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  1. Thanks Jason. Ok, you guys ready? Easter week, 2022. Full 196 Preferred 213 Premium 223 Meadow 242. The Fort has jumped the shark for me. Unless I hit the lottery, I'm out at these prices. Add to that the parks will likely be about 175 a day at that point. Sad to forsee our tradition coming to an end.
  2. Would be neat to run into them a a CG. Bummer about their rig. https://people.com/country/miranda-lambert-says-nobody-was-hurt-after-hit-and-run/
  3. .......aaannnnnddddddd I'm back. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/news/2020/12/11/disney-world-stop-digitally-adding-face-masks-ride-photos/6509625002/
  4. Hey all, Been a while but....came back just to hi and...... https://wdwnt.com/2020/12/photo-walt-disney-world-now-placing-digital-face-masks-over-maskless-guests-in-on-ride-photos/ Hope everyone has a great holiday!
  5. So I got a personal special specialty specifically mine email from Dis about my APs. Now, mine were to expire back in April, and have since been updated to reflect August 9th. Now my email says August 11th they will add 1 month or I can get my money back. So, are the giving me the month because I had a month left when they closed or is everyone getting the month too? And the days from when they opened until August 11th are basically freebies to be a guinea pig? Here's a screen cap; http://imgur.com/a/8iUbmo0
  6. Was he Discamper huh? I always saw the pics on the Facebook group and I never knew it was him. Was he older? I loved seeing those pics.
  7. Its been pretty well published that they are not accepting any at the moment. Hopefully it gets back to regular soon once they see how the parks react to the changes. I bet a week or so.
  8. Never got an email or push notification. It was full instantly based on what I heard. L
  9. Interesting this many ppl want to spend money on "stuff" https://blogmickey.com/2020/05/disney-springs-hits-capacity-after-disney-owned-stores-reopen/
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