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  1. twiceblessed....nacole

    Non-Disney - Thanksgiving 2017 Trip to Arizona

    Yay... more of the SW!! My brother-in-law was stationed in Sierra Vista for several years. We visited once... decent town. Your kiddos are so cute :)
  2. twiceblessed....nacole

    Mammoth cave KY

    Thanks for the update!!
  3. twiceblessed....nacole

    Tent camping in July with Family!

    Sorry... just caught this! Thanks for the writing a report :) Sorry about the family hiccups; that can be difficult. I hope all is resolved and everyone finished the trip happy. That picture of y'all with Olaf and then on the Frozen ride... both are great!! Cracks me up that a/c's have become so popular with tents. I say this only because, when I suggested it to my husband (before we purchased our first RV), he thought it was the funniest idea. Crazy part is, he's a Florida boy, so he knows just how hot it can get there! Love it.
  4. twiceblessed....nacole


    Thanks for sharing!
  5. twiceblessed....nacole

    EZ Pass to be accepted in Florida

  6. twiceblessed....nacole

    EZ Pass to be accepted in Florida

    Oh... that's one of the sweetest things, I've ever heard.
  7. twiceblessed....nacole

    Kentucky-Indiana Toll Bridge on I-65

    Wow.. that is crazy!
  8. twiceblessed....nacole

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Oh gosh... that's awesome ❤️
  9. twiceblessed....nacole

    Top Sail

    Oh gosh... that's awesome! Your daughter cracks me up, our would narrate like that as well 😅 LOVE that "side cart"; where did you get it?? Umm... the Donut Hole, yes please!! We always eat there, every visit. Love Topsail. Our next visit is in February. Can't wait 😊 Thanks for sharing!!
  10. twiceblessed....nacole

    Epic RV Trip of 2017, That I Never Made Time to Document...Until Now

  11. twiceblessed....nacole

    Epic RV Trip of 2017, That I Never Made Time to Document...Until Now

    Yes! We LOVED White Sands! Couldn't believe how large it was! And you were right... no problems with the rig. It's really nice that they let you drive in there with your home. Makes staying all day, super easy! Loved the rest of your trip! Isn't Capitol Reef amazing?! I couldn't believe the colors there. Bryce Canyon too. All of the SW actually. Hard not to love it all. Arches in on our list... but not for a few years. Next year I'm hoping to check the balloon fiesta in Albuquerque off the bucket list. If we get to go, we'll also hit Mesa Verde. Really wanted to do that this past trip... but (even with 4 weeks), just not enough time. Have you hit Zion yet? If not... that NP is a MUST do! Thanks for taking us along on the journey. 2,000 miles in 9 days... y'all are crazy! Great times!!
  12. twiceblessed....nacole

    EZ Pass to be accepted in Florida

    Almost as frustrating as I75, here in GA. We have a PeachPass, but cannot use the new express lanes south of the city (the road we take, when driving down to the Fort), when towing our rig. Soooooo frustrating.
  13. twiceblessed....nacole

    Deciding on a travel trailer

    I agree with the comments above. Have fun with the search! No matter what you get... get out there, use it and make some memories!! Enjoy :)
  14. twiceblessed....nacole

    Epic RV Trip of 2017, That I Never Made Time to Document...Until Now

    Wonderful pictures! Sounds like an amazing adventure 😊 We did the SW this year and absolutely LOVED it. Can't wait to go back! Thanks for taking the time, to write a TR. Excited to follow along!
  15. Hmmm...interesting. I'm all for helping the environment, but I will admit that I do not like paper straws. I'll try and remember to shove a few plastic straws in our bags. We rarely buy drinks out (usually just drink the water we've brought), but it's good to know. Good grief, yes!!