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  1. As a long time AP holder I paid for unlimited, unrestricted access to all 4 parks. With the ability to park hop as I please. Because of the pandemic those items, which I paid for, were taken away. I get it. Things had to change to accommodate as many guests as possible. But why is it the AP seems to be hurt the most? disney choose to sell new tickets to the parks. (Regular tickets.). Therefore limiting the access to people like myself that had already paid for tickets. What would you tell someone who bought a 7 day pass last month but when they arrived at WDW were told
  2. I’ve heard the term gender neutral as it refers to hairstyles. I just never heard of gender inclusive. I guess they are using the term the same as gender neutral.
  3. If you call WDW and ask them about reinstating your AP. They will submit a request to do so. Someone from the AP department will call you within 30 days. that’s what we did. And we now have our APs again. I mainly did it because who knows when they’ll start selling them again.
  4. Me too. Two things I don’t like about the rezzie system. 1. Say you buy a 4 day pass and come for a week. You have 4 parks reserved. When you arrive you’re not feeling well. But you have a reservation the next day. You look at the reservation system but all your free days are full. So you either go to the park sick or lose your day at the park. Then you paid for a 4 day ticket, used 3 days and no way of using the 4th day. Will Disney give you a refund? From my understanding the answer is no. 2. As an AP holder I can only make 3 reservations. Since we live in Ok
  5. I’m just surprised we have not gotten one in Oklahoma yet. It’s not like we don’t have 3 major interstates going through our state. I-40, I-44, & I-35.
  6. Buc-ees is a tradition for all us okies heading south into texas. No matter what else you get there you have to try their homemade potato chips. thick cut with just the right amount of salt.
  7. Sounds like you got into some chiggers. I get them when walking through the grass. And only get bitten in the areas not covered by clothing.
  8. I think a lot of us realize that it’s based on the max capacity. we were there last month and the crowds seemed Bigger, imho social distancing and some rides with long lines make the crowds seem bigger. for example we waited in line for 20-25 minutes for Peter pans flight and the line was out the door, around the building and under the walk way into liberty square. if we didn’t look at the wait time I would have assumed it was a 90 plus minute wait. the other thing that gives the impression of “crowded” is that some of the rides did have really long wait times. B
  9. I’d buy one if I could. besides the proceeds are going to Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida. I hope they sell them in Oklahoma.
  10. Just curious but are all the resorts open? i.e. the all-stars, port orleans, etc
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