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  1. So we have been watching for full hookup and decided to go full hookup. We did end up getting reservations starting June 15th and extended it through July 1st. With how the 4th of July falls we should be able to drive and be back to our regular spot on July 3rd.
  2. We have been to the Fort a few times and have always stayed in the full hookup 1700 loop. We first stayed in the back of the loop and fell in love with the sites around site 1719. When booking for this June there were 2 out of 14 days that were blocking us from getting a full hookup site so now we are in preferred and not sure how we will like it. Are there any advantages to any of the preferred loops? We are a family of 6 with kids that love to ride bikes, is there one loop that might be better to let the kids ride? I'm trying to see if it is worth our time to keep checking f
  3. We have been thinking about adding solar to our class C. We don't do a lot of boondocking but we keep it out at a lake all summer when we are not on the road. Our main goal would be able to keep the fridge going on AC while parked at the lake and a couple nights off grid while on the road. We have an on-board generator for things like the A/C or microwave. Anyone with experience or good at electronics that could give us an idea of what we might need? Thanks!
  4. We (a family of 6) are looking at going in June 2022. After looking at 14 days at the fort and 10 day park tickets we will be passing on Genie+. We like to plan ahead and not knowing what sort of value we would get out of it I just can't bring myself to spend the extra $1000 on it. If it ran exactly like fast pass and I could book multiple things in advance I would consider it but as it sits now, I'll pass. Looking at the free Genie service it doesn't look much better. The free service seems more like Disney pushing crowds where they want them and marketing dining to you. After watching
  5. I heard rumors that Reflections was canceled and they were pulling out construction stuff and planting grass over the area. Anyone heading down there that could check it out?
  6. We have a 2013 Forest River Sunseeker. It has an A B or Both selector for the speakers. A plays only over the cab speakers, B is for the living area and Both is of course for both. We have found that when we listen to the radio or CD the audio comes over all the speakers just fine, but when we listen to the TV over the speakers it does not come out of the rear or center of the living speakers. Any one run into this issue or have an idea where to start diagnosing it? I have not found anything that gives details on the wiring, but I have checked the audio out plugs from the tv.
  7. We just used the Kid's Nite Out service tonight and thought I would share the experience. The lady from Kid's Nite Out showed up right on time. She had some quick questions about the kids (any allergies, any medications, if they were allowed to watch TV or play on electronics, bed time, meal time, etc.). Our oldest is 11 and does good being helpful so we also told her that. So we gave her our numbers and left for our ADR. We got a text about 30 minutes later from the caregiver says that it was her number and we could contact her if there were any issues. We got another update about an ho
  8. I have a Class C and have been looking at TPMS. Any suggestions on an affordable system? Are the external as good as the internal? Leave for the fort in 8 days so I'm not sure I will have one by then.
  9. We have a trip planned for June and were planning on taking our adult niece to help watch our 4 kids and give us an adult night out. She now cannot join us but were looking for a way to salvage our night out to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Has anyone used the Kid's Nite Out service? Anyone have another suggestion to accomplish a night out?
  10. Here is a map I found today. I liked all the coloring on it, seemed to give me a better idea of what it all is. I am wondering since the resorts will practically be the same place, will guests be able to use pools and amenities at both? I do like that it looks like they will have their own bus terminal. https://dvcnews.com/index.php/resorts/reflections/4462-plans-reveal-new-details-on-reflections-resort#prettyPhoto
  11. Is this thread old? On MDE they list late EMH Wednesday night and again the next few Wednesdays.
  12. Does anyone know if this is still the case with Walmart? Another website said Disney will no longer allow Walmart to deliver because they won't allow it to be dropped off in plastic bags. This information was posted sometime in February this year.
  13. We are looking at an upcoming trip and trying to plan our park days. A couple questions came up. 1) Is there still an opening show at the Magic Kingdom and 2) if there are AM extra magic hours, does this change the opening show at all?
  14. My family will be going down in June also. We were looking at the 300 loop. Does the 300 loop have any advantages over the 100 and 200 loops? What made you look at the 300 over the other preferred sites?
  15. We have done grocery pick up before, just not sure our 34' motorhome will fit in the pick up spaces.... 😁
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