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  1. Oh gosh... the barrel bridge. That just brought a smile to my face ❤️
  2. My kiddos love the island. Unfortunately, it was closed a couple of times last year... so they missed out. But, great memories ❤️
  3. Did you mean to say something? I didn't even ask them (we might try that). Right now I have it on craigslist, FB marketplace, other free sites. We have someone looking at it on Wednesday; if they don't buy it, we'll put it on RVTrader. For someone who was already looking for a large 5th wheel... this one is a steal. I've been looking at other things on the market and nothing compares to what we have. Here's a YouTube of the model. It really is a neat floorplan and it has a good feel to it. Plus, Keystone upped the structural warranty to 3 years, so that's nice:
  4. Sorry... just saw this! I made it up and back (left Atlanta Friday at 5:15a, got back back yesterday at 4:30p). Yes, selling a rig can be a hassle. We've priced it $7k less than any dealership we can find online, so we're hoping it sells quickly. It's literally sitting on the sales lot: it's that new. LOL
  5. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the hiccup, but glad that you were able to get back on the road fairly quickly.
  6. I would imagine so. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. It's a neat idea, but I really enjoyed the gondola when it was at the MK (but that was open air, so I might not enjoy these if they are super stuffy).
  7. So... I should know more, later today. We did as Keith suggested and asked for a different model. Honestly, it's a stinkin' cool layout, HOWEVER.... I'm really leaning towards going smaller. We are seriously considering getting the brand new unit, turning around and selling it (figured we'd offer it for $5k less than any dealership so it's a win/win for us and the buyer). Then we'll find a smaller unit. Hard call as if they do allow us to get this different unit, it is kind-of cool. LOL As for our items, I am really hoping to drive up this weekend. Waiting on that call as well.
  8. No, but just spoke with Doug and he'll be in the area on Tuesday and he's able to look at it for me :) Is TJ coming to halloween?
  9. What area did you take this from? I missed you staying at the GF. Is it worth the hype? I always feel like the kids must be really quiet when we’re walking through that resort 😄 It’s very pretty.
  10. Do we have any Fiends in the Jacksonville area, who might be willing to put eyes on a camper for me? Long way to drive from Atlanta, if it's no good.
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