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  1. We are going to Dollywood December 20 to December 28. There will be eight of us, four adults and four children (19, 8, 7, and 3) Should we plan on 2 or 3 days at Dollywood? Any other activities that we should not miss?
  2. Thanks for the information. I didn't even think about them turning off the water. We can fill our tank, but definitely need to be prepared.
  3. We live about 70 miles from Hershey Park and are thinking about camping over Thanksgiving. It would be us, our daughter, son in law, and 4 grandkids. Can you give me some information on the campground. Thanks
  4. Another money making ploy for Disney. Disney has basically removed the perks of staying on property. They think they are doing us a favor by allowing to enter 30 minutes early. Big deal!!!! What happened to the late night extra magic hours????? That was a great perk for staying on property.
  5. What campground did you stay in? We are thinking about going this Christmas. The Hallmark movie started us looking into Dollywood and Disney is beginning to get too expensive.
  6. I have had CM's make reservations for me this way. They made the reservations and told me to cancel out the days I don't want.
  7. You are a great travel agent and work very hard. There is a particular travel agent that seems to have the market on Fort Wilderness reservations. There is a facebook group that I recommended you on and I was told that I couldn't recommend you because there was only 1 travel agent that was allowed and she isn't even nice.
  8. They will be the first to hold Disney responsible when something goes wrong.
  9. We need to post more on the facebook page. That way more people will like and join.
  10. You are a great travel agent, but there is a travel agent that seems to have the market on Fort Wilderness sites. I have met this person and they are not very friendly in person.
  11. We need to have more of a presence on Facebook. Dizney Mouse Campers seems to be very popular there.
  12. We have Fort reservations the last week of September and the first week in October. The grandkids really want to go, but don't want to go if they still have to wear a mask. So, we will just wait and see. I don't want to wear a mask all day if it's really hot and we all know that time of year it can be really hot. I don't want to be forced to purchase tickets months or even more than a year ahead of time. If you have to cancel, you are out alot of money.
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