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  1. Does anyone know if this is still the case with Walmart? Another website said Disney will no longer allow Walmart to deliver because they won't allow it to be dropped off in plastic bags. This information was posted sometime in February this year.
  2. We are looking at an upcoming trip and trying to plan our park days. A couple questions came up. 1) Is there still an opening show at the Magic Kingdom and 2) if there are AM extra magic hours, does this change the opening show at all?
  3. Theed31u

    Best sites in 300 Loop?

    My family will be going down in June also. We were looking at the 300 loop. Does the 300 loop have any advantages over the 100 and 200 loops? What made you look at the 300 over the other preferred sites?
  4. We have done grocery pick up before, just not sure our 34' motorhome will fit in the pick up spaces.... 😁
  5. Theed31u

    We’re Done

    We decided to make it a trip we do every couple years due to the price. We also got the Disney Visa card and for our trip this summer we have enough points to cover our 11 nights and some left over for tickets. There are 6 in our family and we are bringing my adult niece so staying at the fort is the only way it is affordable for us.
  6. Theed31u

    Vacation ideas for kids

    We are looking at taking our motor home out for a vacation this year. We live in Iowa and would like to keep it to a max of 2 days travel each way with a week at the destination. We are not set up to tow a vehicle so we have been looking for ideas of places we can visit from a campground on foot, bikes or on site transportation. We have 4 kids ages 2, 4, 7 and 9 when we will be traveling. Here are a couple ideas we have: Washington DC - we have found a campground that has transportation on the city bus system so it would be easy to go visit places from the campground. Six Flags St. Louis - there is a yogi bear campground 1/4 to 1/2 mile for the gate to the park. We would be able to get a season pass really cheap and visit daily if we wanted. We are not set on either of these so please share ideas and experiences!
  7. Theed31u

    The Big Upsell

    One thing I noticed when we were in the parks that the upsells were not in my kids face. By this I mean that I never once had to tell my kids we couldn't do something they saw others doing because it cost extra money.
  8. Theed31u

    Days spent at the Parks

    We did a trip in April with 4 kids (8, 5, 3 and 1). We did 8 days at the fort with 7 of those days in the parks. We are looking at our next trip and would like to spend 7 days in the parks but with the kids we are going to do 1:1 ratio of park days vs hanging out at the fort days. We did take advantage of extra magic hours when they were offered so staying in the parks until 1 am was awesome for getting lots of attractions in a short amount of time but it was not fun the next morning heading to another park.
  9. Theed31u

    Wooden Musket Mickey Sign

    I would also like the information!
  10. Theed31u

    Class C vs Class A...help!

    We bought a Class C in 2015. It was a 2013 and only had a couple thousand miles on it. It looked brand new and we paid about 55% retail. Our biggest problem was getting good terms on the loan, apparently my wife and I fall into a high risk category because of our age.
  11. Theed31u

    Transportation to Parks

    We had reservations and did take a boat to the contemporary resort. To get to epcot it might be worth it to take the monorail. The boat to the contemporary was a smaller boat so if you have kids needing a stroller you may not be able to roll right on it like the magic kingdom boats.
  12. Theed31u

    Disney PinQuest Coming to Magic Kingdom

    We are not pin collectors in our family but depending on the price I think my kids could get into a scavenger hunt like this.
  13. Theed31u

    Online check in

    I think when we were making our reservation I just had 1:00 in as a check in time. We changed our plans and figured we would get there early and just park in the overflow until the site was ready. We showed up 9ish and they got us right in to a spot. It was about 4 spots down from where we requested and they told us we could wait until our requested site was ready, but it was close enough for us.
  14. Our family has played it both times we have been down there. When we went down in April I showed my oldest 2 that they could trade cards and loved doing that. We have a family deck that gets 1 of every card and then they each get to keep any duplicates and can trade them as they want. We ran into a local in a the pirates area and found out collectors hang out there. He took time and talked to my kids about it and even told us about the game that you can play at home. It is a neat game and you can get then a lot of places in the park. The Perry game in Epcot did not go over at all with our kids.
  15. Theed31u

    Full hook up loop

    When I used the My Disney Experience app I would take a screen shot of the the My Plans for the day and set it as my lock screen. I could turn off my data to save battery and be able to look at my fast passes and dining reservations very easy without opening the app. When I wanted to check wait times android makes it easy to flip on data and then open the app.