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  1. Good news to get it opened for now. Chicken ain't nothin but a bird.
  2. The Meadows pool is closed today, claiming mechanical issues. FYI for anyone at the Fort.
  3. Looks like they have mobile ordering now, so at a minimum I could swing by and pick it up.
  4. Talking to a CM at the MK, mentioned face masks 😷 going away at the end of April. Wait and see I guess.
  5. Think they'll let me order it? I've been trying to try it for years!
  6. My uncle is in Daytona and also made a visit. We will be there shortly and I have planned on getting a t-shirt for a month!
  7. I know that when I get to the New River Gorge in WVA, I really focus on the road! I'm glad you survived your ordeal!
  8. Wow. Just Wow. https://www.ford-trucks.com/articles/ford-super-duty-saved-from-tumbling-into-gorge-by-safety-chain/?utm_source=2021324&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=content
  9. I just posted almost the exact same thing in the members section 15 minutes ago, and we also have an upcoming trip. I've been reading about the new rule, heard the pools are packed and having to wait in a line to access them, and several restaurants we like to go to are closed. If I could gotten a reservation at Creekfire, I think I would cancel. But still up in the air.
  10. Thanks Jason. Ok, you guys ready? Easter week, 2022. Full 196 Preferred 213 Premium 223 Meadow 242. The Fort has jumped the shark for me. Unless I hit the lottery, I'm out at these prices. Add to that the parks will likely be about 175 a day at that point. Sad to forsee our tradition coming to an end.
  11. Would be neat to run into them a a CG. Bummer about their rig. https://people.com/country/miranda-lambert-says-nobody-was-hurt-after-hit-and-run/
  12. .......aaannnnnddddddd I'm back. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2020/12/11/disney-world-stop-digitally-adding-face-masks-ride-photos/6509625002/
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