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  1. Looks awesome! i can’t wait to ride it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I haven’t been to a Perkins restaurant in years. It would definitely be less expensive than eating at a WDW restaurant Where exactly is it at?
  3. Just looked at their breakfast menu. there’s a quite a few entree that sound really good. thanks
  4. That’s a great idea. i like that it would be an easy in and out.
  5. DD(15) and I are looking for a place to have breakfast one morning during our up coming trip. Open to all suggestions but we are not looking for a character meal. The restaurant can be in a park, resort, Disney Springs, and we will also consider an off-property Resort or restaurant. thanks in advance for all of your suggestions.
  6. Love tater tots for breakfast. Throw them in the toaster oven while I’m cooking the bacon. off subject, but don’t you think they need more places to get sushi?
  7. We rarely eat dinner there. It’s usually appetizers, sushi, and drinks. the quality of those items seem to e the same. I’m sorry to hear the quality of the entrees has gone down. We like the seating area next to the bar.
  8. For about the last year and a half to two years we’ve been using Walmart delivery at WDW. i can order our groceries a week before we arrive. And I usually have them delivered Right after we plan on checking in. They give you a one hour window of when your groceries will be delivered and you can pick your times for the delivery. The drivers will call you when they are on their way. I believe it cost eight dollars for the delivery plus we tip the driver.
  9. I think you might’ve missed my joke? Evian spelled backwards is naïve. You must be pretty naïvE to pay that much for a water! LOL or maybe you did get my joke but it just wasn’t funny. 😂
  10. How much is a bottle of Evian water? i bet it’s about the same price. you’d have to pretty naivE to pay that much for water!!! Lol!!!
  11. Why do you suppose the lines are shorter than the rest of the popular rides? could it be that there is no FPs available for SR? ive always thought that FPs make for much longer wait times in the stand by lines.
  12. Are they still controlling access to GE? I’ve been looking at wait times and the wait time for SR is shorter than just about every other popular ride at HS.
  13. Love it! she is ready for Hollywood! i love how animated she is.
  14. But at $2000/night that’s $250/ person/ night. Bungalows sleep 8 people They are supposedly going to be $1440 per person for a two night stay or $720/ person/ night. That’s almost three times as much as one of the highest priced rooms at WDW. That seems really steep to me and I’m a long time star wats fan who would love to experience it. I think I would do it if I could get the “cabin” for half that price for my family of four
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