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  1. h2odivers...Ray

    Walmart Grocery Delivery

    We have used Garden grocer, Publix delivery and a few others at WDW hotels. And just like BevarJ32 said they will hold the groceries at the front desk.
  2. h2odivers...Ray

    Walmart Grocery Delivery

    We used Walmart delivery this last Christmas. It was awesome! we actually used them twice on that trip. Once it was $9.95 and the other time it was $7.95. It depends on when you schedule your delivery. We weren’t staying at the fort so I don’t know what the forts policy is. Maybe you can arrange to meet the driver at the front if they charge.
  3. We want the beach. We live on lake Guthrie and have a summer place on lake tenkiller. We are water people. We like tourist areas and all that it offers. Restaurants, golf courses, beaches, etc. we would rather drive 1-1 1/2 to Disney than drive that far to the beach We will only be in Florida for part of December, January, February, and March. And then rent it out in the summer We’ve been from Daytona to Miami and really don’t like any of those beaches/towns. We want warm winter days and that’s why we are leaning towards southwest Florida. We like the Clearwater beach area. I real like the area around St Johns Pass. Lots of restaurants etc. knowing this, would you have any areas you would recommend for us?
  4. Heard of it? I’ve been there. As a Boy Scout we used to go to the area to watch the space shuttle land. A lot of people that work at Edwards Air Force base live there. Have you ever heard of the Salton Sea in California? If not google it. It’s pretty interesting because man tried to control Mother Nature but she won.
  5. I had to look up where Lehiegh Acres is at. Looks like a nice area. And did a quick search on Zillow. There are a lot of houses for sale in that $100/ sq ft range. That’s cheap! But I think it would be to far from the beach for us and therefore make it harder to rent as a weekly/monthly vacation home.
  6. h2odivers...Ray

    Making Reservations

    We do have a travel agent that sponsor our forum, Jason...Katman. He can certainly help you with getting your reservations. And his services are free of charge. Yes people book reservations to get by the 30 rule for getting FPs for off site stays. And also for getting around the 60 day rule for onsite stays. And then yes they cancel them once they get their FPs booked. And yes apparently Disney is closing this loophole. As long as Disney thinks of ways to control peoples vacation people will find ways around Disney’s systems. I’m sorry to say I’ve used this trick and others to get FPs we want. Try and get Flight of Passage FPs at the 60 day mark during a busy season. It’s next to impossible. i personally would like to see them get rid of ALL FPs. And all ADRs, and have a walk up, first come first served policy for attractions and dining FPs and increased attendance have created stand day lines that are hours long. I was standing in the FP line for soarin and we got stopped after the CM let about 20 FP holders go. I asked the CM how many FPs they let go for every stand by person. She said about 20 FPs holders to every 20 stand by people but half of the time it’s only 10 stand by people for 20 FP holders. If this is true for all rides then it would cut the standby lines in more than half. I’ve read on other forums that the ratio is much greater favoring FP holders I’ve read that it was 3-1, 4-1, and 5-1 depending on the ride. That’s crazy
  7. What did you think of the Fort Myers area? Particularly the Ft Myers Beach area. That’s were we plan on going to next to check it out. Our goal is to have a small house or condo, or if I can talk my DW into it, and RV. That we can live at from Christmas till spring in Florida and than be back in Oklahoma for the rest of the year. I want to be a snow bird 😂 We would rent out the Florida house or condo the rest of the year. So we are focusing our search in resort/beach areas.
  8. h2odivers...Ray

    Story Book Dining at Artist Point

    Happy belated anniversary! grandma looks beautiful and you need to smile. Lol. The if the food tastes as good as it looks...WOW!
  9. h2odivers...Ray

    New to the Fort. Best things to see/do

    Relax and take turns having a drink at Crockett’s tavern while the little one plays at the playground with your significant other. Watch the electric water parade from Clementine’s beach at night. Go fishing at the pond. Just watch out for this crankynold guybthat claims ot for himself. Lol.
  10. h2odivers...Ray

    New KRISPY Mickey Bars

    Lol! That’s exact what I thought.
  11. h2odivers...Ray

    Fasspass Restrictions coming (finally)

    Unfortunately you can still book multiple rezzies. It just takes an extra minute or two. Weve tried, with some success, picking up last minute, morning of rezzies. I see them all the time for a party of two. But it’s more difficult for partys of 3 or more. We would prefer to “wing it” but Disney is making it more and more difficult to do that. Especially since we usually come during the busy summer and holiday times.
  12. h2odivers...Ray

    Fasspass Restrictions coming (finally)

    Unfortunately that’s not the case on most dinner rezzies. Dinner shows like HDDR do require prepayment. But most restaurants they just hold your card info and only charge you if you don’t show up.
  13. h2odivers...Ray

    Fasspass Restrictions coming (finally)

    The way I understand it they will still keep their FPs. I wish they would go back to the old system. Walk up to an attraction, and get a FP. Completely fair system IMHO. Disney creates these silly rules and people find ways around them. Yall do know you can book FPs before the 60 day window? Or is that a loophole people don’t know about??? Try getting a dinner rezzie at Christmas. They are all booked at the 180 day mark. Because most people don’t know exactly which day they will eat at...,insert restaurant here, so they make a rezzie for every day they will be at WDW. And tie up 5-6 rezzies And then they finally get to book their FPs, 30 or 60 days out. “But wait. Are we sure we want to eat at BOG on Wednesday or Thursday? Let’s wait till cousin bob decides what he’s going to do. As long as we cancel 24 hours before our rezzie we will be fine.” Thats why you can sometimes book dining rezzies that morning. I think as long as Disney keeps trying to control how we Disney, people will try to beat the system. Hey Disney...like my mom use to say...K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid! And you won’t have to try to close loopholes.
  14. h2odivers...Ray

    Not a picture...but video.

    I don’t know how I missed the video back in December when you posted it. DD and I enjoyed seeing it. Thank you. Btw. Who’s campsite is at the 9:45 minute mark, it looks like a FF.net sign? And who is tom and Valarie? and what forum do they run?