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  1. AGM have a different charging curve than your traditional wet cell lead acid battery so depending upon the age of the converter and coach alternator these might still need upgrading. There is no way to get an idea without the model number of the converter and year/model of the coach.
  2. Newer quality converters will auto detect the battery type. Earlier ones that supported lithium relied upon jumpers or switches. Most lithium conversions I have looked at are related to adding solar to travel trailers. This is one of the longer term plans for our trailer. These installs usually include upgrading wiring and other stuff that I suspect wouldn't be needed for a basic motorhome battery upgrade. There are multiple concerns in regards to the alternator. One is the charging curve for lithium is different than lead acid. This is the same problem you see with older converters
  3. Unless you replace the converter you will not be able to fully charge lithium batteries. It will still charge them but only to around 80%. I've also read that folks need to disconnect any alternator recharging of house batteries or add a DC to DC charger but am not well versed on the specifics. I suspect there are generator considerations as well depending upon how your coach is setup. The last thing to consider is lithium batteries don't charge below freezing so you want to look for heated batteries or ensure they are in a heated area (most people I've talked with do both).
  4. Ah yes the Howard Johnson's buttered split top hot dog bun that was grilled. Hated those as a kid but it was that or a hamburger which I liked even less. I still have a wooden town building set I had as a young child which includes the pieces to build a Howard Johnson's. If that doesn't date me nothing will.
  5. That's a place I haven't heard about since the late 60's when we lived in Missouri for about a year and a half. I would have been in 7th or 8th grade and went there with a couple of older cousins.
  6. Thanks. Florida in September is still too hot for us especially when we will be hanging out in large crowds. Not to mention being the peak of hurricane season where I rather be home here in NC and can ride one out if we are in the track.
  7. We have been without a trailer since our Micro Minnie was hit by an uninsured driver in October of 2021. The insurance company ended up totaling it. Thankfully due to the pandemic distorting RV prices we came out well with the settlement. We decided to hold off on buying and to take our time looking at the different models for several reasons but the two biggest were the already low quality of RV construction getting worse during the pandemic and the distorted markets. We also wanted to see what some of the newer RV companies were going to do in regards to travel trailer introductions. About 2
  8. We're still not sure when we will be making our next trip to WDW but this eliminates our checkout day meal. We would always pack up, park in the overflow lot and take the bus to TE for brunch before hitting the road. It was also one of the places we would eat at on non-park days. As more things go away it is getting to the point that I am starting to wonder if staying at the Fort is worth the cost anymore.
  9. Took a quick glance at prices and they didn't seem to bad for the convenience to the hwy. I'll have to keep this in mind for when we have a new trailer and can get back out to travel.
  10. A lot of that avalanche started do to actions taken under Iger's watch. It didn't hit critical mass until after he had left and Chapek took over adding his own mistakes. I'm not sure how many things Iger can fix as a number of them are out of his control being caused by industry wide problems. No matter how it turns out I don't see a reduction in Park and resort prices being in the mix. One of Iger's tasks is to find a new replacement which I think will complicate finding one as the best candidates will turn down the opportunity knowing Iger is always in the wings waiting to take over. This pu
  11. Carolina Crossroads is near Roanoke Rapids and when it was first open was overnight friendly. We've never stayed there so I can't say if it still is I do know it gets generally good reviews. We live near Raleigh and WDW is about a 600 mile drive. I would guess it is about the same from Roanoke Rapids to Orlando. We didn't like driving the whole way with a trailer in tow so we would stop and overnight at the Savannah South KOA which is about halfway. It wasn't anything fancy but it was always clean when we stopped through. It is also where we would stop when we were going to spend a day or two
  12. The Fort is generally quiet during the week off-season. We like to plan our trips with an arrival on Sunday to take advantage of the relative quiet. Depending upon whether we plan to spend a day in Savannah we will either check out the following Friday or Saturday parking in the overflow lot for brunch at the Trials End before hitting the road.
  13. Could they be trying to drive more business to P&J's Southern Takeout? They use the same kitchen so it isn't like it is a custom item. It doesn't make sense then again removing it from the TE menu didn't make sense either.
  14. As we have been looking to replace our travel trailer I've learned a lot about who owns who and what brands are part of what subsidiaries. I might be off some but I recall Thor and Forest River control about 80% of the RV market with Winnebago in third place with 8%. That doesn't leave much left for the rest of the bunch.
  15. I don't think it would be weird as it offers both of you something you can enjoy.
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