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  1. Ride the launch or larger boat and see the fireworks from the lake or if you don't mind the paying money buy a fireworks cruise. I don't know if they still have it but the Wilderness Lodge use to have some pre-planned activities for kids during the day. You can also hop a boat to the Contemporary and then do a loop on the Monorail to see the lake area resorts and/or switch to the Epcot loop and get a look at it from he outside. At the Fort there are also carriage rides. On checkout day we pack up and park in the overflow lot then take a bus to Trails End for brunch before we hit the road.
  2. That's good news.
  3. keith_h

    Clipped the site sign

    When I saw the title I thought it might have been a former across the street neighbor of ours. He and the wife sold the house and bought a Class A. The day they brought it home he leveled our next door neighbor's mailbox. About a month later when they fired it up to leave they wiped the mailbox out again. They never offered to pay and when caught in the act the second time he used an expletive with the daughter and said something to the effect they better hope the mailbox didn't damage his rig. The really sad part is another neighbor of ours performs regionally in a gospel group. He owns and drives their tour bus and is more than happy to give anyone some lessons on driving large rectangular boxes on wheels.
  4. keith_h

    Dog Park Closed

    With your crew maybe a herd of sheep?
  5. I just don't understand these younger people (oh my gosh am I that old that I'm starting to sound like my parents?). In my day when we found a free way into a place or could sneak into areas we shouldn't be we kept it to ourselves so it wouldn't get found out. I mean what good are they if you can't use them again?
  6. The problem with trapping in an area like the Fort is you tend to trap other wildlife as well. The same foods used to bait the dog are also appealing to raccoons and possums not to mention other critters. We've been there with trying to remove a litter of feral cats that were causing us problems. Nothing like an angry possum letting you know it isn't happy from inside the cage trap. I think the dog will be hard to catch unless someone can befriend it and gain its trust.
  7. If they are still paying for the site I'm ok with it. Even if they only use it to get FP's after all what they do with a site or room is their choice. It is also playing by the same rules the rest of us who actually use the site/room are.
  8. keith_h

    Pioneer Hall moving ?

    I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't paint a backside on that backside to show us how they really feel.
  9. keith_h

    Pioneer Hall moving ?

    Closing the road and walk during construction makes sense. There is going to be a lot of traffic and big trucks going in and out which is a safety issue. Not sure I buy the move of the Settlement as it doesn't make sense given it will be part of the draw for the new resort as well as the Fort.
  10. Yep. Fees are a way to hide room rate increases as they can bury them in the fine print and itemized receipt. The same reason quotes are the total price as most folks just assume the difference between the advertised rate and total is taxes.
  11. I was thinking of rope drop as the event but mostly as the entry time. Rope drop with extended hours would certainly be over 12 hours. Seems to me at $12K you shouldn't be time limited and if it were me I'd want to milk every penny of it.
  12. It says it is only a 12 hour day so on extended opening days does that mean if you go at rope drop they kick you out 12 hours later. I also wonder how they will handle bookings since the suite is used for things like Make a Wish. Do you share it, do they forgo $12K, do they kick the freeloaders out?
  13. Please stop you'll only make his head bigger than it already is. Has anyone notified INC that she has a problem?
  14. Now we'll never hear the end of it.