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  1. Thank you. We'll consider it. Looking at the prices..it's not a cheap zoo. I like zoos, but we have a decent one here (in Atlanta) that we can go two twice a year for free, so.... 😖 Appreciate the thought, however :)
  2. Thank you. MN is not on the list, this year. I would like to visit that area.. along with WI and MI. Those states will be after the NE, which we hope to do next year or 2022.
  3. We'll drive through Omaha. Appreciated the tips on this one as last time we drove through there, I just kept thinking how ugly it was and wondering who would choose to live there. Of course, that was one day out of the year. LOL. I'll look into the things you listed.
  4. Thank you. Looks like we'll be north of that on 74 (Indianapolis over the Springfield). Took that route to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. This homeschooling mama is always looking for those learning opportunities... it thrills the kids 😄😄
  5. While we love the loops up front, if you can afford to bump up, I would take a premium loop simply because we prefer more cement. The Fort is a large campground, but there is a bus system if your hubby cannot walk or ride a bike. Golf carts are fun, but expensive. Have a fantastic time!! Our kiddos are currently 8 and 12... it's a fun age to be at the Fort 😊
  6. Thanks. I we're not making it through UT this trip, but I'll keep it in mind for the next time we're in that area! Haha... Corn Palance, I think you recommended that one the last time we were in SD 😄 It does look, pretty "CORNY" 😄 Thank you!
  7. Okay... not a "report", yet. Still planning. We leave end May/beginning of June. If you have any must-see stops... in IL, MO, NE, SD or ND.. please let me know. I have an extra few days that I can work into that area of the country IF there is something worth seeing on my route. Leaving from GA, heading up to Banff (through Glacier), back down to WA, then the Oregon Coast. We'll hit Crater NP, Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore on our way back... then down to OKC (kids LOVED the science museum last time, so we have to hit it again )...then back to GA. Time goes by so fast...it will be here before we know it!!
  8. Ahhh... keep in mind, that if you want to dry camp, that never fills up as it's just in the standard parking lot. We really enjoyed being right there. We walked through the GD area.. but don't remember an "owner's tent". We were at the Fort on Sunday! Snagged a spot for 5 nights; it was so nice to be back. Crazy that we missed you at both places.
  9. Now... if only Disney would consistently enforce this rule 😐
  10. Mercy! Guess we should have done a GG at the show! LOL Did you dry camp? We were in the lot, Thursday and Friday night. Had planned to stay Saturday night as well... but snagged a spot at the Fort.
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