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  1. We've thought about upgrading to a small diesel pusher in a couple of years after Rene retires. Normally we would buy new but are considering used. I expect to see fair number of 2 and 3 year old models with low mileage on the market for a decent discount after folks discover how much it costs in time and money to keep up an RV.
  2. I didn't think it would be long after they started the Disney After Hours the guest perk would disappear. While a half hour in the morning is better than nothing it doesn't help people like us who are more of the night owl.
  3. Been there, done that. I tell the person doing the carding, in good humor, that there is a certain age where being carded isn't a compliment.
  4. The pandemic hasn't helped much either. The two state campgrounds we could always go to on the spur of the moment even last spring are now booked solid months ahead. The rangers say it is mostly families with their kids who are on remote learning. My RV dealer also said they've seen an uptick in sales since the pandemic as families use camping as a way to get away from the house without having to be close to a lot of people.
  5. Good to hear you made it home safely. Will keep an eye out for your trip report and Merry Christmas.
  6. While I've got a ways to go to get to my 70's I've been carded as an obvious senior as well. Its usually a new cashier trying to do everything by the book. To needle them a little bit tell them after a certain age it is no longer a compliment to be carded for that well deserved container of alcohol. Wish we could go to the Fort but it doesn't look like we will be going for quite some time due to family changes. I have become the daytime caretaker of DD2's 3 month old while she is at work and she doesn't have oodles of vacation time so Rene and I can take off. We did suggest we could take
  7. There are more than ten posts so going off the rails is ok and in many cases expected. 😁
  8. Some are in the front as well. It depends upon where you wish to trailer on the pad and where your connections are. We like to be all the way back on the pad and I've needed 30 ft of sewer hose to go from the back of our trailer to the sewer hookup. The same for our electric service where I needed to use our extension chord. Water and cable have never been problems as I carry a 50 ft water hose and cable cable in addition to 10 footers of each.
  9. For future reference there should be a way to manually retract the landing gear. It usually entails disconnecting the power to each leg solenoid and manually opening the valve. After that the power to the pump is disconnected and you use a power drill to run the pump through the manual control fitting. Once the legs are up you reconnect the electrical. I can't say how easy it will be to get to your RV's components but it is worthwhile looking into for the time the hammer doesn't work.
  10. That's strange as LSD is generally not known to cause aggression taken by itself. When the rare cases of violence occur it is typically due to other drugs also having been ingested or underlying psychosis. Unless the guy's trip convinced him he was a T-Rex.
  11. Obviously the left side of the trail allows bicycles and the right side doesn't.
  12. One of the major internet backbone providers, Level 3 (now owned by Centurylink), had an outage taking much of the internet with it.
  13. We had planned a trip to the Fort for February of next year as this year we needed to get up to the Chicago area to see Rene's folks. The virus threw all of those plans out the window and left us in limbo since her folks have talked about visiting us next year but have no idea of when. If they comer earlier in the year we might try for F&W between Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  14. I'd be careful if I were them. It's bad enough insulting one of the Trekkie or Star Wars fan groups but both at the same time would have me paying for some extra security and looking for a ride to the International Space Station until it was safe to return.
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