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  1. While I don't disagree.... I don't believe that this gentlemen knew the extent of the rules. Unlike some on this forum, he does not stock Disney or the Fort's activities/policies. He was invited to join some friends who have a rig. He would not have checked in, but rather gone through the gate. My friend is a retired professional and not one to purposely buck the system. No, of course they make no sense, which is why I'm not sure (as I stated above) that he realized that the idiotic rule of covering your face applied to riding your bike.
  2. Update as of November 11th: We have a friend staying at the Fort right now; he has been stopped by a CM twice and required to put a mask on. The first time he was riding in a personal golf cart (so not a Disney rental) and the second time, he was exercising by riding his bike. Just got back on to let you know that as of today, they were enforcing that you cover your face.
  3. I'd be concerned about taking your grandson, unless you're prepared to stay at your site. While they might not say anything, until they drop the mask mandate who knows what could happen. No doubt it would be very upsetting if you get there and find that they have gone back to strictly enforcing this rule. I've heard stories of CM stopping guests driving their own golf carts, riding their bike and even a guest walking his dog alone...all required to mask up. Personally, I find it insane and we will not go back until the mandate is dropped. I'm not going to put a mask over my children's fa
  4. Oh Micheal... I am heartbroken for you. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I wish I had greater words. I am so sorry.
  5. Of course it's mind boggling... all of this, country wide, is mind boggling. The damage done by shutting down our country is irreparable. From businesses that took generations to build, but whose doors have now closed permanently, loved ones who have died alone in hospitals because family was not let in to advocate for them, loved ones who will die because they were either too afraid to see the doctor or their exam/procedure was deemed non-essential (case in point, by sister-in-law had to wait three months after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer to have the tumor removed, because it wa
  6. Yep. Didn't have to worry about a place for the dog (or my being on a ship)... after all.
  7. Oh goodness... so many memories. I love that sweet little show.... along with Carousel of Progress and the People Mover. Actually, those three attractions are ones that most anyone (irregardless of physical limitations) can do. It would be terribly sad, if they removed any of them.
  8. Doubtful, but I hope so too as we're supposed to meet family at the Fort and the cruise, around that time frame.
  9. Sorry...we’ve been in the road. Yes, I understand the shouting...pretty crazy, right? 😄 Mom and dad want to take the whole family on a cruise, for their anniversary. If we go, I may have to start drinking. That and the poor pup will need to be drugged for 4 days 😕
  10. I'm so confused by all of this. Our reservations are not until the end of Nov- beg of Dec and we have a 7 day ticket. What I don't understand is Disney says they are limiting occupancy (now, I understand this is still several months out... but let's pretend that nothing changes between now and then).... so if we wait to make a park reservations (is that what we're doing??) because we may not go to the Fort, if the cruise does not happen... so if we wait and then decide to go, but with occupancy restrictions, we can only get into the park for 3 of the 7 days... do we loose the other 4 days?
  11. I'm so sorry. I'm sure that news was very tough for him Our cruise is scheduled for the first week in December, it's an anniversary trip for my parents and with my mother's health, she is concerned that if we don't go now, she will be unable to. All that to say, I understand the disappointment and am so sorry for your (not so little) man. I pray his birthday is blessed ❤️
  12. I've always carried a paper towel or napkin (honestly, if I still had my grandmother's...I"d carry a hankey), this allows me to cover any sneezes or coughs, which is the concern with any aerosolized virus, it's not the act of breathing in and out. As for the vaccine, everyone will get that choice. I'll have a problem if it's mandated however....I will caution because even the "experts" are not sure on the efficacy of a vaccine. Actually, they say it may make the virus worse: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/12/fauci-tells-congress-no-guarantee-the-coronavirus-vaccine-will-be-e
  13. I am not fearful, I am angry. There is a difference. Of course there is no cure for SARS-CoV-2, it's a virus. The same as influenza, there is no cure, only treatment options. Treatment options are becoming more obvious with this current virus as well. Doctors are now understanding that putting patients on ventilators is rarely the best course of action and that this virus may gain access through the respiratory system but that it is, quite likely, a cardiac issue. I agree completely. Even though I do not believe that masks are beneficial, believe it or not I do fully resp
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