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  1. I don't do Facebook. My social media is limited to this and several other forums and of those the majority are professional user groups. If Facebook became the primary communications vehicle unless it was mirrored here and visa versa I would likely stop not only posting but lurking too. I'm not sure how many other members it would affect but I don't believe I am the only one who doesn't do Facebook.
  2. That is because most large corporations are following CDC and federal government recommendations in order to avoid liability for someone claiming to have caught COVID on their premises. It doesn't cost them anything and gives them a good argument that they followed the rules so are not culpable. With as often as Disney gets sued frivolously I expect they will stick with what they have been doing for a while yet.
  3. We're in Carol's boat. We just aren't doing Disney or the Fort like we did. It isn't just the pricing changes but other things that have eroded the experience like having to schedule more and more activities months in advance when we prefer to make activity decisions on the fly. Add in the severe reduction in late Extra Magic Hours and other guest perks and there isn't a compelling reason to stay on property anymore. Our current plan is to see about making a visit in the Halloween/Thanksgiving gap of 2022 and maybe take the grandson, and his parents, who will be 4 1/2 for his first trip. There
  4. I'd love to see a return to ticket books or a limited ride pass that was reasonably priced. Like you we spend more time walking around and go on a few of the classic rides before calling it a night.
  5. They sure enforce them when they think you owe them money but not everyplace in the world plays as loose and fast with the rules as the Fort. 😉
  6. I also think it is easier for them to make a blanket statement about large trucks. They let in RV pulling MDT or HDT then someone pulling a similar sized commercial trailer decides if they can use the pump so can I and eventually the employees are having to spend their time policing what is allowed and what isn't. The way they have it is cut and dry and leaves no room for interpretation.
  7. We have started talking about trying to get down to WDW on 2022 though whether it would be in February or the gap between Halloween and Thanksgiving is yet to be decided. It would be for our 40th wedding anniversary so we really want things fully opened and running smoothly.
  8. It sounds like a way for Disney to incent AP holders to visit on slower days without the backlash of blackout dates. If they set the points low enough I could also see this as having the potential of attracting visitors to their resorts during the slow times too.
  9. We've thought about upgrading to a small diesel pusher in a couple of years after Rene retires. Normally we would buy new but are considering used. I expect to see fair number of 2 and 3 year old models with low mileage on the market for a decent discount after folks discover how much it costs in time and money to keep up an RV.
  10. I didn't think it would be long after they started the Disney After Hours the guest perk would disappear. While a half hour in the morning is better than nothing it doesn't help people like us who are more of the night owl.
  11. Been there, done that. I tell the person doing the carding, in good humor, that there is a certain age where being carded isn't a compliment.
  12. The pandemic hasn't helped much either. The two state campgrounds we could always go to on the spur of the moment even last spring are now booked solid months ahead. The rangers say it is mostly families with their kids who are on remote learning. My RV dealer also said they've seen an uptick in sales since the pandemic as families use camping as a way to get away from the house without having to be close to a lot of people.
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