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  1. To get to Trails End and Crockett's Tavern you would park at the entrance and take a bus to the Settlement. I don't know if they will have moved things due to the DVC construction but you would also go to the Settlement for the carriage ride. I don't know about how they enforce the number of occupants.
  2. I tried to get FPs and got on the website as soon as I could signup and Flight of Passage was already fully booked. We ended up skipping it.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see the line go to a Galaxy far, far away. Long lines are here to stay I'm afraid. When Rene and I went to AK for an early extended hours rope drop by the time we got to the line for Flight of Passage the wait was four hours. WE didn't expect anything like that 9 months after it opened during the month of February. Sadly there are just too many people for too few marquee rides.
  4. I've started seeing them in the local Harris Teeter stores.
  5. But not so wide that you take out the neighbor's mailbox as the folks next door did on their first attempt to park at home. Nice looking rig. I'm sure you will enjoy it.
  6. I lived in a town on the Mississippi River for a couple of years as a kid and remember Mayflies. They would fill the gutters and you couldn't walk downtown without stepping on bugs. A funny thing I remember reading in that town's local paper a while back. It appears that Mayfly populations are dropping to the point there are concerns they might become endangered. The cause are all of the business and street lights attracting the bugs instead of them mating and laying eggs. Wish that worked for mosquitoes.
  7. They probably hire WPG when BPG is on vacation. It's what happens when you hire specialists.
  8. I can't speak for summer as we will never go to Florida in the summer. For other times of the year the Fort tends to clear out from the weekenders on Sunday so it is a good day to arrive. For our trips we always stay from Sunday and check out on the following Friday and have never had a problem. I think the only time the Fort is really hard to get into is on weekends and around the various holidays. I suggest you get in touch with our resident travel agent Jason from MouseCounselors. He is an active Fiend, great to work with and always willing to provide information about staying at the Fort or other WDW properties. His advert appears on the main forum screen and has contact information.
  9. Well when you think about it clowns are scary things and are only made worse by clowns like Stephen King's "It". What I think would have been better is a sundae made out to be a unicorn farting rainbows. I can't think of any young girl that wouldn't like that.
  10. Ours came with a TP holder but we can't find any place to mount it so use a floor standing model. For towels we just went with a couple of over the cabinet door type bars and the bath sized ones go on a collapsible drying rack. It fits the shower well and manages to stay up when we travel or goes outside for fresh air when the weather permits.
  11. I don't see how they will let someone wear those on a ride and they appear to be too large for the storage area that some ride cars have. So what to do with them?
  12. I kind of like the retro 60's feel of the T-shirt. Since we never visit in the summer we will give the Skyliner a try. It looks like it might be a fun way to take a midday break from Epcot or HS and visit a resort or two.
  13. Finally settled in back home and fortunately had no other incidents on the trip. I will say I now understand y'alls relief at getting to the Fort after waiting for 3 hours to get onto the GW bridge. Thank goodness for 36 gallon gas tanks. Rene and I have decided if we ever get back up to the NE we are either going to fly or drive there via Canada. Comparing the two routes other than I-84 through New York the road surfaces weren't that bad and the traffic was lighter than taking I-95 and its parallel toll roads. While it was about 100 miles longer it saved us a few hours of driving time (not counting the flat tire time). Driving down to Washington DC once we got on the NJ turnpike traffic moved smoothly with only a few slow downs in the New York/Newark area. The NJ Turnpike was also a lot less expensive than I had anticipated only costing us $22.50. That is better than the NC 540 toll I paid of $14 for 18 miles (it is rumored to be the most expensive toll road in the country). While the traffic was no relaxing I-85 for the most part it flowed well up until the Washington DC area where I have come to expect slow heavy traffic. So in the end I guess it is a toss up. Since you more or less have to go through New York it becomes a pick your poison traffic, rough roads or fly over. Overall the trip was enjoyable even with a Nor'easter and cold temperatures. The cooler temps helped make all of the walking we did more enjoyable and there were enough breaks in the rain to be able to see attractions without getting soaked. The storm surf also made for some great photos when we went down to the Cape. One sad thing though is the Friendly's restaurant that I use to go to as a kid and was still there on our last visit is now a bank so no frappe and grilled roll frank. Enough rambling for now.
  14. Congrats on the new trailer. It looks nice. Our experience was similar. When I came to pickup the new trailer the salesman opened the door, stepped inside, did a 360 then walked out and said let's finish the paperwork. I don't think they want to have too much knowledge as it gives them plausible deniability to sell "As Is" and not fix any problems the unit might have. You've obviously done something wrong.
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