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  1. twiceblessed....nacole

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Getting older, really stinks. I pray that you'll have peace, strength, joy and many blessings over these last couple of days at the Fort. Safe travels home and Merry Christmas, my friend.
  2. twiceblessed....nacole

    Slow news day?

    Same with us. Actually... during our last visit, 80% of the time, the gate attendant just looked at our magic band (didn't even scan it) and waved us through. No joke. Agreed.
  3. twiceblessed....nacole

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Oh...sorry to hear that, Gwen! I hope it heals soon. Enjoy those lazy days at the Fort ❤️
  4. twiceblessed....nacole

    Golf Cart: to do or not

    Don't apologize. It is true, the prices of the Fort (and Disney in general) have gotten really high. Possibly not higher than any other resort, but still: high. If you've camped at the Fort for years, you remember the glory days. If you've visited the parks for years, you remember when you didn't have the feeling of always being nose to nose with other guests. Are there still times when the crowds are not horrible, horrible? Yes. But anymore, that's a tough window to find. Thing is...for those of us who remember how Disney used to be, there is an entirely new group of guests who simply have no idea. Those are the folks that will continue to pump money into Disney. That will always happen, which is why Disney will always be around. But, even for those of us who are being priced out.... Disney (and our memories) still bring a smile. The magic was there and (if you get lucky) there's a special trip, where you still get to experience it.
  5. twiceblessed....nacole

    Fancy Strollers

    Haha... yes. Pretty sure, they'd never invite me into their group
  6. twiceblessed....nacole

    42 hours in Florida

    So cool! Tom and I have never taken a trip without the kids. We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary (the same day as the Gingerbread house in the GF!) and while part of me wants to, the other part is watching them grow up (much) too quickly and I wonder if I'd be sad the entire time we were gone. Having said that, I think if my folks lived near us (we are on opposite sides of the country with no family close to us), we too would probably try to get away for a quick trip ❤️ See... I LOVE this picture, because I can see Brian smiling at you in background ❤️
  7. twiceblessed....nacole

    Fancy Strollers

    As a mama, I wouldn't want to hassle with that thing... unless I could put 3 or 4 butts in there. The best 3 kid solution I saw, was a sit and stand. Smallest baby sits up front, middle child sits on the back seat and the oldest stands. Strollers are a hassle at the park, but necessary with those little legs. Those hugs boats are just ridiculous.
  8. twiceblessed....nacole

    Fancy Strollers

    Sigh.... breaks my heart. So many precious memories: missed.
  9. twiceblessed....nacole

    Fancy Strollers

    Yep. Saw several of those inside the parks a few weeks ago. Seriously makes no sense to this mama. I guess if you could put 3 or 4 little ones in there, okay... but I saw (more than not) one child with an ipad or cell phone, watching a video. I just don't get it. I mean, shaking my head right now. Just don't get it...
  10. twiceblessed....nacole

    Wandering Fire Pit

    Oh my gosh...that's hilarious. I've never seen that. Makes sense though as I think many campgrounds (or so I've heard), the campground hosts do the same thing (unused, left over wood only) and then they pack it and sell it. So, I guess if we were campfire people, I too would run around and grab the wood 😅
  11. twiceblessed....nacole

    A Day Late and Much More than a Dollar Short!

    Wow! Have to say... I like that better, than the huge haunted house over halloween :) I did like a couple of the skeleton scenes though. A couple of those were pretty cute.
  12. twiceblessed....nacole

    Christmas stay and catching up

    We stayed at the Fort one Christmas and loved it. We did a small table top tree and our kiddos loved it. Here at home (in our stick-n-brick property) we don't put the presents out until after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve, so just having a small tree with no gifts was wonderful for them. Having a small table top tree allowed us to move it, if we needed that space. Outside of that, I did some cute Christmas garland and lights around the rig. Have a great time!! I really hope they don't make you move but, you never know. We've been there for Halloween, for Thanksgiving and for Christmas (all very busy times for the Fort) and they've claimed to be "full", but there has ALWAYS been a couple empty sites but... it's tough to say. Either way, enjoy!!
  13. twiceblessed....nacole

    Discovery Island

    I can't remember... what will go, where the BBQ and stables are now? Are the Fort, the Lodge and this new resort basically going to blend together (like Port Orleans with Riverside and the French Quarters)? I just can't picture how they're going to fit such a large property into that area. I'm guessing the paved bike bath will be removed? Still just one word: YUCK
  14. twiceblessed....nacole

    Wandering Fire Pit

    Haha....that's awesome
  15. twiceblessed....nacole

    Cyber Monday

    Picked this up, for less than $7. Figured we'd use it for both the beach and parks/playgrounds: https://www.amazon.com/Camco-Perfect-Weather-Proof-Resistant-Turquoise/dp/B017XLIDHK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1543246673&sr=8-1&keywords=Camco+Handy+Mat+with+Strap%2C+Perfect+for+Picnics%2C+Beaches%2C+RV+and+Outings%2C+Weather-Proof+and+Mold%2FMildew+Resistant+(Green%2FTurquoise+-+60"+x+78")+(42806)