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  1. Yep it’s just merchandise discount of 30% and it’s only good till August 14.
  2. I heard we are getting a 30% merchandise discount. Ends August 14th. Wouldn’t it be nice if they upped the renewal discount 30%
  3. Do they have different kind of tank lids in Canada? how do you pry open a tank in the first place? i bet that was the most expensive fill up, dump out they ever had! iirc. Gas station tanks hold 10.000-20,000 gallons of gas.
  4. Will you two stop fighting or I’ll pull this RV over!!!
  5. That would mean I would have to spend more money to get what I already paid for. No thanks. I’m sorry. I used to be like others that defended and make excuses for Disney all the time. I’d find legal loop holes to excuse their decisions, and base my defense of Disney on feelings not facts. I defended their lousy IT. I defended their price increases. I defended them cutting back on services. I pretty much defended any thing they did because I love Disney. But it’s gotten to the point I can’t do it anymore. I’ve seen to many changes that I don’t agree with. To me it’s like a rebellious child that keeps doing bad things. You still love them but sometimes you have to walk away and let them try it on their own. So I’m done defending them. I’m not saying I’m never going back because I’m sure I will. but I’ll let others keep on defending their bad behavior.
  6. disney can easily cancel their vacation package. Just like they did during the park closure. you are trying to compare apples to oranges and, sorry, that just doesn’t work. Disney is forcing me to try to go to the park during this unprecedented time. And they broke the contract they made with me. I didn’t break it with them. what do you think would happen if a Florida resident was on the monthly payment plan and decided after ten months they don’t want the pass anymore since they only came to the park for a few days and got sick and were unable to go to the park for the next two months??? Disney would force them to pay since they had used 10 months of their pass. so I ask you... what’s the difference between Disney expecting them to pay for their last two months of their contract and me expecting Disney to honor the last two months of my contract??? answer... there ISN’T a difference!!!
  7. No based on my other posts I expect Disney uphold their end of the agreement we BOTH agreed to. I’m not asking for more than I was promised when I purchased our APs Like I said before. they should give us the choice to either re-start our APs now or when things went back to normal. Is that to much to ask for???
  8. And as far as not getting into the parks during a holiday capacity closure... we’ll that argument doesn’t hold water people with single day tickets are not allowed on during a phase 1 closure and AP holders are allowed in. multi-day ticket holders are not denied entrance until phase 2. AP holders are still allowed in. As a matter of fact AP holders aren’t blocked till everyone is blocked under phase 4 Now they are allowing single day ticket holders and multi day holders to go while AP are not. again agree to disagree.
  9. We are just going to have agree to disagree. when I bought my APs they said “going in” that I won’t be block out. And now I am. snd there’s a big difference between not getting a FP, which I’m not guaranteed, and not being blocked out. Which they promised wouldn’t happen.
  10. Now post the availability for pass holders to make park reservations for July and August??? Again I can’t use my pass until August 6th. So in reality I’m block out of going to WDW for almost 4 weeks.
  11. Well what would you call a block-out/black-out then??? what’s the difference? My AP is supposed to all owe me to go to any park I want to without black out dates and park hop. and if they are allowing other, non-AP holders to go to the park but not me than it’s a blackout. they’ve taken away reasons why I buy an AP. I don’t know about you but there’s no way i would pay $1195/ AP to only be allowed to go when I make a park reservation and they good days are filled the day they release them. I know these are unusual times and it’s all new for all of us. but why should the customers get half the product for the same price full? when is disney going to make a sacrifice like they keep asking us to do??? How Disney sucking it up and saying... ”since we’ve had to cut back on availability and services we are going to give our guests...????
  12. As a matter of fact the first day available at HS for AP holders is August 20. the first available date for the MK is August 6th. the first Saturday available is September 5th. the reality is that we live in Oklahoma and don’t have the luxury of going when ever we want. Plane tickets, Uber’s, is expensive. So when we go we go for at least a week, go to the parks everyday and park hop.
  13. Also as a premier pass holder we are not supposed to have blockout dates. But there isn’t a single day available for AP holders this month. But if you’re a resort guest or ticket holder you can get into the park this month.
  14. Check the park availability calendar. there are days open for resort guests and ticket holders. but those same days are NOT available for AP holders. If I wasn’t on my phone I could post a screen shot to show you.
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