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  1. No, dog's are not stupid... I found Dodger a fantastic foster, through the rescue Forgotten Paws Rescue but... our sweet mama keeps getting out, so they are now needing help. Dodger is a runner. She is SUCH a sweet, SWEET girl... but she wants to roam. If you know of anyone in the Atlanta area who would be a good fit, please have them reach out. She's a love and would make a fantastic addition to someone's family. https://www.facebook.com/forgottenpaws/
  2. Wish I could.. but cannot figure out how to attach pics anymore. Both pups now have wonderful homes. I need to find homes for mama. She is AMAZING. I have pictures and info on FB. I'll tag you, Duane.
  3. Thanks, Mo. Baby girl pup was adopted today and to a wonderful, young couple. Married 3 years, no kids or other pets. They both grew up with dogs, she fostered dogs in college, he works FT from HOME, they just bought their first home with a FENCED in back yard. I'm not sure that I could have asked the Lord for a better fit for this pup. Miss her cute face, but my heart is full. Next is baby boy pup and sweet mama dog. Praying that the Lord would bring them their, furever family ❤️
  4. Some of you may have remembered the discussions surrounding Simon, our little pup and the struggles we've had with his separation anxiety. Exhausting, no question. With that, I've always professed, that I am NOT a dog person. Do I like dogs? Sure. But am I dog person... no way. So.. here's this busy mama, who is not a dog person, and I am now in the situation of "fostering" three pups. A mama and two, 12 weeks old puppies. Monday morning, we're trying to get out the door and my son yells, "there's puppies in the yard!" I think he's seeing things so, as any good mama would do, I
  5. 😔 Seriously...every time I hear this, it makes me sad.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. I've heard that from many...that they are only able to ride a few rides because of the lines. Taking away the FPs was HUGE for us. Not only are prices way up, but essentially you're paying a ton of money to stand in long lines
  7. What a sweet memory❤️ Okay... lots to catch up. First, thanks for taking the time to share your trip. I know it's a lot of work. We were at the Fort at the beginning of November and did the halloween party at the MK and one day at MGM. For us, so much feels different... it's a little sad. But, I still like hearing about the joy others find. I know this trip was bittersweet, mama. My heart ached for you when you described the fireworks moment. I am, again, so sorry for your loss. Sorry that there were some technical bumps, but all-in-all it sounds like a nice
  8. Thank you for sharing about your trip... I can only imagine how bittersweet this visit was. You'll be in my prayers this holiday season. I agree with Dave's comment above regarding the hassle of technology. Then again... I wish Disney would bring back the ride tickets, so you can balance my comment with that knowledge
  9. Question for those of you familiar with Universal... If we buy a one day ticket to visit the park (it has been years), any idea if they're like Disney and will let you apply the cost towards an annual pass at the end of the day?
  10. They "are going to make it too costly"...? Sadly, I think that happened a while ago. I think most families either cannot afford the parks or just a 1 or 2 day visit Possibly. It will be interesting to watch on all fronts. No question that we seem lined up (very neatly) for a large economic crash. Time will tell my friend.
  11. So happy that you got to see Gwen and David ❤️ Ahhh.... the Mouse has trained you well. Paying more to get into the parks, riding fewer rides and then paying a lot for food. Yep, the Mouse always wins.
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