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  1. I would be surprised if a majority of the employees moved with the mission. While typically made for other business reasons companies try to take advantage of mission moves to reduce headcount. They know that many of the older higher paid employees and those with deep local ties will leave the company rather than move. I would expect this to be the case with the California work force. The result is the company reduces headcount while getting good PR in the receiving location about all of the jobs they created as it is rare for people to go back and look to see if they really brought all of the
  2. Since this has been resurrected from the dead I thought I'd see whatever became of the portable A/C unit in Jen's original post. It looks like they are shipping products but the price isn't cheap at $798 for the unit with battery and $549 without. There is also this from the FAQ so as far as I'm concerned it is rather expensive for something to sit in front of on a hot day. You can find their website by searching on the product name.
  3. We've been looking at small diesel pushers, gas Class A's and Super Class C's for when Rene retires in the next couple of years. We will not be full-timing but estimate we will be driving around 10K/yr in the early years so that puts us on the economic borderline for the extra cost of a diesel pusher or higher end Super C's.
  4. We are in the same boat. Rene and I would would pick our parks by late night extra hours. We would usually go around 10 - 11 AM take a ride or two, eat lunch then head back to our site. Then depending upon our dinner plans we would head back to the park around 6 - 7 PM for dinner and stay until the park extra hours were over. It is the reduction of the late night EMH perk that has had the biggest effect on us cutting back on trips.
  5. You might want to check with where you are staying to see what they offer. When we went we stayed at the KOA and they had a discount that was as good as or better than others we saw so we bought our tickets there.
  6. Is it starting earlier this year? I seem to remember it usually beginning around the the first of September, give or take, after traditional calendar schools had started back up.
  7. The park will have some days that are closed and others where they will have a late open. I have a link to their calendar below. It is in the mountains so I would prepare for daytime temps in the 50's and 60's. Snow is also a possibility though I wouldn't expect it to hang around long that early in the season. Dollywood Calendar .
  8. Oops. I read your original post the other way around for some reason. Now you know why my wife is the social director and keeper of the schedules.
  9. Depending upon the route you plan to take you will be in EZ-Pass country for most of the northern parts of your trip. A number of the major routes and bridges have tolls that accept EZ-Pass. This might make it worthwhile to upgrade before your trip.
  10. When our kids were young we would go to WDW when they were tracked out in January. We found the daytime temps tended to run from the low 60's to low 80's. I don't think we saw anything much below the mid-50's at night. What we would wear here in NC for winter clothing was more than adequate for anything Florida could throw at us cold wise. We also packed summer clothes for the more typical daytime temps in the 70's. I can't speak to crowds these days but in the 90's and early 2000's January was a good time as it was in between US school vacation times and Brazilian youth groups.
  11. Are they going in any particular order? If so maybe they are stops for some type of event coming up.
  12. C suite means the CEO suite, corporate suite, etc. Basically it is a reference towards the corporate officers.
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