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  1. Other important things to note. Fastpasses are at 30 days with these. And in the information provided to TA's they acknolwedge these may be better suggested to offsite guests. They cant be added to a reservation just a straight purchase
  2. A fellow Mouse Counselor got us reservations for Oga's. I have a reservation for Savi's. Can't wait to make my lightsaber.
  3. Reservations for Oga's Cantina, Savi's Workshop, and Droid Factory opened today.
  4. Are you friend with TJ on Facebook. He lives in Jax but he doesnt come on here very often.
  5. This was taken from a little landing outside the back door of our building which was Boca Chica. Our room was just a few doors down from this but with Silvia and a friend who had joined us for a few nights sleeping I didnt want to wake them up going out to the balcony. I never thought I would like the GF. Then I was placed there for a travel agent conference I went too and found I really enjoyed it. There is a lot of good food options, The pool near the DVC is the feature pool and has the slide but they are stricter over there on behavior. The pool near the center is more loose and has some kids tossing balls back and forth and such. With the live music, the only 24 hour food court, several other dining options, monorail and boat to MK, and views of the fireworks from a couple of places it is fun. The rooms are large and the beds are super comfortable. I knew I had to bring Silvia and she and our friend both loved it though thinking before going it was a kind of stuffy place. We would all go again if the opportunity presented itself.
  6. Thanks! It used a good chunk but I have a few 128MB cards for video purposes specifically.
  7. I recorded this while we were checking off an item on the bucket list and staying at the Grand Floridian recently. It's relaxing but long. Enjoy!
  8. Less talked about is the fact that several onsite guests with packages were having the same issue with day 2 of their tickets this morning.
  9. Still tastes awful though. Personal opinion of course.
  10. According to SuperGeek it should be back up August 1
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