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  1. disneylitch......Debbie

    We’re Done

    With rising cost, it has been 2 years since we visited the Fort. Between the cost of the tickets and campsites, it has gotten out of hand. My daughter, sometimes son in law, and the 4 grandkids travel with us. They now have to purchase tickets for 3 kids, which is expensive. Atleast they are military and can get the military discount. The grandkids love Disney, so I'm sure we will always go. Living in Maryland, the campgrounds are expensive and you have to pay additional for each camper over the campgrounds sanding reservation limit. This is usually 2 or 4. By the time we add on this additional fee, it can get close to Disney, unless you are going during Holiday seasons. We will be going in August this year. It works best with their schedules and the sale going on really helps.
  2. disneylitch......Debbie

    We’re Done

    We decided to make our next trip the end of August. Our grandkids will be with us again. August can be hot, but we usually hit the parks about 4pm and stay until closing. The best thing about August is that we were able to book during the sale. We were considering going in July, but the sale saved us almost $700. That's a lot of money. With that being said, you will always be a fiend and who knows what the future will hold. s
  3. disneylitch......Debbie

    Happy Eighth Birthday Snarky!

    Where has the time gone? Happy Birthday and thanks for all of the hard work.
  4. disneylitch......Debbie

    Spring Break or Early June??

    I would say early June. Spring break is always packed. We usually travel with 4 of our grandchildren. Have fun!
  5. disneylitch......Debbie

    River Country

    How do they think it has anything to do with the Fort Wilderness theme??????? I guess putting alot of thought and effort into a new project is just too much work for the current Disney architects.
  6. disneylitch......Debbie

    SDMT queue removed

    Believe it or not, there are still people that don't have smart phones. Also, kids need to interact with people and the world, not have their nose buried in their phone. Enough already!!
  7. disneylitch......Debbie

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    I think the price increases are really getting out of hand. Food and tickets basically at the same time. Who in the world is in charge???????
  8. disneylitch......Debbie

    WDW, a look back

    Thanks for the video
  9. disneylitch......Debbie

    Apple Users, The APP IS BACK

    Thanks so much for all of the hard work. I tell anyone that will listen about Fortfiends!!!
  10. disneylitch......Debbie

    Universal getting more affordable

    This prices might be to get people in the door and then they will escalate from there
  11. disneylitch......Debbie

    No more Duffy at EPCOT Kidstops next month

    My grandkids are going to be upset, but my daughter probably is happy. They have lots of colored and stamped Duffy's.
  12. disneylitch......Debbie

    Coco / Olaf's Frozen Adventure

    I love Coco and my Disney loving grandkids watch it all the time.
  13. disneylitch......Debbie

    Camp site trailer restrictions

    Definitely contact Jason
  14. My granddaughters will love that!!!!
  15. disneylitch......Debbie

    Abridged report

    I think our best trips were when the kids were teenagers. We could be together when we wanted to and also do thinks on our own. It made the trips very enjoyable. I'm pretty sure that most families get tired of the forced every waking moment togetherness. Glad things turned around and you are having a great time. We are also from Maryland.