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  1. It's hard to believe it has been 10 years. Thank you for all you do. This is far better than any of the other groups that are floating around on facebook.
  2. We decided to postpone our Dollywood trip to a time when we don't have to worry about the weather. Once we make the first trip I think we will be more comfortable going in November. Christmas at Dollywood looks magical, but I don't know what the experience will be like this year. We also postponed our Disney World trip from this November to November 2021.
  3. Thanks for the route information. We have a 1994 38ft Newmar Diesel pusher and will be towing a car. The weather in November is definitely a concern for us. We are looking at the week before Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving week. My sister lives in Nashville and she is checking on the logistics with covid. We will definitely map out your route and plan on a trip in the future. The grandkids thought it looked like a fun place to visit.
  4. We are thinking about a trip to Dollywood from Maryland. Our motorhome is 38ft and we will be towing a car. Do we have to go through the mountains, if so, how precarious is it? Thanks, this would be a trip in November.
  5. It's a small world isn't is. We live in Street, Maryland. It is about 5 miles south of Delta, PA. Our grandkids love traveling in the motorhome. We usually get to The Fort once a year, but with covid it's been a little sketchy. Hopefully we will be able to make our trip in November. It all depends upon how covid is doing by then. We had a surprise trip to Disneyland planned for them, but we have cancelled it twice. We already paid for the air fare and the military tickets. We will wait and see when Disneyland opens and plan from then. Right now we have no desire to fly. Thanks f
  6. We are hoping to travel to The Fort in November. Our reservations are in place, however a lot depends upon covid-19, We arrive November 8 and depart November, unless we can get an opening for Thanksgiving. It's our daughters birthday, she was born on Thanksgiving, and our granddaughter wants to go to the trading post and buy her Mom donuts for her birthday breakfast. Hopefully something will open up. We live in Maryland and usually just stop whenever we want to. This year we would like to plan our stops. We will either need a campsite for one or two nights, depending on how far we d
  7. Those are 3 of my favorites. My Dad loved them and every time I ride the People Mover, sit in the Carousel of Progress, or watch the Bears, I think of my Dad.
  8. We have reservations for November and are hoping to change them to Thanksgiving. Hopefully, we will be able to visit, but that all depends on the state of covid-19. Our daughter, maybe son in law, and three grandkids will be coming with us. We just want to make sure it's safe.
  9. It will be interesting to see how Disney is going to handle this latest development in our fight against covid-19. Now the above mentioned states have instituted a 14 day quarantine if you visit one of the many states that are having a surge in positive cases. Only time will tell. We already had to cancel our Disneyland trip twice.
  10. This will be the youngest grandsons first time. Their Dad is an active duty Marine and they were stationed at Camp Pendleton 4 years ago. When they were, they went quite often. The now 6 year old doesn't remember going, so this will be like her first time. Since they are back on the east coast, we have gone to Disney World many times. My daughter and son in law got married at Shades of Green. This is the first surprise trip that we have taken. Hopefully it all works out.
  11. We were supposed to be going on May 4 and now we have postponed until the end of August. It's a waiting game and we definitely won't go unless it is safe to do so.
  12. My grandkids want to camp on the beach. We live in Maryland and they live in New Jersey. Any suggestions on campgrounds would be appreciated. Thanks
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