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  1. That wouldn't make sense to me as they need some pet free to accommodate guests with dog allergies. That is unless they don't care to serve them there.
  2. I suspect if Disney decides to make the change permanent that they will be making some adjustments and won't announce anything until the changes are finished.
  3. They sure can. I doubt Disney would build a Fort these days for the same reason.
  4. There will be a lot of variation with payload values across the F-150 line. A good place for F-150 info is at f150forum.com. They have a towing section where lots of folks can answer questions or help with figuring out maximum weights. If you browse the towing section you should see a number of "Can I tow this" or "How much can I tow" type threads with examples and the math worked out. A word of warning. Some of the folks there are of the mind you have to weigh everything every time you go out. At the other extreme there are some who refuse to weigh or even worry about their trucks capacity. I'm of the mind that you can do the calculations based on the truck's stickers and knowing weights of passengers/cargo/etc. I then would weigh it after getting everything set up and loaded to verify the hitch setup and that I didn't put in too much stuff. I would also reweigh if I made a major modification like adding a bike rack or luggage box. Other than that I find we are pretty stable as to what we put in or take out of the trailer so see no need to worry about the weight of extra clothing or food for a longer trip. Here is a link to the towing section: https://www.f150forum.com/f82/
  5. You didn't mention what you are planning to tow with but most people do not realize that the published towing capacity for their truck is a lot less in reality. Most tow vehicles run out of payload capacity before they exceed the other weights but any one being exceeded means the trailer is too heavy for the TV. Keep in mind that more options means less payload. More than one person has ended up with a TT heavier than their TV can handle safely and had to look for something bigger to pull with. That gets expensive. Also dry weights are not useful for determining if your tow vehicle can handle the trailer. It is not uncommon for a TT to carry 1000 lbs or more of stuff once every thing is loaded and installed To determine the payload capacity available to carry the trailer tongue you need to find the payload sticker on the driver side door pillar. It will usually say something to the effect of "The maximum weight of all passengers and cargo cannot exceed nnnn lbs". From this weight subtract the weight of all passengers, luggage/cargo, owner addons and 100 lbs for the weight distributing hitch. The result is the payload capacity you have available to carry the tongue weight of the trailer. Take this number and divide by .13 (13%) and it will give you an estimate of the maximum loaded trailer weight your TV can pull. Tongue weights will run between 10% and 15% of trailer weight with the most common range being 12% - 14%. This is why I use 13% as a rule of thumb. I also run 15% when looking for a worst case scenario. You can manage tongue weight to some degree by how you load the trailer but is is a pain and requires weighing every time you shift stuff around. It can also cause stability problems if you get too much in the back of the trailer. This is for a bumper pull TT. A 5th wheel will use a pin weight that is typically 20% - 25% of the loaded trailer weight. Most 5th wheels are too heavy for a 1/2 ton truck in both payload and axle capacity. After the payload you need to verify you are not over the Gross Combined Weight Rating. The GCWR is the combined weight of the trailer and TV. It is the combined weight of the loaded vehicle and loaded trailer. You also need to verify that you are not exceeding the weight rating of the hitch receiver. There should be a sticker on the receiver listing its maximum weights. Lastly is the Gross Axle Weight Rating. This includes all of the weight on top of and behind the axle. The only really good way to get these numbers is to weigh the fully loaded TT and TV at a truck scale with the WDH hooked up. You also want to use the scale to weigh the fully loaded TV with no trailer and with the trailer but WDH disconnected. These will let you determine solid numbers for available payload and see that your WDH is set up correctly in addition to verifying other weight capacities aren't exceeded. All off this should be in your owners manual as well. Also keep in mind that most RV sales people will tell you that you can tow whatever it is you are looking at whether it is safe to do so or not. Good luck.
  6. keith_h


    I went to look at one of my previous posts with pictures and they all appear to be there. I guess Photobucket must have been losing too many people to other free services that was impacting their ad revenue.
  7. Doesn't bother me at all. I don't like straws anyway so never use one.
  8. keith_h

    Coco / Olaf's Frozen Adventure

    We watched Coco on Netflix a few weeks back. I wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It was also nice to see something different than a Disney princess movie.
  9. We haven't been to Planet Hollywood since before the remodel. We weren't impressed with the food then and felt after seeing it once for the memorabilia there was no reason to go back. From the reviews I've seen Fieri's restaurants they generally come off as ho hum to not very good so I would be surprised if Planet Hollywood or Chicken Guy would be any different. Based on this we still see no reason to go back. The real test for Chicken Guy will be if their fried pickles come from a bag in the freezer of if they make their own from scratch. We have two local pubs that make their own and there is no comparison to those of the chains that buy theirs ready to cook.
  10. keith_h

    Kentucky-Indiana Toll Bridge on I-65

    Here's a link to the current rates. https://riverlink.com/tolling-rates/
  11. keith_h

    Help resort fast pass question

    It is showing up for me in her post now as well but not in my quote.
  12. keith_h

    Help resort fast pass question

    LOL. The email filter is filtering the @ TAB.
  13. keith_h

    Kentucky-Indiana Toll Bridge on I-65

    We go over that bridge when we head up to Chicago to visit the wife's family. The last time we went it was $7.00 for 3 axles (vehicle & single axle trailer). The bill came from Riverlink and tool about two months to receive.
  14. I think Bear Grylls Adventure could be successful due to its uniqueness. It should appeal to the outdoor adventure type and would be good for a non-park day if near Orlando.
  15. keith_h

    Changing Coquina to Stone

    The state park we go to most often has pea gravel for the tent sites. It is about 4" deep so if you are using an 8 or 10 inch stake you get plenty of grip. Once you have a ground cloth down and if you use a sleeping pad I think it would be pretty comfortable. Definitely better than the tree roots I always seemed to find in our old tenting days.