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  1. Yep. Didn't have to worry about a place for the dog (or my being on a ship)... after all.
  2. Oh goodness... so many memories. I love that sweet little show.... along with Carousel of Progress and the People Mover. Actually, those three attractions are ones that most anyone (irregardless of physical limitations) can do. It would be terribly sad, if they removed any of them.
  3. Doubtful, but I hope so too as we're supposed to meet family at the Fort and the cruise, around that time frame.
  4. Sorry...we’ve been in the road. Yes, I understand the shouting...pretty crazy, right? 😄 Mom and dad want to take the whole family on a cruise, for their anniversary. If we go, I may have to start drinking. That and the poor pup will need to be drugged for 4 days 😕
  5. I'm so confused by all of this. Our reservations are not until the end of Nov- beg of Dec and we have a 7 day ticket. What I don't understand is Disney says they are limiting occupancy (now, I understand this is still several months out... but let's pretend that nothing changes between now and then).... so if we wait to make a park reservations (is that what we're doing??) because we may not go to the Fort, if the cruise does not happen... so if we wait and then decide to go, but with occupancy restrictions, we can only get into the park for 3 of the 7 days... do we loose the other 4 days?? I just don't get it...
  6. I'm so sorry. I'm sure that news was very tough for him Our cruise is scheduled for the first week in December, it's an anniversary trip for my parents and with my mother's health, she is concerned that if we don't go now, she will be unable to. All that to say, I understand the disappointment and am so sorry for your (not so little) man. I pray his birthday is blessed ❤️
  7. I've always carried a paper towel or napkin (honestly, if I still had my grandmother's...I"d carry a hankey), this allows me to cover any sneezes or coughs, which is the concern with any aerosolized virus, it's not the act of breathing in and out. As for the vaccine, everyone will get that choice. I'll have a problem if it's mandated however....I will caution because even the "experts" are not sure on the efficacy of a vaccine. Actually, they say it may make the virus worse: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/12/fauci-tells-congress-no-guarantee-the-coronavirus-vaccine-will-be-effective.html?fbclid=IwAR0ILT6sUEG9nZYLz3UzcEoK9-S-8TnF9ekg4U7oc6EfPHJUU2trUhu4rOU
  8. I am not fearful, I am angry. There is a difference. Of course there is no cure for SARS-CoV-2, it's a virus. The same as influenza, there is no cure, only treatment options. Treatment options are becoming more obvious with this current virus as well. Doctors are now understanding that putting patients on ventilators is rarely the best course of action and that this virus may gain access through the respiratory system but that it is, quite likely, a cardiac issue. I agree completely. Even though I do not believe that masks are beneficial, believe it or not I do fully respect a private company's right to institute their own policies. It's what makes me both a capitalist and a staunch supporter of our constitution and (more importantly) the rights outlined in that document. I believe I've made this comment before, but it's always about the money. People with more money than we'll ever understand, have their hand in how all of this is being controlled. Period. Unless you're on the board of Disney, we will never know all the details, but I fully expect that Disney will receive some sort of federal aid (how every that might look), by staying close. Additionally, they were looking to save themselves from being sued, by staying open and folks saying that they contracted the virus while visiting one of the parks. It will be interesting however, to see how this all plays out. Back in 2016, the media focus at that time was BLM. I hated that movement and not for what it stood for (on the face of it), but for who stood for it. I remember telling folks that BLM was a political move, that my African American friends (well, not them because most of them actually agreed with me), but African Americans in our country were being used as a political pawn. When people started pointed out the possibility of protesters being bused from location to location and that they were being backed by those in favor of the democratic party, it was a called a "conspiracy theory". All I said was, well... let's see what happens after the election. We all know what happened after the 2016 election: crickets. While discrimination does happen, the BLM movement was a smoke screen to try and get folks to vote a certain way. It's interesting to watch the relationship between the WHO and countries that either embrace communism or totalitarianism... then watch to see how the CDC might follow. Look at that, and consider those governors that are showing the greatest resistance against opening up their states and consider the election coming up. It's all interesting (albeit dangerous) to say the least. I understand that most of us have strong opinions, so I'm not going to continue to push the point. I've had the opportunity to meet several Fiends and do truly consider those folks friends, so I am in no way meaning to upset anyone. My deepest concern, is with what I see happening in our country, which is constitutional freedoms being trampled on. That, my friends, is a very dangerous path. The only thing I would encourage each of us to do (if not continue to do), is to thoroughly research on our own. I'm not sure what everyone else has seen, but I have personally watched/had YouTube and FB remove videos/posts that they don't agree with. Most of them are simply people stepping out and voicing concerns over what they've seen. I'll link a video, from a senate judiciary hearing. Before experiencing censorship first hand, I would not have given as much weight to this hearing... which I'll admit is pretty sad on my part. With regards to Disney and masks, as I said above, they most definitely have the right to enact that policy. People don't have to go, but we all know that there will never be a shortage of guests at WDW... masks or no masks.
  9. Of course it's been around longer... we discussed this several weeks back. What this shows us, is that this virus is not as dangerous as we were told. Knowing that it's been circulating, that it's infected more than originally thought and thousands more have survived... it shows that this virus does not warrant the control that is being placed on the American people. The list is SO long. The economic devastation that has caused an increase in depression and suicides, domestic abuse has spiked, substance abuse has increased, the diseases that have not been treated because they were not "essential" (my sister-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about 6 weeks ago, but she has been "on hold" because they consider the surgery to try to remove the cancer as non-essential). Folks have been feared into not going to the hospital, even though heart attacks, strokes, the rest of life's ugly sicknesses are still happening. Schools are a hot mess. Education budgets are blown and reduction will be made because there is no money.... yet there's a bill on table to monitor, test and quarantine the American people from this virus, at the tune of $100 BILLION per year. I mean... the list goes on an on. It's insane.
