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  1. PGHFiend

    Skyliner Update

    Saw them yesterday at HS. Thought they were going pretty fast! Lots of vents and a really cool system that let's them keep moving while there are 4 or 5 stacked for loading. I'm excited to ride them as well. I'm also excited for the first story of people to getting caught having special relations in them.
  2. PGHFiend

    We’re Done

    The land across from the horse barn has been cleared and the girl there told me they are moving the barn into that cleared space. The beach to the right has something going on but not obvious. There was an excavator clearing the canal behind the 800 loop. Once your here on the ground, I don't think you will even be able to see the new resort once it's done. The trees are so mature and bring so much cover, you can't even really see pioneer hall from the settlement store if you think about it. I'll see what I can grab.
  3. PGHFiend

    We’re Done

    The parks are always busy anymore. It does seem to ramp up as the week goes on, but last night after MK fireworks it was a ghost town till midnight. The fort seems to be really calm, seems most are in the parks all day. By Friday though it will be capacity closures I bet.
  4. PGHFiend

    We’re Done

    Also got 2 free Mickey Bars at HS. And there was nobody on the rocking chairs all day.
  5. PGHFiend

    We’re Done

    Late to the party. Here at the Fort. Today was an amazing day; Trails End breakfast, horse barn, bike riding, nap under the awning, dog walking. A few sites open in every loop, over 25 open in the 2000, saw 2 or 3 Prevost buses and a few other big ones. Mainly campers like mine and many older ones, like cousin Eddie style. Expensive? Yep Value to cost? Unmeasureable. But for us, worth every penny. Ymmv!
  6. PGHFiend

    New Campsite Categories at the Fort

    I'm just glad they see the potential in the RV market. I also hope that this will mean that the Fort is here to stay for another 47 years.
  7. August 29th being reported from the shrareholders meeting. I'm sure it's all over the web by now.
  8. Thanks all. I knew about Garden Grocer et al, but since the walmart grocery delivery is new up here, I wasn't sure how it was working out on property.
  9. PGHFiend

    Dog Park REOPENED

    There must be more to this, maybe a cool theme or something. Otherwise, why mess with it, dogs don't care.
  10. Anyone try this yet while at the Fort? Wife looked it up, walmart charges 9.95 to bring them....but what will the Fort charge/will they let them in? Looks like the crazy walmart does not, but the newer one on 192 does. Any info?
  11. Bandana with Tapered Bow