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  1. twiceblessed....nacole

    WWW2019 The Womenz are no longer "Roughing it"

    Love the Figment magnet. Of course, now I have that song in my head... LOL. Chalk artists amaze me. I seriously have no artistic talent. I think people can read the letters that I write out, on the cement at our site. Maybe.
  2. twiceblessed....nacole

    We’re Done

    Not much I don't agree with here... things have definitely changed. We did 4 or 5 trips with our last AP, and I would say that 50% of our time at the Fort was lovely and peaceful... the other 50% is what you just said above. So yes, it's changing
  3. twiceblessed....nacole

    Am I crazy for contemplating this?

    We really liked our Pro-Pride (same as Hensley) with our TT. Honestly, it was amazing. Actually, when switching to the the 5th wheel, everyone told me how much I'd love the way the 5'er pulled... truth be told: zero difference. I had NO sway with the ProPride. That sucker was locked down. Definitely worth the price. Goodness, yes. The plan is to be in town 3x this year and we have to budget (very) carefully, where we want to eat. Already staying off property as the Fort just isn't in the budget this year... kids will have to choose whether they want one character meal or 3 breakfast buffets or 6-8 take outs at TE. Staying is painful, but eating out will put you over the edge.
  4. twiceblessed....nacole

    Three weekends and three camping trips

    Sounds like an excellent first day! Going to a park, the day you arrive at the Fort, is always a challenge... I'm impressed on how much y'all did!
  5. twiceblessed....nacole

    2019 MVMCP Party Dates on sale now

    Haha..right?! ❤️
  6. twiceblessed....nacole

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    While I can appreciate not wanting the fuss... honestly, I think they're all (pretty much) junk. Sigh. I tried to talk Tom into an older unit this last time, but he really wanted a rear living room... and we could only get that in a mid-bunk, which is only found in units made in the last few years. If I could have talked him into it, I would have found a rig that was 10 years old (we baby our campers, so I know that there are other owners out there who take really good care of their rigs); I would have bought older unit for SOOOO much less, remodeled inside so it was cute and dealt with issues when they came. Heck, our new rig has been in for repairs at least 10 times and it goes back to the flippin' factory (for major repairs) in a few months. All that to say... new/newer doesn't mean no issues. But, I do get it :)
  7. twiceblessed....nacole

    Smaller Camper Recommendations?

    That's a good idea... except smaller ones, are they not typically one large room (with the toyhauler door on back to roll the toys in)? Older or new? If older... I like the older Jaycos.
  8. twiceblessed....nacole


    Oh my gosh... I find all of this so hilarious
  9. twiceblessed....nacole

    Shocking News For Dollywood Fans

    Very nice
  10. twiceblessed....nacole

    Shocking News For Dollywood Fans

    We'll be there, Labor Day.
  11. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    Oh gosh... I hope so. Can't imagine it ( the path) will be as peaceful though. Still.. hopefully you're both right and it re-opens.
  12. twiceblessed....nacole

    A desperate need for a Fiend

    The link would not open, but I pray that whatever health issues he's struggling with, that the Lord touches him.
  13. twiceblessed....nacole

    River Country

    So sad about this... riding our bikes to the Lodge, was one of our favorite things to do
  14. twiceblessed....nacole

    Baby Horse

    Cute. So... guess the barns are still there. I hope they're there when we visit in a month. Our girl is so sad to see them go (even though I know they say that they're putting them somewhere else).
  15. twiceblessed....nacole

    Three weekends and three camping trips

    Looks like a great night!