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  1. twiceblessed....nacole

    Elkhart, IN

    Ha... so now I do another search and that campground pulls up
  2. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    I also hope that they are (very) careful to preserve the Fort. I do have my doubts though, hopefully I'm wrong.
  3. twiceblessed....nacole

    Elkhart, IN

    Thank you. They didn't pull up when I tried to search the area, so I appreciate it. They are less expensive than the KOA, but it's all one room so that's something I'll need to consider. RV Hall of Fame and Museum? Yep... definitely need to do that. That and (hopefully) a couple factory tours (do they do those??). Hot mess though. Would much rather the rig not need a repair, but thankful that our dealership fought for us and Keystone agreed to take it back. They've agreed to pay for our gas (which less face it, is much less than paying for a transport), but now I need them to agree to paying our nightly rate. We have the neurotic pup so, that limits us. Plus, I need a small kitchen area so I can cook meals. Keystone told me they wanted 2-3 weeks for this silly repair (which is ridiculous). I told them I wanted accommodations paid for and they could have 9 business days. So... we'll see. Hopefully they'll do right by us. Thanks again for the recommendations.
  4. twiceblessed....nacole

    Elkhart, IN

    So... the frame on our rig has never been right. Our dealership has fought with Keystone and they have agreed to take it back. I don't trust any transport company (I've seen too many of those fly by me on the interstate), so we are taking the rig up there and staying until the work is complete. I'm looking at the KOAs in the area, as we'll need a cabin. Is anyone familiar with the KOAs near Elkhart? This is for the month of July.
  5. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    Thank you. Sigh... good and bad. Some new things to look at, but a lot more folks will be running through the Fort. So much nature, removed Oh... and the boat. Do you think this new resort will have it's own water taxi to the MK? I imagine so.
  6. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    Okay... so I am completely confused. WHERE exactly is this new resort supposed to be? I was thinking it would be behind (what was) the BBQ and then from the bus road to the Lodge... in between that road and the water. But... no??
  7. twiceblessed....nacole

    Pioneer Hall moving ?

    I hope you're right. It's such a nice path.
  8. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    Mercy... I hope so. If not, what the heck?!!
  9. twiceblessed....nacole

    Pioneer Hall moving ?

    Ugh... so no more bike path either??
  10. Okay..I’ll tag them on FB so you can ask them some specific questions. They actual bought it to FT (they’ve been on the road 6-8 months now) and it was their first rig..ever ☺️
  11. Just looked at the floor plan ...I think our friends have this, but theirs is a TT. I think you told me you were looking at a 5th wheel?
  12. twiceblessed....nacole

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Wow! Great news. Gotta love a happy ending ❤️
  13. twiceblessed....nacole

    Clipped the site sign

    Ugh... that stinks. I hope it didn't do a lot of damage to his rig
  14. twiceblessed....nacole

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Isn't it amazing, what people put out there? It's odd actually. I thought this exact thing.
  15. twiceblessed....nacole

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    I actually made this comment to Disney, when I wrote in after this last visit. Disney called me and I spoke with a CM in their "executive office" (not sure if that was true or not) and told her that on our last visit, I saw a tent behind the 700/800 loop in the dog walk area. As to which site the tent belonged to... who the heck knows. "Hard to say if it belonged to any site", is exactly what I said to her. The tent was super small so I wouldn't be surprised if you could fit it into a backpack.