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  1. They should. Those bands are just links to your My Disney Experience. Any band that is still Active in My Disney Experience should work for that person to use any tickets assigned to them.
  2. The bands are linked to the person on My Disney Experience account. The tickets get linked to the persons account as well. If they are linked to a different account from the Magic bands they cant really use both. And old bands cant be transferred in MDE. Once linked they cant be transferred.
  3. Contact me for a Free No Obligation Quote if you are interested when these dates open. [email protected] Disney Cruise Line Announces Return to Favorite Tropical Destinations in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico in Early 2023 In early 2023, Disney Cruise Line will return to top tropical destinations in the Bahamas – including Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay – as well as the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera, delighting Guests of all ages with one-of-a-kind vacations at sea. A variety of enchanting itineraries will set sail coast-to-coast from
  4. That bus road is still there and in use. Roade the bus over from Wilderness Lodge in July
  5. It is not open and I don’t believe the resort loop boats have restarted. The only option right now is the bus to Wilderness Lodge.
  6. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/10/disney-genie-launching-at-walt-disney-world-resort/?CMP=SOC-DPFY22Q1wo1007211013210002C
  7. Does the total number of people fit on their at one time? I am guessing not. If it is all one length of stay there is no way ahead of time to get everyone on the reservation for certain portions of time. With that said you don’t need a reservation to make Park Passes. And for dining unless it is a prepaid meal you only need a lead guest. the o lot thing you can look at doing for the people coming and going is adding as Day Guests once you are checked in if it puts you over your totals.
  8. Seeing at least one report that a person called in to take the offer and was informed they were all set for now.
  9. As far as I know they would reach out to me but I havent had any yet. They have moved people with pets who were willing as Riverside is Dog friendly.
  10. Optional unless enough dont take them up on the offer. I have heard the system had some kind go glitch that allowed the overbooking to happen. Another version is they are trying to spread people a bit more and may not have enough people to maintain the Fort but I don't believe that one as much. But they are moving people to Riverside for the three nights. Covering parking and pet fees, Comping 3 nights for future use, and they can still come to the Fort for Halloween and the festivities. That was all taken from someone that posted in a facebook group just a little while ago who cal
  11. Seen the reports in various groups but no calls yet for any of my clients or myself.
  12. We dont know yet what they are doing with 2023. I actually don't mind the idea of them opening all of 2023 again like they did it this year in one shot the same way they do for packages.
  13. Space 220 opens September 20 Walk ins only Sept 20-26 Sept 27 starts reservations strongly encouraged Reservations open for booking Sept 20 Link to the menus https://www.space220fla.com/menu
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