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  1. Katman1356...Jason

    DCL looking for a new private island

    Thanks Holly and TCD. I knew I remembered reading it but was at my day job in the van and had limited time to look for it.
  2. Katman1356...Jason

    DCL looking for a new private island

    Thought they signed a development agreement recently to work on Lighthouse point or something like that. Will see if I can dig up the stories.
  3. Katman1356...Jason

    Are you a "die hard" RV'r, pun intended.

    Cool. In my head fifth wheel always meant the ones that connect into the bed of a truck. It's another good day. I learned something.
  4. Katman1356...Jason

    Are you a "die hard" RV'r, pun intended.

    I am confused. It looked more like a travel trailer than a fifth wheel. Maybe I am lacking a piece of knowledge.
  5. Katman1356...Jason

    Destination D Announcements

    I like the new rooms better at Pop than the old ones at All Stars. And they are queen beds not doubles.
  6. Katman1356...Jason

    What to Do New Year's Eve

    We have usually watched the New Years fireworks on the 30th in the Magic Kingdom and then from the Beach at the Fort on NYE. If they are dumb enough to close the whole beach head down anyway. Bring popcorn, beer, and cheers and watch them try to turn everyone away from the beach. Should be a good time when the riots start.
  7. Katman1356...Jason

    Texas T, Cornersville, TN

    Ive heard it takes a while for maintenance to get there. Something about the worlds slowest red golf cart...
  8. Katman1356...Jason

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    The longest cancellation I typically see if 48 hours. This is a long window.
  9. Katman1356...Jason

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    I asked through the travel agent portal for any details on where on the beach or if it was all. They ignored me the first time so I asked again. and again. Finally I got this back in return which of course tells us nothing. Greetings - This event will take place on Clementine's Beach at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. No further details regarding the specific area of the beach used for this event is available at this time. Thank you and have a Magical day!
  10. Katman1356...Jason

    They tell you to stand clear of the doors for a reason

    I have been trying in my head to mechanically figure out how it could have ended up in that position and was really having a hard time with it. This explains the missing piece. Thanks!
  11. This might happen. https://wdwnt.com/2018/11/breaking-door-falls-off-of-monorail-lime-at-walt-disney-world-causing-multi-hour-service-delays/
  12. Katman1356...Jason

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    Yep. One of many many things they want us to sell.
  13. The real question is with only one night in the parks is the 1 hour out of the 8 you will have worth it to meet short college kids in costume? The answer for me would be no.
  14. Katman1356...Jason

    New Years Eve Beach party at the Fort

    Got an official email from Disney today in my TA emails and it reads almost word for word the same. Including the wrong body of water. Reservations are now available for the Fort Wilderness Beach Dessert Party. At this New Year’s Eve celebration, your Clients can delight in delectable sweets and specialty beverages as they savor scenic views of the Seven Seas Lagoon. The evening will kick off with an assortment of desserts, seasonal fruits, cheeses and refreshments- including beer and wine. Your Clients will also have the opportunity to watch the stunning Magic Kingdom® fireworks display and raise a glass to exciting things to come in 2019! The Fort Wilderness Beach Dessert Party takes place on Dec. 31, 2018 from 10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on Clementine’s Beach at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. The cost is $99 per adult and $59 per child (ages 3 to 9) plus tax. Gratuity is not included or required. Reservations can be made by calling 407-939-3463 or visiting Disneyworld.com/dining.
  15. Katman1356...Jason

    Castle Lighting

    Silvia was too and recorded it for my Facebook page.