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  1. Disney is allowing renewals. Also I believe they are allowing new sales for children in families with APs who are now turning 3 years old. The article as of my just reading it now does state the WDW program is suspended but not cancelled. Disneyland has cancelled all sales and renewals of APs they will be revealing a new program later on. Probably closer to when they know they can ope and at what capacity they can open.
  2. Not happy about the repo's for what should be obvious reasons. 2020 was a tough year for a lot of people.
  3. The first promotions for 2021 have arrived. I was up super late last night getting these applied for my clients and saved a total combined amount of almost $2000 for my clients before most were even awake. Sadly for all my Fort fans no discounts there as usual. Discount 1 Save up to 30% on rooms at select Disney resort hotels April 18 through July 10, 2021. Availability is limited! Discount 2 Get 2 extra days added to your ticket when you book a package with a minimum of 4 nights with a minimum of 3 days of park tickets.This offer is valid for
  4. I am actually hoping to take advantage of the sell off that will inevitably happen when people get to go back to their normal vacations.
  5. Oh and even if you use a travel agent such as myself you still have control, we just do the tedious work of sitting on the phone with Disney for you. Yes any changes or payments have to go through us after we book for you but we work for you. At least I do. I try to respond to all of my clients in as quick of a timeframe as possible.
  6. I do object to the wording of giving all the sites to travel agents. Speaking on a personal level I work friggin hard to get my clients the sites they ask for on the first day of availability and throughout the year. Not a single thing has been "given" to me. The problem is the popularity of the Fort combined with, in some cases, the min/max booking system.
  7. https://origin-dscribe.s3.amazonaws.com/Disney Assets/assets_dprd/Production/disney-world/resorts/cabins-at-fort-wilderness-resort/cabins-at-fort-wilderness-resort-pet-policy-card-fw-0218.pdf
  8. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/rooms-packages/hotels-pet-friendly/
  9. To my understanding they are dog friendly only. That is how all the resorts allowing them have been worded vs pet friendly they say dog friendly.
  10. When IOS updates it sometimes requires that Supergeek update the app to be compatibility and until he does and it is verified it is removed from the store.
  11. Just spoke to Jen and they are looking into and hopefully it will be resolved by tomorrow.
  12. I suspect the latest IOS update requires changes. I will send a message to Supergeek to see if that is the case.
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