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  1. Good idea. but the main reason we are going, besides I’m using our APs Before they expire, is for food& wine. I know the concert series is gone. It now are the food & wine booths! Same amount as last year?
  2. I’ve ridden it twice but DD hasn’t. And she really wants to. both times I rode it I was there before park opening and my MDE locked up. the first time I was next to a CM and they reset my app and got me on last group. the next time I was at guest relations and told them what had happened before. I was talking with a supervisor and he told me to stay next to him when it opened up. when it opened up he had my phone and it locked up on him. So he went on his tablet and gave me a return time. I’m just glad it wasn’t my stupidity that caused it to lock up. Lol
  3. We pulled the trigger and Disney wins again. because of their goofy, and IMHO unfair 3 park reservation limit for AP holders, we went ahead and booked beach club villas for 3 nights and 3 nights at bonnet creek. Now we can book a park reservation for our length of stay. As some of you know I hate planning dining reservations and FPs. And now I’m forced to plan even more of our vacation... Park Reservations!!! What is making it so hard is the fact we can’t park hop. We are not big park hoppers but during food & wine festival we normally go to a park in the morning and then hop over to Epcot for afternoon/evening entertainment and food. so help me out. Give me some suggestions on how to best use our time this trip. I’m thinking walk into epcot the afternoon we arrive, 13th 13th-epcot 14th-HS-Star wars! 15th-epcot 16th-AK, it closes the earliest, and we could store our luggage with guest services and then uber to bonnet creek. 17th-MK-no fireworks so early start and finish. 18th-either Epcot again or HS 19th fly home. Not being able to park hop is the worst thing they took away. I don’t understand why you couldn’t park hop to another park as long as it was under their new capacity limits. Thanks in advance
  4. Close but your unfortunate situation is different then what I was asking. Would you have paid $200 to park your RV and stay at POR or would you pay $50 to stay at an offsite campground 2 miles from Epcot And if we didn’t have our condo we would stay on property. Like we’ve done many times before. Most visits we stay at bonnet creek and a Disney resort. but since this is an unplanned/budgeted trip, due to COVID-19 we have to stay in our condo.
  5. After three hours and 45 minutes on hold and talking to Disney cast members they finally fixed her AP problems. Btw. The best CM ever! He knew his stuff and was just plain awesome! Our annual passes now expire October 20. my DD’’s fall break is the 14-20th of October. Since we have credit with Southwest airlines and our condo is free, sort of. We will be going October 14-19. Hopefully this COVID crap is gone or better by then. If not, and we have to cancel we would only lose the small refund we would have gotten if we canceled our APs. Now I just need to find someone who’s going to the fort that same week and is willing to adopt the 3 us and put us on their reservation. That’s the only way I can think of how to get around the stupid three day park reservation rule.
  6. On hold for 2 hours and 5 minutes. The CM says they need to talk to a different department to fix my problem with our APs. She puts me on hold. 5 minutes later I pull into Lowe’s and get disconnected!!! I wish disney would call you back when Crap like that happens! for some reasons they show my pass expiring 5 days before the rest of the family’s passes. My pass expires 10/15/2020 and theirs 10/20/2020. We are discussing going to WDW for DD’s fall break. Instead of canceling and getting back a few bucks. Possible travel dates 10/15/2020-10/20/2020.
  7. I’m on hold with WDW, agian, to find out what my refund would be if I canceled our APs. just curious has anyone canceled their passes? if so, what was the refund? Does anyone know how they are figuring refunds? just in case you’re curious I’ve now been waiting 55 minutes for someone to pick up. On a happy note I am enjoying the music they’re playing. Lol.
  8. “All you have to do is stay on Disney property...” That’s a expensive way to get what I already paid for. We have a condo/timeshare at bonnet creek. And since we would have to make an unplanned trip to use our APs, before they expire, we have to use our condo. When we come at Christmas or do our May/June trip we stay 10-15+ days. And we stay half the time at bonnet creek and the other half at a WDW Resort. If you had to plan a last minute trip to use or lose your APs and they closed the Fort. would pay $200+/night to stay at a Disney hotel or $50/night to stay in a camp ground 2 miles from epcot and Hollywood studios? our timeshare costs us Approx $50/ night. our maintenance fees are $612/ year. We have 14 nights per year. My daughter doesn’t hear to many nos at WDW either. Lol.
  9. We are basically in the same boat as you are. I’m willing to bet we spend as much if not more money as a non annual pass Does. we eat at a park and/or DS everyday. we buy disney merchandise every trip. we buy snacks, drinks, beer, that’s for me. lol. it seems like Disney thinks all AP holders only come for a day or two at a time and are locals. or live within a short drive of wdw. And I’m sure most AP holders fit into that category. But what about us that don’t?? What about us out of staters that have kids in school and have to plan their trips so they can go for 5-7+ days. It’s not worth the cost of 3 airline tickets to go for 1 or 2 days like the article says ive called several times to find out what my refund would be, if I cancelled and no one can tell me. The last CM told me I have to cancel and then they will let me know how much it will be. WTF??? because of the 30 day extension my APs won’t expire till the end of October. So we might be able to go during my DDs fall break. But what’s the point of going if we can only make 3 park reservations at a time. what are we supposed to do the other 3-4 days we would be there? it seems to me WDW is pushing away AP holders at a time they should be courting us.
  10. $10 for a wagyu burger is a great deal. looks awesome
  11. I must have missed the pet were he visited a park.
  12. What was the point of this person story?
  13. My DD and DW just shared this video with me and I laughed out loud. If you’ve seen Hamilton it will make you laugh even louder. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=631681587706503&_rdr
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