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  1. Rene and I are thinking about heading down to Charleston for the Thanksgiving weekend. James Island County Park looks like a nice place and has good reviews. There is also the private Oak Plantation campground which again has pretty good reviews but is about $10 more per night after the Good Sam discount. I have looked at the Mt. Pleasant KOA as well but I don't think they are open that week as the site won't take reservations and every other day of the month is open but I plan to call to confirm. Anybody have any experience with any of these or other campgrounds around Charleston?
  2. keith_h

    River Country

    I think it could look pretty good if they would take the Prairie/Arts and Crafts style the drawing shows in the upper portions of the building and expand on it throughout the exterior. They would need to replace the Flying Nun hat with something more appropriate but that is no great loss. I think the real question is how accurate is the concept artwork is in relation to the actual buildings. If it is accurate then I think Disney missed a chance to build something unique. If it is just a promo or executive briefing artwork there could still be hope for something nice.
  3. keith_h

    More than a Mickey Head

    I'd rather not.
  4. keith_h

    More than a Mickey Head

    That's a drop in the bucket compared to the pollution all of the visitor's generate with their vehicles and air travel. Of course we don't have to worry about plastic straws anymore.
  5. keith_h

    RV will not start

    On most RV's the house batteries are different than the battery used to start the engine and run the dash. Sounds like your engine battery/ies are drained or dead. Where are you parked?
  6. keith_h

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    Once you make the first loop you have to cut across the middle to start the second but I'm sure they don't tell the CM's that at training. If you start the cut just after overlapping where you started you will never see the break.
  7. Up until last year the NC State Fair was dry. Last year they established an area where you could buy tickets and sample NC brews and wines. We didn't bother checking it out as it was out of the way and somewhat crowded. It didn't seem to be a problem as it was strongly controlled with no alcohol allowed out of the area. Add in the extra cops hanging around and folks tended to behave. Sounds like it is back for this year.
  8. Nope no entertainment fee but there is a $15.30 gratuity added onto the $85. I guess they were going to get extra $15 per person no matter what.
  9. Might be fun if you are local. https://wdwnt.com/2018/09/the-nightmare-before-christmas-halloween-soiree-announced-for-the-edison-at-disney-springs/
  10. keith_h

    Expanded Early Morning Magic

    Since it covers breakfast why not open at 6AM for breakfast with the rides starting at 7AM? While I'm sure there will be plenty who will pay the price it needs to be about half so it reflects a slight premium for morning Extra Magic Hours with an included breakfast.
  11. I bet who ever buys it uses it for nothing more than climbing curbs in the parking lot. Of course that is probably the only way they will be able to get it to fit into a spot.
  12. keith_h

    Big changes to tickets coming

    Our local ABC news station announced the ticket changes and said the single day ticket would be between $109 and $129. Nothing more on how it will work.
  13. Same for us. We only use ReserveAmerica for state parks.
  14. keith_h

    Big changes to tickets coming

    I'd sure like to have some of whatever they're smoking. I fixed it for them. Of course the option that fits the way we go to the parks would become an add-on option increasing our cost. We have no idea when we buy our tickets which park we will be visiting on what day until we are there. With Disney tending to add extra cost events or changing extra magic hours over the months it is hard to know what days have the longest access until right before your trip. I can only surmise this is punishment for Rene and I not attending Disney's dessert parties.