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  1. We too are praying. Yep. Either it works or it doesn't (understanding that nothing is 100%, but an effective vaccine will be up there). The same as with requiring the shot, to protect those who did not take it. What? Why would that even be a goal? There is no shortage of this shot and each person who wants one, can absolutely get one. So having to "protect" the non-vaccinated is a bs excuse. Additionally, what about natural immunity? This seems to have no weight which is completely absurd. Even if you've had the virus, recovered and now have natural immunity apparently that's no
  2. We have plans to go for two weeks, the beginning of November. We too will not return if masks are required. Masks have always been about control (which we can take to the debate forum) I say this only to point out that now that the shot has been pushed, nothing will change because change means giving up control. Boosters will be required and they will push for papers (passports). America is at a dangerous tipping point. But yeah... not going back. I will admit, this mama broke down last night when I saw the announcement.
  3. That's good to hear. Hopefully the chatter I heard, was random fluff. That stuff/smell gives me a headache. It would be awful to finally get to go back to the Fort, spending all that money and that was our experience. Sigh. The conversations just caught me off guard. I was hoping that wasn't another "new normal".
  4. Just saw some comments from a campers who recently (past 6 months) stayed at the Fort and apparently now "skunk week" (pot) is the new smell of the property?? Mercy, I hope not
  5. Are they talking about opening the dang border? We made it to Glacier this month, but Banff is really my end-game ❤️
  6. This...and we’ve gone in the past and the crowds were as bad (if not worse) than standard operating hours. Very frustrating.
  7. Orlando in July?! That’s crazy talk 😂 I agree... I think we’ll need proof with pictures 😉
  8. Yes! Grumpy had told me about the Corn Palace, so we visited there last year as well. We did, however, skip the Spam Museum 😂 Spent a Morning at the Laura Ingalls homestead in De Smet.... that was neat.
  9. I too have heard it’s beautiful. My end game with Glacier, was Banff. But, who knows when travel into Canada will relax. We had reservations for both Banff and Glacier last year, but when the border and east Glacier closed, we opted for Devils Tower, Yellowstone, the Tetons and Mt. Rushmore instead (all of which, were FANTASTIC ❤️). North Dakota should be interesting and another “state sticker” for our RV map ☺️ Haha...will do!😄
  10. Thank you! We’re in SD right now, which is one of my favorites. Heading back home to visit family in WA, then we’ll hit Glacier in MT and Teddy Roosevelt in ND (which is a new state for us!☺️). Love seeing our national parks🥰
  11. We’re back out, traveling our beautiful country. Lots of beautiful faces everywhere...even in busy places/tight quarters, it’s a beautiful sight 😍
  12. Goodness, yes. This point has (in my opinion) been driven home in the past 18 months. The "news source" will be a comment (which is personal commentary) in a newspaper article and corporate media runs with it, as if it's factual information. Additionally, retractions are a thing of the past. When lies are put out there, the party submitting the lies simply goes on as if there's nothing to see. Rarely do you hear an apology and/or a correction. It's both exhausting and infuriating.
  13. Agreed on breakfast. Honestly, Trails End has gotten too expensive for our family, so if we are able to splurge...then it's at breakfast when it's a (few) dollars less. Plus, we are more of a big breakfast family than a big dinner gang.
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