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  1. The Fort is generally quiet during the week off-season. We like to plan our trips with an arrival on Sunday to take advantage of the relative quiet. Depending upon whether we plan to spend a day in Savannah we will either check out the following Friday or Saturday parking in the overflow lot for brunch at the Trials End before hitting the road.
  2. Could they be trying to drive more business to P&J's Southern Takeout? They use the same kitchen so it isn't like it is a custom item. It doesn't make sense then again removing it from the TE menu didn't make sense either.
  3. As we have been looking to replace our travel trailer I've learned a lot about who owns who and what brands are part of what subsidiaries. I might be off some but I recall Thor and Forest River control about 80% of the RV market with Winnebago in third place with 8%. That doesn't leave much left for the rest of the bunch.
  4. I don't think it would be weird as it offers both of you something you can enjoy.
  5. Yes that whole route from Pigeon Forge through Gatlinburg is a big mess of traffic. When going to Gatlinburg we try to park at one of the city lots and walk or use the trolley.
  6. Glad to hear things started off on a good foot. I hear you on going around Chicago. I hate the area where all of the interstates overlap there along the south side of Chicago and Lake Michigan. It was there that our travel trailer and truck were hit by a driver who lost control in the rain and spun into us. You'd think in the 40 years since we left the area they could have done something about that stretch of road.
  7. It might be because Encato is set in Columbia not Mexico.
  8. Isn't that the new DVC tower they are building over there? I think it is suppose to open in 2024.
  9. My guess is your flip phone will do just as good a job as a smart phone in keeping the paper menu from flying off your table.
  10. Daughter number two would have loved the Nightmare Before Christmas tree. In fact it is her favorite Christmas movie which she introduced our granddaughter to last night. I think it will end up being GD's favorite too as the rest of the evening it was a 15 month old going around the house saying "Jack". Duck can be fatty but drying it for 24 hours in the fridge and pricking the skin before cooking will help a lot of fat to render out. I like to smoke ducks, no Dave not that way, and the longer cooking time tends to render more fat than what I can achieve in the oven. We aren't big on turk
  11. You can say that again. We use to be able to get one of our favorite sites at our goto state park a week or two out. After COVID hit it was hard to get anything covering a weekend unless you booked two to three months ahead of time. We ran into the same thing with the private campgrounds we use when we go to destinations only they can be fully booked even further out. As to RV's it looks like our trailer will be totaled (a good thing) for about what we paid (another good thing) for it due to the RV shortage pushing up prices. Rene and I have decided we are going to hold off on replacing
  12. They have the technology to measure wait times. MB, Disney phone apps and facial recognition can easily measure when someone enters the ride gate and loads onto the ride. In fact since they can in theory read very person entering the ride the numbers would be more accurate than the old manual method. The question is are they using any of these methods? Assuming they are using one of these methods and the wait times are truly way off I'd say this is just another IT screw-up in Disney's long history of IT screw-ups.
  13. I guess they don't want those of us that don't like to micromanage their day or to be micromanaged when visiting the parks.
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