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  1. We overnight at the Savannah South KOA. For us it is pretty close to halfway. We also like it's location in the event we decide to spend a day in Savannah on our way home from WDW.
  2. I've always liked the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett and finished reading the series earlier this year. I'm currently close to the end of Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke and haven't decided what I'll look to read next. I've thought about going back and reading the Foundation series since I haven't read them in something like 40 years. I've also toyed with the same idea for Kurt Vonnegut whose books I haven't read since high school. One of my girls really liked the Xanth series when she was in high school. I never read it but will keep it in mind. My problem is when I find a series I like I binge until I've read the full set and since I'm the type who purchases a book without ever getting rid of it shelf space can be scarce.
  3. Nothing says nature like silt barriers and dirt piles. Disney could at least clean up the beach and do something to screen the dirt piles. Oh and maybe a more tasteful color for the silt barriers if they have to leave them up.
  4. It doesn't surprise me that Disney would delay projects with revenues down for for who knows how long.
  5. Universal has been selling line jumping for a long time now. I'm surprised it has taken Disney this long to implement it at any of their parks. While I'm not a fan of having to pay more I will give the Universal system credit that unlike FP+ I don't have to worry that all the available slots were taken before I could log into My Disney Experience.
  6. It sounds like the audio feed from the TV to the head unit. Given the age of everything I suspect the TV only provides a left and right audio signal to the head unit. You might look to see if the TV has a digital audio output of some type (coax RCA, fiber optic or HDMI) and that the head unit can accept a digital audio input. If both can handle then the owners manuals should be able to tell you how to hook it all up. This should allow a surround sound signal assuming the TV station is sending one.
  7. I still haven't received mine. The tracking status from my 06/14 says notice says it is still in pre-shipment status.
  8. Makes sense from a cost cutting perspective. The Key to the World card which serves the same purpose will still be given out and costs a lot less than an MB.
  9. I thought one of the reasons behind the Disney purchase of Miramax in the 90's was to allow them to have a studio that they could use to make films that did not conform to the Disney expectations and were more adult in nature. I don't see why they wouldn't still be able to do that today as long as they made sure it wasn't under one of the Disney content divisions and made it clear that the content wasn't your typical Disney fare.
  10. Or you can order the Dole mix online for about $30 and have the perfect excuse to buy your own soft serve machine.
  11. I'm far from an expert and this is purely anecdotal but every time we've stayed at the Fort there are plenty of open sites during the week. From when we arrive on Sunday until we leave the following Saturday while the Fort isn't a ghost town it is low key and fairly quiet everyday except Friday.
  12. I read an ethics article on this a year or so ago. At that time the article stated we could wipe out entire species of pests through genetics but the questions were should we and at what costs. As mentioned bats are one species under pressure that eat mosquitoes but their larvae also support entire food chains for animals such as fish and amphibians. Let's say it works and we wipe out the mosquito that spreads Zika. Do we stop there after all it is only on species? Why not do the same for the Anopheles mosquito which carries malaria? The article left the answer open but my conclusion was we are better off not toying with things like this as it has been proven time and again once the genie is out of the bottle you can't put it back in.
  13. We're starting to look at Class A's for when Rene retires in a couple of years. That Vario would sure be nice for the TOAD. The Volkner too though I'm not to sure about the extra mechanicals required to load and unload the car. So where to get the funds.
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