. h2odivers...Ray

    GDF Visits the Dark Side

    Kong- excellent. It was well done and a thrill ride that anyone can ride. The ride vehicle reminds me of the trucks in Disney’s Safari ride. No seat belts or lap bar. But you do wear 3-D glasses. You basically ride through different scenes and the truck rocks and rolls with the action on the screens. The action is on both sides of the truck so try and sit in the middle and watch both sides. Btw. Fast & furious ride uses the same technology but IMHO not as well done as Kong and it seemed to be a lot shorter ride.
  15. h2odivers...Ray

    GDF Visits the Dark Side

    Finally caught up. We too were tempted by Mythos but we decided no. Kong-excellent harry potters world- excellent transformers-excellent hulk-excellent TR-excellent