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  1. Japan has embraced the secular side of a number of US holidays frequently adding their own homegrown twist as well.
  2. They don't bother me at all. I don't waste time reading them.
  3. One of my nephews allowed a friend to spend a couple of months living at his house to get back on her feet after a breakup. She along with a bunch of friends went to Mexico for spring break. He told them due to his work, elderly family members, etc she would have to quarantine somewhere else for 2 weeks and was accused of being an old fuddy duddy. He stood his ground and she is in quarantine somewhere but he still doesn't understand their casual, don't care attitude about this whole mess.
  4. When I saw the title I thought it was going to be shorts the clothing not the film.
  5. Which I think has been a large part of the problem and has caused some of the unneeded panic. There has been a lack of clear information from the CDC which allowed all sorts of conspiracies to break loose. The information is finally starting to come out but it is hard to put the conspiracy genii back in its bottle once it has escaped. There is reason for real concern. The US health system only has hospital beds for 2.8 per 1000 people. This compares to 3.2 per 1000 for Italy and 3.7 per 1000 for China. We aren't even in the ballpark with South Korea's 12.3 per 1000. All three have seen their medical systems over burdened and unlike China who can marshal thousands to build new hospitals in weeks we don't have the ability to turn everything around on a dime. If the US were to see the same infection curves we would be in real trouble with what to do with the infected not to mention the normal everyday medical issues that require critical care in a hospital.
  6. Well it's come round again so it's time show a little irrational exuberance for everyone's favorite number. Happy Pi day y'all.
  7. As I posted in another thread one of the rumors my wife is hearing at her school is even if the system shuts down faculty, staff and child nutrition will still be required to come into the schools to prepare lessons for all and food for those on a lunch program. The food and lessons for those without online access would then be delivered via the bus system.
  8. I do not recommend the KOA in Hatteras. We were there this past fall and while the ocean is just over the dune the facilities were in rough shape. Some was due to hurricanes and tropical storms but some was just plain neglect. While we haven't stayed there Camp Hatteras Campground next door looks very nice and is likely where we will stay on our next trip to the outerbanks. The park service also has some campgrounds on the outerbanks which from the road look pretty good and appear to have a bit more room between sites than the private campgrounds have.
  9. For the planner why not just break the trip up so it will fit the number of slots? For example if the planner only supports 10 stops fill and create a new trip to handle the overflow. Some words of warning about going into Canada. They have strict food importation requirements. One example is all meat and poultry must be in packaging that shows the country and potatoes have to be commercially packaged. There are also restrictions on pets, firearms and other items. Keep in mind you can't cross the border anymore on just a regular drivers license so you will need to be sure you and the family have proper documentation. Here are some links: https://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/menu-eng.html https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-safety-for-industry/information-for-consumers/travellers/eng/1389630031549/1389630282362 And since you'll want to get back into the country: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens
  10. That happened to us on our last trip. It really takes some of the magic away from the trip.
  11. Being supported by locals has always been the big difference between Disneyland and WDW. Being local really does reduce the feeling that you must get to the park and rush to get everything in. When I lived in SoCal it was very common for friends and myself to decide to go to the park on the spur of the moment. Talking with family that still lives there that type behavior really hasn't changed.
  12. I rarely turn down the $9 beers or any of the other over priced alcoholic drinks. In fact we go out of our way to visit the various WDW establishments that specialize in such libations and appetizers.
  13. I don't consider myself cheap. I consider it the Yankee sensibility I learned living in New England as a kid. If it isn't broken don't fix it, if it is broken but does the job repair it and if neither of those apply throw in the barn someone will buy it someday as an antique.
  14. However it isn't worth replacing my ancient but functional phone so I have a fighting chance at getting a boarding pass.
  15. We've tried his Washington DC restaurant a couple of times and were not impressed on either visit. Unless the Disney Springs location is leaps and bounds above the DC location I would have no regrets skipping the special event.
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