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  1. h2odivers...Ray

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    Since we weren’t regular patrons of Artist Point I don’t know the answer. So that’s why I’m asking. was it a popular restaurant? was it easy to get a rezzie there or difficult? i personally want new attractions, restaurants, etc. In most cases I don’t see why they have to close one thing to open another? They want another character restaurant open one. There’s plenty of room/land for Disney to do what ever they want. New attractions bring in new guests. I get it. But it doesn’t help the crowds. They could have opened a new restaurant at wilderness lodge and kept artist point. For that matter they could have left HS alone and added Toy story land and Star Wars land next to it. It would have brought in more/new people and would have increased the footprint of the park. Which in turn would increase the capacity of the park. But im sure the bean counters can explain why it had to close/change artist point to a character restaurant
  2. h2odivers...Ray

    Breaking News

    I am not an animal rights activist but I’m glad they are building the stalls with their own turn out. It’s sooo much healthier for the horses then standing in a stall all day.
  3. h2odivers...Ray

    Changes at Artist Point - Character meal coming?

    I’m out. DD(14) isn't in to characters like she used to be. So I can’t justify paying a premium for a character meal. I’d rather spend the $165 (3x $55) on some sushi at the Poly or the California Grill.
  4. h2odivers...Ray

    Thoughts on the Fort

    Stories like this makes me want to get off my butt and hook up our stand by generator.
  5. h2odivers...Ray

    Thoughts on the Fort

    Praying for safe travel and electricity
  6. h2odivers...Ray

    Gas Golf Carts no longer allowed?

    I’m sure you’re right. I don’t know why I have always thought that
  7. h2odivers...Ray

    Gas Golf Carts no longer allowed?

    Idk. I always thought gas golf carts haven’t been allowed for years because of the “noise”. So it would be news to me that they were once allowed.
  8. h2odivers...Ray

    WTF.....Talk about a cash grab

  9. h2odivers...Ray

    Christmas stay and catching up

    Since we are flying I had to find a tree that fit in my suitcase. Found a little one at Walmart for $10 the base is wrapped in burlap with lights. I’m also bringing a couple small boxes of lights, ornaments and those window cling stickers to decorate our condo. Saying that, I think if you had a small tree, a whole bunch of lights, and easy to pack decorations your kids will love it.
  10. h2odivers...Ray

    FW coffee mugs question

    Sorry I wish I could help. I won’t be at WDW till December 24th. But if it helps and it’s not to late I’d be happy to see if they have restocked their shelves. Or maybe a Fiend on the scene can check and see if they’ve restocked and arrange to pick one up for you and have Disney mail it to you straight from the Fort As far as online I’d keep checking eBay and the Disney store. Good luck and I hope you find a coffee mug.
  11. h2odivers...Ray

    Slow news day?

    To me the question is... who cares? so what if you have to show an ID. We don’t drive that often to the parks and i don’t ever remember them asking for an ID. So if they ask me next time, I’ll show them an ID. Big freaking deal.
  12. h2odivers...Ray

    Golf Cart: to do or not

    Don’t get that old rumor started again. LOL that being said I would love to see one built down in Texas somewhere.
  13. h2odivers...Ray

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you will be up and feeling better son.
  14. h2odivers...Ray

    Halloween 2018 Golf Cart Parade Pictures

    Awesome pictures thanks for sharing.
  15. h2odivers...Ray

    mobile Ordering

    I can give my magic band and AP card to anyone. Rarely if ever have they asked for a ID for an AP discount. Exaxtly. How difficult would it be to make your pix pop up. Typically people spend more money when they use a credit card then when they pay cash. And my DW and DD think the MB is a free charge account. Lol. Come to think of it maybe I don’t want them to be able to charge on their MB. Lol.