  10. Ah... see, I love it when people call those who don't want to wear a mask, selfish. And then to equate it to wearing a shirt is even better. Sure, you wearing your mask will make all the difference; please feel free to fill that way. Again, never before have we been required to wear masks and yet, pathogens have always been around. What it does, is help you feel as though you're doing something, which is fine and you are welcome to make that choice. If I have to explain how reducing the level of requirements for those individuals who will be in charge of the children forcibly removed from family's homes (love how you skipped over that part), how that will contribute to the number of children who are kidnapped and placed into the ring of sex trafficking... then I truly cannot help you.
  11. Not only are they worn improperly (either by being too loose, not covering the nose, people bringing their hands up and touching them constantly to readjust them), but studies show that they carry more germs than they help prevent. More people will get sick from wearing them (let alone sick from not boosting your immune system as our immune system was designed to interact with pathogens).
  12. Agreed. Then again, I think this is where we should be, with the entire country. Those governors who are keeping their states closed, it's about control and the amount of damage that they are doing is immense. This is a virus, people understand that; citizens need to be allowed to make their own choices. Because it's not about the mask, Mo. I know you have to understand that. I don't wear a mask. Never have, nor do I have any plans to. This includes not going back to Costco (until they remove the mask requirement) for which we've been a member of for 25+ years (before it even was Costco as I'm from the PNW). We've always had viruses, yet never have we been required to wear a mask. Even the CDC and Surgeon General didn't require masks, until a few weeks ago when (in my opinion) we started to get a better grasp on what this virus was and confirmation on who it was truly affecting, at that point Americans started to panic a little less and started to push for things to open back up. At that point, the decision came down, that the general public should be wearing masks. All this does in bolster fear as folks believe they need a mask, to be safe. This simply is not true... or if it is true, why has it not been suggested (or required) earlier as our country has experienced some brutal flu season that cost America many lives... and those lives were across the board on the demographics, not primarily focused on one group (thus making it easier for a sector of the population to choose to isolate). As for the argument that I hear some say, well the flu is not an aerosol transmitted pathogen, of course it is. Even our government recognizes this. My favorite argument for the differences between SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, is that 80% (or more) of individuals who contract this current coronavirus, either have mild or no (they are asymptomatic) systems. All this does, is reinforce that fact that this virus is of no treat to a majority of the population.... which goes back to my original point, Mo. People are not "losing their damned minds" over wearing a mask, they are angry over the amount of control being enforced and they... we... should be. In my home state of Washington, the governor has announced that starting this week, he is implementing mandatory testing. A policy that he is carrying out with such force, that he has the National Guard ready to step in and enforce his rule. If necessary, they will go door to door. If you test positive, he says he will remove people from their homes so that they can be forced to isolate at a location that the State of Washington has created. There are facilities already set up. They will removed children from homes and place them under the custody of DCYF. Could you imagine?! They come to your home, test you, you are positive for this virus (but have no symptoms because most people do not) and they take your children. Not only are that doing that, but because they are expecting to take so many children and they are in a rush to find adults to watch these babies, the governor has waived requirement for this care givers. Here is what the proclamation states: "Waiving licensing requirements for healthcare workers This proclamation waives requirements necessary for health care workers to remain licensed to practice in the state, including ongoing training and continuing education requirements. These waivers will deliver much needed relief to an increasingly taxed health care system, allowing workers to focus on providing care to Washingtonians during the COVID-19 outbreak. Waiving requirements for child care and background checks This proclamation waives several requirements for licensed childcare workers, including requiring federal fingerprint background checks before completing the licensing process. This responds to an increased need for childcare during the COVID-19 emergency, increasing availability by allowing workers to be more easily licensed to provide care to those who need it." Fantastic, right? This should be real good, for the sex trafficking business. Please do not tell me that this is not happening, the hell it's not. My family is still in Washington, my friends are still in Washington.... they.are.fighting.... because this is happening. We all should pray, that we don't have a loved one get sick. Not only did 1.4 million health care workers loose their jobs in April (which means we should hope that someone, who is qualified, is there to help us if we need it), but family is not allowed in the hospitals. Two conversations I had recently: a girl whose grandmother passed away; her grandparents had been married for over 50 years and her grandfather was not allowed in the hospital. Could you imagine? You've done this life, with your person, for over 50 years and you're not there there to make sure that they are not in pain, that they are not scared, that they are not... alone. You don't get to say goodbye, to the person that you've. done. life. with. They are ALONE. Another woman who I spoke with, her closest friend just lost their grandbaby. They were not allowed in the hospital. They had to stay outside in the parking lot, while their grandchild was inside.. dying. THIS IS NOT OKAY. But his is what fear does. The same fear that tells everyone they must wear a mask, is destroying our country... and not from the deaths is causing, but from the liberties that are being stripped. It needs to stop.
  13. The tough part is, for some masks are truly very tough (if not impossible) for them to physically wear. I understand that Disney is a theme park so (unlike a market, where you need to go buy food), you don't need to go there. But, such a bummer if you have a family where maybe only 1 or 2 members would have an issue with the mask. For some folks, a Disney vacation is a once in a lifetime and they've been planning it for a long time. Personally, I think the idea of wearing a mask at Walt Disney World is going to pose a risk for a lot of folks.... at least during the really hot and humid days. I mean, how many times do we hear (or see) someone needing help because they are suffering from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Wearing a mask would have to exacerbate that. I don't see any good coming from that policy, if they enforce it. But, that's just my opinion.
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