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  1. So has the sudden halt in AP sales affected any of your upcoming trips or overall mindset with Disney? We have 4 reservations currently for the fort between January & December 22. With the AP halt, that has killed at least our January trip. Considering canceling all but next December and maybe putting together another big year in '23. They keep making it harder & harder...
  2. Nice!! Hope you guys have a great trip. I am more than just a touch jealous!! 😄
  3. So please educate me Jason, does the group bookings open before the 499 day window that is open to all?
  4. Sad to hear about the marina & settlement areas. We haven't been to the Fort since November 2019, so your status saddens me for our scheduled January trip. I (like many) wish they had never gotten started on Reflections. Given the leadership, I imagine what work was done there will remain a blight for a LONG time. Sure hope I am wrong...
  5. Thanks for sharing Travisma. Hope you guys are having a great trip!
  6. Thanks for the update BennieH. Hope you all have are having a great time! Have you gotten more neighbors since your post, and curious what occupancy looks like on the other loops that you may have seen.
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