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  1. I think a lot of us realize that it’s based on the max capacity. we were there last month and the crowds seemed Bigger, imho social distancing and some rides with long lines make the crowds seem bigger. for example we waited in line for 20-25 minutes for Peter pans flight and the line was out the door, around the building and under the walk way into liberty square. if we didn’t look at the wait time I would have assumed it was a 90 plus minute wait. the other thing that gives the impression of “crowded” is that some of the rides did have really long wait times. B
  2. I’d buy one if I could. besides the proceeds are going to Make-A-Wish Central and Northern Florida. I hope they sell them in Oklahoma.
  3. Just curious but are all the resorts open? i.e. the all-stars, port orleans, etc
  4. Why do you think Disney hasn’t moved into phase 3??? Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has also moved the Sunshine State into Phase 3 of reopening which stated, “Theme parks may return to normal operations with limited social distancing protocols.” Keep in mind, however, that Disney World operations have not changed, despite the go-ahead from DeSantis.
  5. Thanks for the info Carol. They both seem to be about the same distance from the front. Do you have a preference between the two loops?
  6. I’ll be arriving at the fort next Monday October 12 for one night. I reserved a tent/pop up site for the night. I’ll be arriving on DME by myself with just a tent and sleeping bag. As soon as I check in I’ll be setting up my tent and heading to Epcot and then dinner at DS. Early check out on the 13th and moving to beach club for a few nights with my family. so my questions are 1. Which loop and site would recommend for easy access to the buses, and comfort station. 2. Easy and quickest way to Epcot. I’m not familiar with the internal buses. 3. Does the fort offer
  7. Wonder what a wrap does to a cars finish? if i was the dealer, and I could sell them with the wrap I would. I bet there a bunch of people that would that would top dollar for a Disney park’s original!
  8. Just thought about this since the Minnie Vans were leased from Chevrolet and given back. Where do you think they will be sold at? ebay?
  9. That SMB! we never used them. but always wanted to try it once as a novelty. i think part of the problem, for us at least, with them was it was easier and cheaper to get an uber or lyft. Since it’s usually just the three of us.
  10. You just reminded me of something. A while back, when I was dealing with Disney about my AP, I asked a CM when they would be allowing APs to park hop again. He said when the government allowed them to. That the government said if an infected person goes into one park they only have to shut down that park. If they allowed that same person to park hop they would have to shut down two or more parks. I didn’t think much about it till now. If this is true. Why and if I read what you’re saying correctly, why is universal allowing park hopping but not Disney?
  11. And why would it be a bad thing for Disney to lower its prices? Especially during this time of Disney cutting back on perks, entertainment, etc
  12. Ok. Apparently they have let some employees go. But why did you choose to ignore the fact that Universal appears to be busier than Disneyworld? if people aren’t going to Disney because of covid19 , wouldn’t that mean they would be avoiding universal for the same reason But why does it seem universal’s numbers are better then Disney’s? Could it be lower ticket prices? Report says Universal Orlando attendance recovery better than Disney parks here’s a link to the story. https://blooloop.com/news/universal-orlando-attendance-recovery-higher-disney/ And why
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