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  1. I've only seen a few star wars movies, so definitely not a nut myself. Butt just the fact that there are 3 different modes of ride vehicles utilized in the experience makes it pretty appealing to me. I'm amazed it all works together.
  2. Ride looks amazing from here! Hope I can get on....glad to see they are using boarding groups instead of making a Hagrids type of line. I'm particularly excited to "ride" this because its actually a ride! I'm not a fan of the virtual rides like FOP. I like to go somewhere on an attraction. Great clear footage here:
  3. I was picturing watching the stage show in the dark. Carry on.
  4. 6 AM here in Pittsburgh is pitch black dark, would it be any more daylight in Orlando?
  5. That is terrible. What type of rig now? Hope your not in too bad of a spot.
  6. Episode 3, Iger fest. Though lots of cool tidbits, love the way they told how Star Tours was picked by Igers teenage son. So far so good.
  7. Always a problem at the Fort. They should have a guide take each person to their site. I have seen many people get sites that can't be backed into with their particular rig and are lampooned out in a loop with no one to assist or a phone number to get a direct line.
  8. So if you haven't checked it out yet, Disney plus has a series on there called "The Imagineering Story". I watched the first 2 episodes so far and saw some pictures and footage of stuff I've never seen before. Very informative and right up my alley with all the mechanics and such. I did get it free for being a Verizon wireless customer, so if you qualify, check it out.
  9. I think we paid 6 bucks last time. There's a thread down further that we discussed it.
  10. I've said it before but I just dont get it. Why are they so surprised that people aren't running down to an incomplete land? You've already been closing parks early and charging for special parties, milking everyone for everything, blowing up ticket prices, exponentially increasing APs, charging for parking. At some point things will level off....and they've found that point. I can't wait to see it. I wont make a special trip.
  11. I like the sign with the new barn pic. I'm sure it will be a nice addition to the Fort.
  12. Saw that on an episode of Orange County Choppers back in the day....it looked dangerous but intriguing.
  13. Figured I should update with the 2 weekend trips under our belts. While I have a CDL and love driving trucks, and how much I loved 5th wheel towing and the power of the dually and driving the 2 Super Duty trucks we had, everything about our traveling has changed. There is absolutely no comparison to having the party start once you pull out of the driveway! No more waiting for the relief of the weekend until you arrive, its happening as soon as we shut the garage door. Got stuck in an hour long traffic jam. My wife made food and I cranked up the Sirius radio through my phone app and we had a great time. I truly can't believe how much easier the motorhome is to travel in with no bathroom breaks necessary and to have the ability to get snacks and to pet the dogs or whatever. I don't have to move the dogs back and forth, or the kennel in and out of the truck. My wife no longer has to pack road snacks and coolers, or move pillows and blankets The dogs can get comfy on the floor anywhere. Setting up camp is backing in, hitting the auto level and putting out the usual gear. Leaving is just as easy, crank it and go. The ride is no contest better than the truck and 5th wheel. All of the bumps I used to picture the wheel breaking off the camper is soaked up with ease by the motorhome, even thought it's a leaf spring coach. Also, g rated tires on 22.5 wheels definitely eased the blowout gear from the trailer (though that can happen to any vehicle) I did the "Cheap Handling Fix" with the sway bars and it drives so much better than the way home from Georgia. One hand steering now. The views are unbelievable with the huge windshield. When we came through Wytheville, VA on the way home it was like watching a movie with the mountains rolling ahead and we saw a fully grown pumpkin farm in the morning mist, truly a new sight we hadn't ever seen on a route we've driven a dozen times. Fuel mileage is back to exactly what it was with the 2008 v10 we used to tow with, but the difference is now I drive an f150 that gets 8 mpg better when going to work. Insurance for the truck went down 200 a year, the 5th wheel was 100 a year and the motorhome is 500, so it is costing about 200 a year more for insurance. Travel time is definitely reduced with an 80 gallon tank and limited need for stops. Never say never, but I'm not sure we could go back to towing.
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