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  1. Thank you. Technology is not my friend Good thing, you're the man!! Thank you again.
  2. Jason... you know me... hold my hand We have lots of bands. If each one of us, used one that was originally assigned to us (they have our names on them), will those work for part tickets if we buy them? What about the Boo tickets... ?
  3. Yay!! We move over the Fort on the 1st... still working out the end date. We have reservations as long as you, just looking at a couple of things. See you soon!
  4. Sad..sad..sad. Truly, riding my bike is my FAVORITE thing to do at the Fort. I loved the trail to the Lodge. Ugh.
  5. The road that the bus used to use (by the old barn and next to the bike/walking path)... is that still there or did they tear that up too. So sad over all this
  6. It's a tough challenge... I know
  7. Thanks, Mo. We will be there... kind-of. The Fort overbooked and Jason worked with Disney to get us some pretty nice perks, for staying the weekend over at Port Orleans (even with crazy pup Simon ), but we will still have access into the Fort. For the most part, I imagine we'll only sleep at the resort. Then again...I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so I may sleep in the rig out in the lot
  8. We really like The Pottery House Cafe. Funny enough, the restaurant Local Goat is ALWAYS busy, but we've never eaten there. I agree on the 2 days, keeping in mind that most of the rides are roller coaster style (for this reason, the park is better fit for our daughter and Tom, but not myself and our son). It's visually a very pretty park (but hilly which can be tough for some). We liked the Old Mill Creamery, but the Apple Valley Creamery comes out ahead for our family
  9. Thanks, Mo. I saw that... that and the golf cart parade ❤️
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