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  1. I think Disney might put the guests up somewhere else in either case of the guest losing access to the trailer. Whether the site was paid for by the rental company or by the guest it is better public relations and better for Disney financially to put the guest up somewhere else for a few days at Disney expense. They look good for taking care of the guest for circumstances beyond their control and keep them onsite to spend more money in the parks and restaurants.
  2. The note pad is a nice touch. I guess it is to write last thoughts to your loved ones or maybe a quick update to your will. I had already decided I would never ride these during the day but if the potential is to get stuck for 3 hours I'm not sure I would ride them even at night.
  3. We have Prime and didn't even consider grocery delivery when we are traveling. Good idea. I'll have to keep it in mind.
  4. Congratulations. I'm sure you will have some good times with the new MH. Now, now be nice. Some of us live here you know. Of course I still haven't figured out how I'm suppose to know where to turn when I don't know where the old Mt. Olive Church use to be.
  5. We have the same problem around here with State Parks in the central to western part of the state. Part of our issue is the number of parks that have electrical or full hookup is not that large. Adding to the problem is many of the parks without any type of hookups also lack dump stations which I think stops many RV folks from visiting them. We've been fortunate that one of our favorite parks while only an hour and a half away has remained undiscovered so we can almost always get a site at the last minute. Our other favorite park we need to plan for months ahead of time unless it is winter. Much like the Fort during the week there are plenty of sites but it's booked solid for the weekends.
  6. Rene an I have been talking about going to a diesel Class C or possibly a smaller Class A after she retires and to put her FWD Mazda CX-5 on a tow dolly for local driving. I don't know what it is but hitching and unhitching a TOAD just seems like less work than a trailer. I know its not but perception is everything, right? We've seen a few plans that would fit us well and have plenty of room for the two of us and the occasional grandchild.
  7. With what seems to be the changes to center the Fort around the Meadows and the way the Settlement is encroached upon by Reflections I suspect the Settlement will become more of a Reflections location. Once Reflections is finished and its restaurants, etc are opened I wouldn't be surprised to see Disney start to renovate the Settlement more in line with the new resort.
  8. While the water damage could come from the inside ours was from the outside in. One place was behind the wheel wells where the tires threw water onto the bottom of the floor. The other was in the front corners where road water from driving would accumulate and wick into the OSB. I don't know what they treated the floor with. It was kind of waxy and ok for the first couple of years. It wasn't until 3 or 4 years that we started seeing problems. The floor had a 5 year warranty but that only covered the floor and its replacement. It didn't include removing the walls to get to the floor. Due to the old trailer I decided I wouldn't by a trailer that didn't have some type of water proof barrier between the floor and the elements. While it doesn't guarantee a good floor it does eliminate one vector for rot.
  9. Pay close attention to the floors in the R-Pod. Like some of the other Forest River brands they used exposed treated OSB floors in their trailers. This frequently results in rotted areas large and small. While we didn't have an R-Pod our previous trailer had some areas I had to repair where the flooring had rotted due to water getting into the OSB.
  10. The story telling and car rotation sounds a lot like what Universal does with their Escape From Gringotts coaster which is good in my mind. I also like the idea roof top bar. Hopefully it will be open to patrons for the fireworks similar to the California Grill.
  11. I'd have to see how it all turns out once the building is finished but I would probably spring for it once for Rene and I if it lives up to its hype.
  12. That's a great idea Beckers. Y'all have to go right by here on your way down and back so I can give y'all the money on the way down and pickup the loot on your way back. I'll even throw in a round of drinks on me.
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