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  1. Interesting this many ppl want to spend money on "stuff" https://blogmickey.com/2020/05/disney-springs-hits-capacity-after-disney-owned-stores-reopen/
  2. Much earlier than I thought. DIS will probably give them a week or two head start to see what happens as others have mentioned. Maybe we will see the Fort this summer 🤔
  3. I didn't see any campouts or hear of any issues. The one thing I was blown away by, at 11:30 there was a super long line to get into Blaze pizza. Yes. Now I like Blaze fine on a pinch, but waiting for it? Its like subway for 🍕. Different strokes.
  4. Lou Mongello with WDW radio is live there on FB now if anyone wants to watch.
  5. Ahhh. I got it now! See you in the AM
  6. Yensid meant how many people, not shops. I saw 50 places open Grumpy close to what you are reading too. I think 100 people sounds about right ✅
  7. Whats the over under on people camping out to get into DS tomorrow? I almost can't wait to watch the news!
  8. Because there is no cure. The flu has many treatment options. It's a pandemic, its temporary and I'm surprised by your fear.
  9. I'm actually on my way to Costco now, does anyone need anything?
  10. I see the masks being worn simply protect the people that have to work in the store in case YOU have it. I don't want to be so selfish that I won't think of the people who are working to provide food and services for us when they may be scared to even go to work. Does having to wear a shirt in the store strip your liberties? If so let's go topless for COVID! Where does the sex trafficking come in? Are you ok?
  11. The comments are great on that article. I would wear a mask in a crowded place simply to not chance getting sick while on trip. Its like wearing shoes...you don't plan on stepping on anything sharp but if you do its nice to wear them. In fact, thats my new fight! Shoes are against my rights!
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