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  1. Finally found a box last week at Target. I think I paid 7.50 for a 6 pack. They were obviously smaller and didn't taste the same but it was still kind of fun!
  2. Enormous. And 2 more tire's to buy, yay! That is one sweet piece, hope you got a good one!
  3. That's ridiculous! Now back to the video, would you camp in a rig that looked like that for more than 10 minutes??
  4. I'm obviously way more shocked than the southerners. I've never seen a vehicle look like the one in that video.
  5. Did anyone watch the video? Can you tell me if that is average bug kill? I've never been down during this time of year.
  6. Late to this party. These people are always at the fort, maybe they're even memebers here IDK. This the craziest stuff I've ever seen! The cab! The mirrors! And by the way they talk at the end they waited until they got home to clean it off! I couldn't imagine spending a week in that RV in that condition. I wash mine as soon as I get there regardless. Grossssssss
  7. My wife wants to add them to her etsy, bought some bucket's last weekend. If anyone wants a custom one let me know.
  8. The worst I heard was some tree chipping. I'm hopeful it stays that way. I clearly remeber everyone was beside themselves about the villas at the lodge. It looks as if they almost grew there now....they do a pretty good job when they try.
  9. Sorry about the theft. Guess they needed the torches more, but it's nice to think they maybe tripped and accidentally impaled themselves running away.
  10. I never heard of it. I was this close to buying a truck at Brandon Ford back in October, surprised Gator never came up in my searches.
  11. Just watched a Tim Tracker video and he was at the Waldorf hotel. He zoomed in on the skyliners from his balcony and they happened to stop. Then I noticed how they were bouncing....probably normal behavior for something on a wire rope but I bet it was 6 feet of movement. Or....maybe someone is already "breaking one in"! Where's the merch for that??
  12. They're getting close to the Fort! The episode they put up tonight had them at Lazy Days Tampa....then they said they were off to a Ford dealer across the street.
  13. One of the primary reasons I decided on a 5th wheel, so that we ride in a crash tested truck that is designed for wrecks. Interesting is how the "Class A" they show actually has the entire wall section come loose. I think that is because of the use of screws to hold the walls to the floor and screws are very brittle. I did hear at one time that winnebago crash tested their motorhomes, but not sure if that's true anymore.
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