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  1. Thanks for the review. Wow... so much for my paranoid mind to consider. LOL Will it stop and you'll die of heat exhaustion? Will it break down and (if so), how the heck will they get you out of there? Mercy. We may just observe these, from the ground
  2. Thank you. Sorry about the meal at TE. Yes, a bad meal at TE is still pretty good but... at the price they ask for it, I would have said something on the ribs. You mentioned the Electric Umbrella (maybe) not being open... is it going somewhere?
  3. Just joining. Thanks for the report! I'm so sorry to hear of your mother-in-law's passing. Condolences for you and the entire family. Love all your pictures. The AK tour is something I'd love to do. It looks like so much fun. Breakfast at the California Grill looked nice, but a bit too fancy for our family. We're much more of a Mickey Waffle kind-of clan. LOL That zoom picture is interesting... how did you get that?!
  4. Oh... my heart. That brings tears to MY eyes.
  5. Goodness... knew it was coming but... wow.
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