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  1. Good to hear things are resolved and your trip was saved.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope y'all made it to someplace safe.
  3. I saw that. The Pontiac Aztec had one too and by comparison the Cybertruck actually makes it look stylish. I think a practical electric pickup for towing and as a work truck is a ways off so I will wait for Rivian and the traditional Detroit automakers to come out with theirs. IMO they have a better idea of the requirements for a working pickup than Tesla.
  4. Looks to me like Musk hired Homer Simpson to design the body styling. I'll add that my opinion from last year hasn't changed with the latest announcement.
  5. I'm planning on signing up but I rather wait and let the early adopters go through the pain for me. The current plan is sometime after the first of the year but it might be sooner if it appears that it is running not only smoothly but securely.
  6. The report is Disney+ has been hacked and thousands of accounts were up for sale on the hacking forums those folks frequent.
  7. I like visiting local breweries when traveling. My feeling is even if a brewery couldn't supply large scale quantities there is no reason Disney couldn't rotate taps with a number of smaller brewers for variety.
  8. Even though several of those are brewed here in NC I don't consider them craft beers any more. I use to drink New Belgian brews in Colorado when they were truly a local brew. Never did get to Sierra Nevada when we lived in CA but like New Belgian they are too big now for me to consider a craft beer brewery.
  9. Artist Point was our favorite too. Wish it was still around.
  10. I don't know the specifics for the Disney kennel. Every kennel I have dealt with in addition to rabies and DHPP vaccinations also wanted Bordetella within 6 months of stay. The best thing is to call them and ask what they require so you have time to get any vaccinations they might require so you can go over it with your vet. Edit: Here is the link to Best Friends Pet Care and it covers their WDW facility. https://www.bestfriendspetcare.com/location/waltdisneyworldresort/vaccines
  11. I thought Disney would let people park their RV's in the overflow lot if they were staying at the Fort as part of a DCL trip so some of those long term RV's might be related to that. I also wonder if some might be there prestaged for their preferred RV rental vendor.
  12. If it can read the transponder there shouldn't be a need to see the plate or send a bill (assuming the account has money in it). You can't see my truck plate when the trailer is attached and I've never had any problem using toll roads with my transponder. One thing I did read is the Georgia transponder won't work on windshields that use metallic coatings so it is something to consider. For those they say you need to use a bumper mounted transponder.
  13. I'm not sure about Georgia but the NC Quick Pass system I didn't have to register my trailer it reads the truck's transponder and bills based on axle count. I haven't tried it in Florida yet but we had no problems going up to New England. It sounds like Florida isn't reading your transponder. Possibly a dumb question but are you sure yours is working or compatible with Florida's system?
  14. I would expect it to work on some roads. The Central Florida Expressway Authority says they accept EZ Pass for their roads around Orlando but no other Florida toll roads do.
  15. We have been to Morimoto's a couple of times and they seemed consistently good but we haven't been there in a while. One thing I really liked about Morimoto's besides the sushi/sashimi is the Japanese/American fusions they come up with. It makes for a nice balance if you don't want just fish and rice. When we first moved here in the early 90's I was trying to find a decent deli. An Italian guy I worked with told me to go to a BP station which I thought was crazy. Turns out the owner had moved here from New York and decided the gas station would give him the most business. For a long time it was the only place in the area where you could buy good crusty breads. We eventually found a Kosher deli as well. Again it was some refugees from New York. Sadly neither are around anymore.
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