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  1. We weren't planning a trip this year as we were suppose to be in the Chicago area visiting Rene's folks. Up until the campgrounds closed that is. We had thought about heading to WDW next year but we're not sure yet if we will still be able to get a trip in to see Rene's parents this fall or have to wait for next year. It all depends upon what will be happening with the schools and whether the schedule and staffing levels will allow her to take a couple of weeks off. If things work put we'll try to get in a trip for F&W in 2021 otherwise it will be late winter 2022.
  2. We make taco tots, pizza tots and other variations at least once a month when I don't feel like cooking. For taco tots I just make up everything we would normally use for a taco bar. For the pizza tots we build them in oven proof bowls so we can melt and brown the cheese under the broiler.
  3. Beer through a straw? That makes eating a hamburger or other two handed food a two person affair a so one can work the lever while the other shoves the food in. I think I'll take the risk of no mask when sitting down to eat.
  4. This must be the new news thing as we had an article today about RDU saying they usually serviced 40K passengers per day in April but that was the total for the full month due to the virus.
  5. In this day and age this should not be an excuse. I'm sure there is an app somewhere out there to print the hidden portions of your face on the mask. If it can be monetized you know Disney will find a way to do it.
  6. We've seen the similar results here with restaurants that have been able to switch to take out and/or delivery. We are at least a few weeks away from restaurants being able to seat people indoors or outdoors. Some restaurants are hoping that the governor will allow an interim outdoor only sooner. Whether that happens who knows.
  7. Talking releases aerosols and yes so does breathing. While the size of the droplets and distance traveled can vary it doesn't change the fact that any activity involving the expulsion of air from the lungs will create aerosols. There was a time that quarantines were quite common in this country and the rest of the world. I'm old enough to remember a time before vaccinations and seeing things like measles outbreaks handled by quarantines. I can even recall a childhood friend whose father was arrested for breaking quarantine and showing up at work. The main reason the use of wide spread shutdowns and quarantines are in place is because of the inability to identify those that are infected and the people they have been in contact with. Improving this ability would allow us to do like we have in the past and that is limit the use of quarantine to smaller groups who have contracted the disease or had contact with people who have the disease. We can't hang all of our hopes on an effective vaccine that might not ever arrive or that once a person has had the disease they have long term immunity. in concert with these efforts we need to expend energy on controlling the spread with as little intrusion into life as possible. This means we have to be able to improve detection of asymptomatic people and have better contact tracing as without that nothing much will change.
  8. When they reopen it will be a lot different. One of the things about Raglan Road to us wasn't just the entertainment but also the loud and boisterous atmosphere. I don't know how you maintain that with restricted seating. I can also see restricted seating causing the restaurants to decide not to reopen early due to the financials.
  9. Paper towels. I did like this comment from the Disney Parks Blog comments: "I find it remarkable that the same people that will wear ridiculous ears, hats, costumes, robes etc in the Florida heat are takings issue with wearing a face covering."
  10. I get a kick out of Florida Man claiming he didn't know it was private property.
  11. We wore out a VHS copy and are up to Blu-ray now.
  12. There is a good probability they won't. Just today they stopped paying about 100K Disney employees. With the other employment actions they've taken I don't see how they could get everything back up and running quickly. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52349729
  13. I wonder how the Norwegians not to mention Germans will feel about this?
  14. You're correct on the suspension. Like all low riders it has airbags to raise and lower it. Can you imagine the mess should the owner decided to start bouncing or raises the truck too fast?
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