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  1. It used to be common but Disney changed the rules and that is technically not allowed anymore.
  2. Fastpass+ changes to Hollywood Studios. Changes to the tiers and Smugglers Run now eligible for Fastpasses for arrivals on or after February 19. Attention Star Wars fans! Guests can now reserve access to fly the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! FastPass+ reservations for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run are available in the My Disney Experience app for those planning visits on or after Feb. 19. Similar to other theme park offerings, when making FastPass+ plans for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests can select between either Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run or Slinky Dog Dash (pending availability). Then, they can add additional experiences to plans, including Toy Story Mania, Alien Swirling Saucers, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Fantasmic! and more. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run combines immersive storytelling with interactive gameplay and makes guests the protagonist of their own Star Wars adventure! When it’s time for the mission to begin, guests will be assigned one of three critical roles: Pilots, Gunners and Flight Engineers. The goal is to smuggle goods while avoiding any unnecessary entanglements. [email protected] Jason Adams
  3. With the campground at least I have stopped doing online check in. Since I do not use the option to charge to the room (or site in this case), and they don't charge a parking fee, it avoids them putting holds on my account. This does mean I have to spend 10 minutes going through check in but that doesn't bother me. Last trip I was actually excited to pull up with the bus for it's first time.
  4. They gave us two at Christmas. One for the bus and one for our friends car. One was preprinted and they asked if we had another vehicle and printed one right away with out our asking.
  5. I don't seen Adams Bus Conversion but they are a very small manufacturer.
  6. Not completely lottery. Phone speed and internet speed are key. Reboot your phone when you get up that morning so it is running nice and fresh. Then Make sure you are not on Disney's wifi. Verizon seems to beat out AT&T anecdotally.
  7. I have personally used and can recommend https://www.facebook.com/camperrentaladventures/ They also offer an option to rent a cart with the camper but if you want a separate rental source I have used https://www.facebook.com/Tee-Time-Golf-Cart-Sales-Service-Rentals-183001445132187/
  8. Not sure on that one as I dont purchase or work with the tickets from Undercover Tourist. I know when I have sold tickets to clients they have been able to call up and upgrade. Good luck!
  9. Yes the offer expired. No way of knowing if or when they may bring it back.
  10. - Do I get the value of a 5 day parkhopper even though it was a buy a 4-day and get another day free? They are 5 day tickets so you should get that value. - Do I need to bring any kind of receipt for them ? They are etickets but I have them printed out showing the barcode. I've also linked them in MDE. You should not. Disney will be able to see the tickets and the value stored in them. - Can I use the value toward a fewer day ticket in order to avoid paying any more? The 2020 price for a 5 day parkhopper on the days we plan to go is $145 more than the 2018 value of the now expired ticket based on the pricing I looked at. Can I drop down to using it toward a 4-day parkhopper and not have to pay that extra $145? I really only wanted 4 days to begin with since I want to spend some time visiting resorts. I believe so. At this point they are considered an amount vs. an actual tickets so I think you can apply that value to any ticket you want. But as far as I know you will not receive any kind of refund so keep that in mind if the cost of the new ticket is less than the value of the old. (If I end up wrong on this please let me know but this is how I understand it should work) - I haven't been able to make FastPass reservations because the tickets have expired *. Is there any way to upgrade the now expired tickets to the current date tickets without having to be on property so that I can make FP reservations? You should be able to call Disney and apply the value to new tickets over the phone. (should) With regards to the older ticket you should be able to have Disney prioritize the tickets for use and may want to speak to someone when scanning into a park to verify it is still using the correct ticket.
  11. It was quiet during the day here yesterday. Definitely became more active last night though.
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