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  1. They are having people sign up for Boarding groups to ride the ride vs. long waits in line. You must be in a boarding group to ride the ride as of right now. I am sure that will change in the future. Your entire party must be inside the park and then you can use the app to join a boarding group. Then you can even park hop to another park or go back to the Fort while you wait if you wanted to. you ahve up to 2 hours after your group is notified in the app you can come ride. Boarding groups have been running out early. Before 9am and they have expanded the morning hours at DHS through January 2.
  2. WDWNT Disney Offering Free 1-Day Park Hopper Tickets and Rise of the Resistance FastPasses to Guests Whose Boarding Groups Were Unable to be Accommodated
  3. If you have two reservations you request them be linked with a Travel With number by Calling in to Disney Reservations. You can fax that request in as well. This lets them know though you are traveling together and would like to be near each other. This is how I set it up for clients.
  4. Faxes have gone to a separate location all along and up until recently were frequently lost if not sent in the last 10 days before arrival. With this new system that went live fairly recently they should be going to the same people who will be handling the online requests but I do not know if they will be visible to the cast members you would get when calling in. The called in ones get logged into the reservation notes. I usually call in for clients as soon as they have a request and fax in the last 5-10 days. With the new system I will probably be pushing that out to 30 days and again in the 5-10 day period.
  5. No worries. I had written on the previous post that word was the faxes were going to be going to this group but I hadnt seen proof of any change yet at that time.
  6. I did post something recently about moving to a central clearing house for requests. Must have it all linked together with the assigning as well.
  7. They came through 600 empty a few times Halloween week. I think they were just exercising them.
  8. I have used and referred clients to Camper Rental Adventures. They will come and set up the camper on your site and when you are down pick it up and take it away. They have a variety of sizes and pricing. Disney does not need to know. Once you hav eyour site number you let them know and they can then get it set up for you. You can still request in advance. https://www.facebook.com/camperrentaladventures/
  9. That is typically Pop Warner weekend. It gets harder every year for Camping and values for that weekend. I will say I am seeing all types available for Dec 4-5 right now if you havent grabbed that yet.
  10. No idea. I havent been tracking the wait times for Smugglers Run. I do know they built quite a bit of capacity into it. Fastpasses do increase wait times for stand by. Just the nature of the beast.
  11. The virtual queue was only used opening day so far.
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