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  1. h2odivers...Ray

    Any information on I 10 through Florida

    Hope that helps.
  2. h2odivers...Ray

    Any information on I 10 through Florida

    This is from my buddy that drove from Pensacola to WDW yesterday. “Yes it's open and gas stations are fine. Just have to be careful through Tallahassee and surrounding because some of those places still don't have power and lots of long lines everywhere. But if you fill up before that and then get through that area then he's good! Yes tell them to make sure they eat before making the drive from basically I 10 past Tallahassee we stoped at least 5 times trying to get something but the lines were extremely long it might be a little better tomorrow but like Stephanie said some of those cities still don’t have power”
  3. h2odivers...Ray

    Any information on I 10 through Florida

    Our friends drove I-10 from Oklahoma to WDW and stayed the night in Pensacola in Saturday night. He said he was going to gas up in Alabama before they hit Florida. They arrived at WDW yesterday, Sunday. I’m heading to the airport at the moment and it’s to early to call them. But as soon as I land to change planes in Houston I’ll give them a call and give you an update. Safe travels
  4. h2odivers...Ray

    EPCOT... True or Rumor?

    Ageee. Also, i imagine they’ll close one side of SE at a time. I would imagine most of the work will happen inside the sphere.
  5. h2odivers...Ray

    No reservations?

    “but Disney spend brings me a smile.” 😂 😂 😂
  6. h2odivers...Ray

    No reservations?

    Agree. We love staying on property, and all the perks that comes with an on-site stay. I know it’s going to sound cheesy but there’s something magical about staying on property. But we also love bonnet creek. It’s like our second home now. We know several members of the staff. Mainly a few of the bartenders out by one of the pool bars. Lol We each have our favorite pool, restaurant, and things to do. Luckily we can still afford to both. But as prices keep going up we will be spending more time at Bonnet Creek
  7. h2odivers...Ray

    WDW History

    Thanks for sharing. It was an interesting read.
  8. h2odivers...Ray

    No reservations?

    It’s all in how you want to spend your money. For us Disney’s Resort prices are to high. So we mainly stay in a condo at Wyndham bonnet creek. I can watch the Epcot and HS fireworks from our balcony. 5 pools, 4 poolside bars. 6+ restaurants. Several fire pits, etc, etc. and we absolutely love it there. And we can get a 2 bedroom condo, at Christmas for $1200 a week. all that being said we do miss the onsite properties. So we do a split stay. This Christmas we will do 8 nights at bonnet creek and then we rented DVC points for an additional 2 nights at copper creek, 2 nights at the Poly, and 1 night at Saratoga Springs. It’s a splurge but we do love the perks of staying onsite.
  9. h2odivers...Ray

    Hatbox Ghost Tiki mug

    Pretty cool. I might try and swing by to pick one up.
  10. h2odivers...Ray

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    I just showed DD this picture and she wants to buy me one now. Lol.
  11. We arrive on Monday and staying one night at ASMovies than moving to Pop for 6 nights. We usually buy a mug as soon as we get there. DW needs her coffee. Lol. Im wondering if we can buy one at ASMovies and get it for length of stay when we move to Pop. I’m assuming not. I bet we will have to wait to buy it when we get to Pop. Has anyone run into this situation???
  12. h2odivers...Ray

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    We too like to be hands free. But DW and DD drink a lot of water. So they remain hands free and I carry a back pack. 6 bottles of water, snacks, ponchos, charging cords and portable charger. Move gotten used to it. And I figure we save about $20+ everyday. Or 3 beers.🍻
  13. h2odivers...Ray

    RV will not start

    Do you have any alarm on your rig? if so it could be pulling juice from your batteries. Especially if it’s an older battery that is starting to go.
  14. h2odivers...Ray

    RV will not start

    Lots of things could be pulling juice from your engine battery. I always try the easiest fixes first. 1. Check your fuse box and make sure all fuses are good. 2. Dead battery-put a 12v battery charger on the engines battery. Or try and jump start it with another vehicle. (If you try and jump a dead battery, your dash lights should come on once the jumper cables are hooked up to a running vehicle 2a. If your battery is dead and your able to get it started. Take it to any auto parts store. And ask them to check the battery and alternator. Most of them will do this for free. 3. Check to make sure you have a good ground. A 12v system won’t do anything with a good ground. Start at the battery’s negative side and make sure it’s contracted correctly and right. Then check down by the starter. There is usually a ground wire on it or by it. Make sure ALL grounding wires are in good shape and firmly connected. let us know if that helped. If not we can go deeper.