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  1. Thanks all. I knew about Garden Grocer et al, but since the walmart grocery delivery is new up here, I wasn't sure how it was working out on property.
  2. PGHFiend

    Dog Park Closed

    There must be more to this, maybe a cool theme or something. Otherwise, why mess with it, dogs don't care.
  3. Anyone try this yet while at the Fort? Wife looked it up, walmart charges 9.95 to bring them....but what will the Fort charge/will they let them in? Looks like the crazy walmart does not, but the newer one on 192 does. Any info?
  4. That looks like a great floor plan when opened up. The only thing I don't like is you have no fridge or bunk access while on the road. Otherwise, pretty standard rv for the times, and cougar is a good name for resale. 70 percent of msrp is the highest you should pay.
  5. Excellent! I hope the little pine cone detail made it ok, we were on the way to mail it when we thought bout it. Thanks Again!
  6. PGHFiend

    RIP Ron Miller

    Are there any originals left? I mean to say people who worked directly with Walt or who would still be actively working for Disney today?
  7. PGHFiend

    Dog Park Closed

    Sooooo do they still take the nightly pet fee? That was a joke, of course they will.