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  1. We were put in the 300 loop for this stay. As of today I am walking around and I would say 3/4 of the sites are empty in our loop. All sites are extremely clean everything is well-kept and in working order here.
  2. Last week I was finishing planning our upcoming Florida trip and went to the My Disney Experience site. I entered the first week of our trip and we are in the Fort, October 24 thru the 29th! First time in 3 years we've been able to get reservations. We cancelled the RV park we were in for those dates and changed the other reservation we had to match. Wow! I guess it pays to never give up!
  3. Been a while since I've visited. Nice to see some good information amd read the threads. Like so many others have said, the pandemic, trying to get camping sites a year out and camping site cost have contributed to our lost enthusiasm for Disney. Lately it seems like they are looking for news ways to extract $$ from guests. Maybe it's me but, I just don't feel the magic much anymore. Today was the first time I've visited FF in a year+.
  4. Sorry for being slow posting this. When we arrived in Mid October while backing into our site, our power steering ruptured a hose and we emptied all of hydraulic fluid (5 gallons) on the ground. Disney’s Maintenance folks were excellent cleaning up my mess. On our Class A the power steering is part of the hydraulic system that also runs the cooling fan (side radiator). That’s why all the oil. A few calls to people we know and Mobicare of Orlando is who we were recommend to call and who we used. They had a service person at our RV in 2 hours, he needed to get a hose made up and t
  5. When we camp, never claim the cats. They are strictly indoor only and I don't see the need to since they don'y need the outdoor services.
  6. Other than the Fort, all of the Disney hotels & resorts don't allow any pets. We used to have cat several years ago that needed medication twice a day and had asked about pets at that time. That is when we learned no pets period was the rule in their resorts. However, OKW did allow us to park our smaller motorhome by our room so we could take of her. We did need to do go up to the manager to get the OK. October used to be quieter attendance wise and parking wasn't such a big deal. I'll bet that we would not be able to do it now.
  7. We have the TireTracker TT-500 system. Works good and the sensors have replaceable batteries and the monitor has a rechargeable battery built in. Recharges with a USB cable (included). It came with 10 sensors and locks for the sensors. The monitor has a lifetime warranty. The sensors are not the pass through style. Really didn't matter to me.
  8. For our 2 cats, we were trying to find the "right" spot for the litter box. Pam & I did some looking and measuring. Here is what I built. It will fit in a corner by the dining table or it can be placed next to the recliner and the height works in either location. The litter box goes in the bottom and Pam is making a curtain that will cover the opening. It's currently in the living room so that both of them can get used to it. As you can see in the one photo, Louie is inspecting it. So far it has their approval. We hope put it in the coach this weekend (if they allow us to!). I'll p
  9. On our "C" that we had for 11 years, I ran it once a month under load for 2 hours and if it was going to sit for more than a month, I added Stabil to the gas tank (shared between engine and generator) and filled the tank (we used regular - did not avoid ethanol). I would then run the generator long enough to ensure that the Stabil was in the engine. I would still run it once per month under load. Never had a problem with the generator and it always started just fine.
  10. Been following this. Mr Swindler is 100% at fault is my observation. He got what he deserved and now wants a mulligan. As an Asst Fire Chief I do not believe the police & security over reacted. Meth Labs are a huge issue nationwide and they have to check everything out. Just way too much liability. One of our daughters is a former cast member and she has told us that management knows more than they will ever let on to. There are lots of cameras. I also suspect that they were working on getting freebies.
  11. This our Mickey Towel Holder for the motorhome. Making more for Christmas gifts for our kids and their families.
  12. It is a big job! A friend redid his roof several years ago with new membrane. Purchased the membrane, glue and sealant from Dicor if my memory is correct. Did not need to do the interior but he did replace the outer luan. Used 1/4" exterior grade plywood. Took him and his son 2 weekends. They did use a friend of theirs shed for the project.
  13. We both have our CC permits. Gun safe is beyond full and my latest aquisition is a Henry Golden Boy in 17HMR. Won it in a raffle! We go to the ranges regularly. On the range, my favorite is my Remington 1911R1 and hers is the S&W 44 mag (Dirty Harry). We have an outdoor (150yd) and indoor range (50yrd) within 20 minutes of home that we are members of.
  14. When we in the Fort last month, we went to purchase some more 10 day passes with the no expire option. The No Expire Option is no longer available. That really sucks. We may go to a park 2-3 times during a week long stay, so for us the no expire was a great thing. Now we have to figure out what we want to do and get 2-3 day passes. Well I wrote a complaint to guest relations (also had a lot of issues trying to get a working cable modem) and received a phone call from them yesterday. We had a very pleasant discussion. They claim that they are trying to be able to plan how many people will be in
  15. In the 1800 loop with the lamp hung from awning until Friday. Having issues with the photo and resizing it otherwise I would have on for all of you.
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