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  1. The price doesn't seem that out of line of what you would pay if you bought 3 cocktails and a memento at any of the Disney Resorts.
  2. What would have been cool is if they could have built in some interactive effects similar to Universal and their Harry Potter wands.
  3. keith_h

    RUMOR: Disney eliminating evening Extra Magic Hours

    That's what I was thinking as well. Rene and I planned our park visits around the nighttime extra hours. With the way resort guest perks keep disappearing it is getting harder to justify trips to the Fort.
  4. We've never bought one at a show but I have found the dealers around here will still honor RV show prices and negotiate from them for a period of time after the show has ended.
  5. keith_h

    Food and Wine now August-November

    When we went every year (about 4 years ago now) I recall F&W starting mid-September and ending mid-November. Over the past few year it appears Disney has been extending it in an attempt to draw people during the less full times.
  6. Now we know why your dogs appear to be happy all of the time. I would be too with my own personal bar.
  7. We've been happy with our Winnebago Micro Minnie. It is 7 ft wide and several models have slides. If you want a standard width trailer the Minnie line is the same build and finish quality. In particular their customer service has been very helpful sending me drawings without question of the sidewall and slide construction for adding a topper. The also rejected one warranty repair but when I called them to explain what was going on they approved it and expedited the parts to my dealer. Both the number of initial problems, how they were handled and materials used are leaps and bounds above what we had with our old Palomino product (same dealer for service).
  8. keith_h

    2020 Fort Rates

    I go through sticker shock every time I get a quote from Jason. Just goes with the game. Your lucky with the alignment. We have our 40th in 2022 so while we might be going to WDW to celebrate it won't be for the Mouse's big event.
  9. keith_h

    Shocking News For Dollywood Fans

    We're spending Saturday through Wednesday the week of the Defeated Creek GG. Our plan is a couple of days at Dollywood and spending a day or two up in the national park.
  10. keith_h

    Shocking News For Dollywood Fans

    If it wasn't joke it would sure ruin our September plans.
  11. keith_h

    River Country

    That would make sense therefore can't be allowed to come into being.
  12. We never had an issue with time in the parks. When the girls were little we would take them during the day then dump them with my aunt who we stayed with when in SoCal. Rene and I would then head back for an adult only night visit. As they got older we would go in the AM, leave and return after dinner. It also helped that we lived in the Bay Area and we could head down to SoCal to visit family about once a month. This allowed us to have plenty of Disneyland visits. At times remembering our easy access when we lived in CA makes me wish we were closer to WDW so we could visit more often. However with grandkids now in the picture we will be staying in the Central Piedmont for many more years. I got use to carrying the kids for long periods as we would camp and hike up in the Sierra's a couple of times a month in season. We started both on camping when they were about 6 months old. The grandson will be one in a few days and Rene is already talking about how we need to get him out camping. Guess I better dig out the old baby backpack and start practicing.
  13. When our kids were little we never used a stroller in Disneyland. If they got tired Rene or I would carry them or we would stop and sit down for a bit. I don't remember the exact age but think our oldest would have been in her late threes maybe four for her first visit.
  14. 36" X 52" is still pretty darn big and I can see people pushing the limits. This is my line of thinking too. Disney should ban the two and three kid stroller models and require each one to be in a stroller their own. I know this could earn me a permanent ban from the Disney number crunchers but maybe they could just let people use a Disney supplied stroller for free.
  15. keith_h

    Trader Sams has new hours

    We would like this as well since we leave the parks around 1PM and don't go back until 7'ish. During that time we like to visit an adult beverage counter or two and plant ourselves.