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  1. It's been gone for like 35 years no?.... Edit.... 39 years it's been gone and it only ran for 6....wikipedia FYI
  2. Diesel owners should always carry a spare fuel filter. Easy to change and usually a good place to start. Glad you got it fixed up!
  3. A whole new rig? Wow! That's really rare. Very cool. You'll have fun upgrading the new one for sure and maybe the kids will help too. I just got (waiting) a new air conditioner from Dometic. They extended the warranty no questions asked because of a bad batch....I was related about that. How many model years newer are you going to get? I wonder what they'll do to the old one?
  4. I think I've read about people parking rigs at various resorts..Port Orleans comes to mind? I'm sure they'll let you leave it somewhere. Though my wife was reading me a bunch of posts on a Fort Facebook page about numerous hit and runs in the overflow. 🍗🍗🍗
  5. I always think it smells like Pirates of the Caribbean when washing my truck at the Fort. 😁
  6. No trees is a common thing these days. Would love for campgrounds to put a little something between sites. Makes it less like a parking lot. Thanks for the suggestions.
  7. Could you imagine how nice the flight attendants would be? Dole whips on the beverage cart? Mickey Pretzels? Could be fun! https://simpleflying.com/disney-airline/
  8. Anyone tried these? Saw them on a map and thought they could be easier to get to than Lake Magic....and obviously cheaper then the Fort. Any input appreciated.
  9. Yes they are. He punches the girls straight in the face. No one comes to help for 5 minutes. I don't care if they were in the farthest reaches of the parks, there should be way more security.
  10. Yes you absolutely need a brake buddy or similar. Orlando has the cheapest rental cars in the country and they will bring it to the Fort. If you don't own the right equipment it could be cheaper to rent a car.
  11. We found a great light at Walmart. It's a swimming pool light with remote control. Has many settings and colors to choose from. Under 8 bucks, 2 AAA's. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-LED-Swimming-Pool-Wall-Light/353009980
  12. If you haven't seen this, prepare yourself as its vulgar and disturbing that some people have no respect for family let alone others around them. My issue with it is that it took Disney nearly 5 minutes to respond other than a custodian who happened to be in the area. They should have been on this within 30 seconds, especially with all the money generated by the parks, there should be enough funds to have plain clothes security all over. Ridiculous.
  13. I was the cart behind him, his center flag was so high, he hit the trees at the the end of the road near the 100 loop. We thought someone crashed! There was a lot of music being played.
  14. Happy 4th to America and all the Fiends From the Fort Pet Parade! What you can't see is the 97 degree temperature. Even got a special pic with Six Bits and Dolly!
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