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  1. I guess they don't want those of us that don't like to micromanage their day or to be micromanaged when visiting the parks.
  2. You can never have too much ice cream.
  3. It sounds like a decent package. I'd seriously consider it if we were planning to be at the Fort over those dates. You have no faith in Disney's crack IT team? Maybe they'll let them park at the Fort like they do for folks who go on cruises then go to the Fort upon return.
  4. Is it optional or mandatory? If it is optional it sounds like Disney is trying to milk a few more dollars for those sites over Halloween or maybe a group wants to spend big bucks and have social space. It might also be they are trying to control the big displays to minimize guest activity and unapproved trick or treating by asking those folks to leave for those few days. Doesn't sound like there is much information as to what is actually said in the calls or emails.
  5. I think that's neat and a nice way to end the season.
  6. Kind of lackluster for $80/person and if someone wants fries, oops, potato wedges they add another $8. I haven't been to WDW in a while but $11 for average draft beers seems high even by Disney standards. For $200+ for two unless they shoot you into orbit for your meal I think I'll stick to the relatively reasonable, by WDW standards, restaurants in Disney Springs.
  7. Updated your post to modern business theory. While shareholders might get to ride along I think most modern corporations are designed to do nothing more than to enrich the executive corps. If you need proof look at the number of companies where shareholders lose value but executive pay increases.
  8. Before retiring I worked for one of the very large computer companies. As I told newer kids when they came in fresh out of college I would not look at making the company a lifetime career like I did as the company had changed dramatically. However I told them if they could stick it out for 2 - 5 years having worked here still pulled a lot of weight in the industry and looked good on a resume. I suspect Disney is in a similar place so my advice to a young person would be the same. Use the time to build up some experience and bolster the resume as having worked at Disney should pull a lot weight
  9. He lied about his age and went into the service after turning 15 years old and hit mandatory retirement at 75.
  10. They typically don't do much. My Dad retired after 60 years of military and federal government service. The office threw him an afternoon party plus gave him a nice parting gift. He received an official letter and a flag that had flown over the White House from his representative in the House due to the office chief suggesting it. The flag and letter were the only official government retirement items. Everything else was the other people in the office chipping in to see Dad off.
  11. You haven't heard of Mistress Alice's Dungeon of Adult Fun? 😁 Disney's brand is far from the corporate beast that functions behind it. It is why they defend the brand to the end so that the real story doesn't get out. I'm not surprised at all how they treat their employees. At the end of the day no matter whether you call them cast members, employees, etc. they are nothing more than a resource line on some executive's spread sheet right there between the electrical tape and screws.
  12. It sounds like the return of ticket books in virtual form. For no additional cost Genie will direct you to the A, B and C ticket rides. Pay $15 and you get access to the D ticket rides and pay an unknown amount for access to the 'E' rides.
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