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  1. Umm... no. I'm not sure how you would even drive it down the road, without scraping up the bottom? Oh... and what's the clear tube thing? Is that a tub? I'm so confused
  2. See... I just don't get that. We've only done one day at the parks (MK) in the past 18 months, but before that had APs back to back and I remember often walking around thinking that some areas looked really sad. They just needed a good scrubbing, a few boards replaced, some new paint... nothing huge or too terribly expensive, just a little work that (I figured) was tough to do with the parks busy every. single. day. Now they've been empty for days and days and no work is getting done? That would be a shame
  3. On a different note... anyone taking bet if Disney is doing work while the parks are closed down? I mentioned earlier that I hoped they used this time to do some repairs and much needed cleaning/facelifts in certain areas. The parks are huge and they could easily keep employees several feet apart. It would seem like such a good time to tackle some of these projects. Guess time will tell...
  4. it's a virus... is the thought that it's going to die? Not trying to be funny, simply pointing out that viruses do not go away.
  5. Haha... maybe not a thing, but it did make me laugh 😄
  6. I'm sorry.. but I honestly believe, that people with more money than we could ever imagine, are reveling (if not manipulating) this current situation.
  7. Yep.... but isn't that the rub of social "media"? Remember the Swine-Flu of 2009? The country did shut down and it too was an aggressive pandemic. In my opinion, the main difference is: social media. People panic. I think fear is built into a human's DNA. So any mention (truthful or not) of anything bad/fearful and that's what is heard, focused on and passed along for others to believe
  8. Tom was supposed to wine and dine some clients at the Masters here in Georgia (over Easter weekend)... that was cancelled (or postponed...maybe). That's an outdoor event, that is a month away.
  9. Thousands will be bankrupt over this (not just WDW related). Too many folks cannot work remotely (but there kids are home so they need to be home), too many are working at businesses whose doors will be closed, too many families live paycheck to paycheck, too many small business were barely making it before this.
  10. Oh goodness... so the Fort is closing this week? Crazy.
  11. Happy Pi day! Were able to pick up some nice take-n-bake pizzas for $3.14 :)
  12. That is good. With Georgia school closing for two weeks starting on Monday, I'm concerned for those families who will not only need childcare... but whose children were part of the free lunch program. Actually, I'm concerned period as while I am all for being cautious (PLEASE, if you're at risk, be cautious)... how things are being handled now is going to bankrupt some companies and financial break many, many households.
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