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  1. This pic was posted on a FB page. Mercy... this is SO sad. The trees are all gone (this is where the barn was) and now you can see the Lodge! Notice the sweet deer, on the left side of the picture, on the small mound of dirt. This hurts my heart....
  2. Thank you, good thoughts. I don’t know that finding something here would be the best fit, simply because we’ll probably camp before and after, so the 3 night need (for the cruise) would end up being much longer if we left him here. Having said that, I have had a couple of Fiends reach out to me and offer up solutions for taking care of Simon there in FL ❤️
  3. The Fiesta has offered to put us in a lot, farther out, for the $40..... but after talking to so many, the North VIP sounds like one to take. However, we did a day at the MK this past trip and hate to say it: we missed the parks. So, I think we'll use the money we would have used to go to the balloon fiesta, to save for tickets (probably not APs, but regular tickets). Honestly, this would have been more for Tom and I; I think the kids would have liked it, for a couple of hours. Plus when I asked them if they'd rather do the fiesta or a couple days at the parks... the Mouse won. LOL We are doing another cross-country trip next summer so, that will be huge adventure. On the list for this trip: Glacier, the Oregon coast, Crater Lake, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore (plus lots in between, including fantastic family time) ❤️
  4. Thank you. I know. It's still a good 13-16 months off, so I'm trying not to think about it. I may have to start drinking... which I know will make some Fiends happy
  5. I had thought of that, but I don't know that we know of anyone (that would want to come live in our home... they might allow him to stay with them). Plus, the cruise will only be 3 nights and we'll (probably) camp there and back. Truth of it all is, this darn dog that drives me up the wall, from the person who will tell you that she is NOT a dog person... it makes me sad to think that he might be sad. Darn dog.
  6. The only thing I can figure... is GA doesn't allow it, because you're not allowed to pull a camper in the toll lanes. What stinks, is we bought the silly thing, to (primarily) use while we're in FL. Put $50 on it and now I keep getting a bill from FL. Guess we'll just need to buy a Sunpass (or the 18 state transponder). Probably the easiest.
  7. Thank you. I too hope and pray that the cruise goes wonderfully. This is something special for my parents, or we wouldn't be doing it... LOL. I know Tom and the kids will love it at least I appreciate the suggestion, but I'm not sure how it would work for two reasons: 1. we don't live near Disney, so he could not get used to the smells at that kennel or with those people and 2. even if he didn't like it, we're kind-of stuck because he has to be watched somewhere. Ugh. Hopefully we figure it out between now and then.
  8. Thank you. Hopefully that's the same for us, when we go (gulp).
  9. Good to know! Is there a charge for leaving your rig there? Thank you!
  10. So... as I've mentioned, it looks like I'm going to have to get on a (DCL) cruise boat, which will be a huge thing for me (insert panic attack here). As anxious as I am about getting on the ship, our little hot-mess of a dog is ultra-neurotic, so leaving him will be HUGE deal. The thing is, he hates...hates being left. He's such a love and is super cute (his two saving graces... LOL), but we have to drug him, to leave him. Not quite sure what we're going to do with the little guy, but considering the kennel down the street from the Fort as I think we'll do a couple of days at the Fort with our trip. Any feedback on the kennel?? I have ZERO experiences with dog kennels, so I know... nothing.
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