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  1. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    What Jason said. What a hot mess....
  2. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    This news makes me so sad. I think this property will have such a negative effect on the Fort. Sad because it’s all getting too expensive, sad because it’s all getting too crowded, sad because we have so many sweet family memories there...and I see the time to make more of those memories, slipping away. Just sad 🙁
  3. twiceblessed....nacole

    Halloween 2018

    We will be there. We arrive on the 27th.
  4. twiceblessed....nacole

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Great pics...
  5. twiceblessed....nacole

    Labor day weekend

    Agreed! Thank you!
  6. twiceblessed....nacole

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Very nice!
  7. twiceblessed....nacole

    Halloween Golf Cart Parade

    Saw the movie schedule... bummed that Coco isn't being shown this month. I was really hoping they'd have it on the schedule. Oh well.
  8. twiceblessed....nacole

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    Ugh.... no.more.money.
  9. twiceblessed....nacole

    Labor day weekend

    Okay... EWWW. Guess we can check this one off our list. That is not a sight, that I'd wish to see 😶
  10. twiceblessed....nacole

    No reservations?

    It is tough (the cost), no question at all. Next year, will be the first year in a long time that we don't have an AP. I'm hoping to do one short visit, but just to the Fort (no parks).
  11. twiceblessed....nacole

    Big changes to tickets coming

    Yes. Our family desperately misses the tickets....
  12. twiceblessed....nacole

    Halloween Golf Cart Parade

    Thank you!!
  13. twiceblessed....nacole

    Labor day weekend

    Looks like a fun day! That bus is TOO cute!!
  14. twiceblessed....nacole

    Major changes for COE and Govt campground Reservations

    Us too. Hopefully that doesn't happen... or at least doesn't mess up reservations we've already made through them. I used ReserveAmerica for a stay next month at Hart Springs in FL and then next February at Topsail.