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  1. Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to hearing all about it, in October. As for me loving it... hmmm... not sure about that one
  2. I'm so nauseous at the possibility of this. But... mom really wants to do it and how do I say "no" to celebrating their anniversary. I don't, of course, but I may need to start drinking... or there might be videos of the family getting on the ship, except me: still on the dock. Yeah... I'm just not going to think about it.
  3. Ugh. That really stinks, for both the driver and the other RV owner. No fun on the traffic jam either
  4. I think so. I was looking at one, on a site, a couple of weeks back. I like how bright they are. I don't have a cricket (which is what I think a lot of "crafty" people use), but I imagine I could buy a vinyl decal for not too expensive.
  5. Well, I'll be honest and say.... we have done that. Had to park our huge girl in the overflow, while waiting for our site, and there were several utility trailers taking up RV spots. We simply moved one a spot over, so it was sharing with another utility trailer.
  6. Oh my gosh... hearing you talk about these ride (the Bobsleds, AIW, Storyland) brings back SO MANY memories!! ❤️ Bummer on the sub smelling yuck. I loved that ride growing up (wasn't the Nemo theme but still...).
  7. We use EEZTire and have been very happy with it. We purchased ours off Amazon a few years back.
  8. That stinks. Saw a FB post where someone else had their solar tiki torches stolen as well. I just don't understand taking something that is not yours. Happy to hear that the property (overall) was calmer. That's a nice change.
  9. Awesome report, thank you!! LOVE all the pictures! Very cool on the CMs with the tape and the water. I would be embarrassing to watch... to say the least. Haha The "service animal"... yeah, not cool. Yes, you know it's a busy day at the MK, if the PM has a line That ride is seriously my favorite. If Disney ever went back to ride tickets, it's the only one I would buy ❤️ Thanks again for the report!!
  10. Ugh... so sorry to read this. I agree on the roads. Some of this country, the roads are insane. I would recommend that no one EVER drive on I20 in Louisiana. Pretty sure that's the section of the state, that broke our leaf spring weld last Spring. Ridiculous. Pray the rest of the trip is damage free!!
  11. I saw some FB posts from the Fort. Tom and I were commenting that the Fort is the only place where we leave our awning out/open (strapped down, but still left open), because we've never experienced any high winds there. The pictures we saw were crazy! So thankful that no one was seriously injured. Same here. If possible, we try to avoid spots that have branches hanging over our rig or leaning/dead trees in the area.
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