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  1. I think you should be ok. Most of the time when closures happen Christmas week they don’t get to full lock downs and are usually mid day for a couple of hours.
  2. The online Calendar at disneyworld.com shows 3 and 4.
  3. It'll be ok. Alcohol makes everything better. Get a High Tide once you get on board. See if they will make it the way Sil does at home. With a shot of tequila added. LOL
  4. Since that embedded in a hard to read manner I have copied the information from the post here. Disney Cruise Line announced the Fall 2020 itineraries this morning. Booking window opens on Monday for Platinum Castaway Club Members and the rest of the week looks like this: Monday June 10th – Platinum Castaway Club members & Disney’s Golden Oaks residents Tuesday June 11th – Gold Castaway Club members Wednesday June 12th – Silver Castaway Club members & DVC members who have not previously sailed with DCL Thursday June 13th, first time cruisers will be able to book. The Disney Wonder will finish up their Alaska season before heading to Galveston. The Disney Magic will wrap up the European sailings and move to sailings from New York, San Juan, and Miami. The Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream will continue to be based out of Port Canaveral With the Fantasy continuing to do some 3 and 4 night Bahamian Cruises before returning to her usual 7 night Caribbean cruises. The Dream is continuing to do her 3 and 4 night Bahamian cruises but the gap that existed previously in her schedule of 3 weeks has been moved back to October 2-Nov 12 which may indicate she will be going into drydock then. If you are interested in booking a Disney Cruise especially for the fall of 2020 the prices are generally the least expensive on the day the itineraries open and go up from there as the ship fills up. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/featured/2020-castaway-club-member-advance-booking/?fbclid=IwAR2Sngl-15Sq28a8y5Mzi3WEiuxmnW9HPNX9QimjKRIjEheqSZfU9Imoge0 Send me a message so we can get you set up to sail away with Mickey and the Gang!
  5. Disney Cruise Line this morning announce the 2020 Fall itineraries. Contact me for a Free No Obligation Quote [email protected]
  6. As with MNSSHP getting new fireworks Disney has announced a new fireworks show for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party starting this year. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/06/new-holiday-fireworks-show-coming-to-mickeys-very-merry-christmas-party-at-walt-disney-world-resort/?fbclid=IwAR2566pu8WF6yFuPEEvGtIT3_G_vV-rBUe9pclaVk9lX5xgYZd1FIWHjzGQ I am happy to assist with ticket purchases not only for the parks but for these parties and other events as well.
  7. I received word from Disney today that the packages and online booking for 2020 will be opening up on June 18, 2019. There is still the 499 day to check out limitation in play though so on June 18 we will only be able to book to October 29. Getting closer to Halloween 2020 and it is on a Saturday next year. This will sell out even faster than usual. Send me your dates ahead of time so I can lock them down. And if you, your family, or friends want assistance booking travel for this year or next I am now full time and here at my desk or very close to it every day. Should be almost no waiting for me to hop on what you need. I appreciate the support you all have shown me and I look forward to helping you all get to the Fort in the near Future. [email protected]
  8. And I customized one for Silvia last night. We will probably never know how much is yet another Disney IT issue.
  9. So some talk going around travel agent groups. There have been reports some are at least temporarily sold out. Including some of the solid colors. I am not sure how accurate it is as some cant see anything but grey and I can still see 20 or so options. One thing that may be causing issues is if even one of the MB's in your order is a custom one they have to ship it right away vs the usual 30 days before. Apparently a lot of people were either excited or thought it was a limited time thing so there are orders for trips that arent happening until 2020. If they were smart they would have put some kind of time limit for how far in advance people could order.
  10. It is 499 days to the date you want to check out. Anything starting in 2020 has to be called in to book right now. Most likely in Mid-June they should release the 2020 rates and online availability. 499 day rule still applies though for booking.
  11. Yes they showed up yesterday. I have been able to play with it but not personally complete one yet. They require an 11 day minimum lead time though.
  12. Ahh. I assumed because you mentioned I84 it was CT since it goes right through it.
  13. The time limit is during the reservation period at Disneyland resort only.
  14. When you were in Plainville, CT that's where Silvia grew up. You were 30 minutes from me.
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