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  1. Goodness, yes. This point has (in my opinion) been driven home in the past 18 months. The "news source" will be a comment (which is personal commentary) in a newspaper article and corporate media runs with it, as if it's factual information. Additionally, retractions are a thing of the past. When lies are put out there, the party submitting the lies simply goes on as if there's nothing to see. Rarely do you hear an apology and/or a correction. It's both exhausting and infuriating.
  2. Agreed on breakfast. Honestly, Trails End has gotten too expensive for our family, so if we are able to splurge...then it's at breakfast when it's a (few) dollars less. Plus, we are more of a big breakfast family than a big dinner gang.
  3. Agreed. When possible, I love staying inside the National Parks. My favorite time of the day is sunrise and with the Grand Canyon being so, incredibly, large.... staying inside the park was really the only way I was going to get my butt to the canyon's rim in time to see the sun come up
  4. Haha....yes. The race was always to be first for a trip report and then the bet was, how long before the post was hijacked Yes! We stayed there in 2018 and had the females (I'm guessing as no horns) take residency right behind our rig. It was great!!
  5. We had a bull elk walk right in front of us in Rocky Mountain National. I wish I could figure out how to attach a picture, because he was HUGE. The picture I took, he was still a good 20 feet away....then he turned and walk right up to us, turning up the path about 4 feet before he reached us (yes, we were backing up ). The closer he got, the bigger he got. He just walked up the trail like he belonged there. It was fantastic!
  6. That's fantastic We were hiking in Smoky Mountain National on a very busy trail (so it was not quiet...which means this guy was not interested in us, thankfully) and this black bear came out of the bushes, about 4-6 feet in front of me and ran across the trail to the berry bushes on the other side. Of course, my first thought was, "what's that big black dog doing out here?". Took me a few seconds to realize that it was a bear
  7. Thank you. Last year we were blessed and saw a TON of wildlife in Yellowstone... except for one: no moose. Our fingers are crossed that we'll get lucky and see one or two at Glacier. So blessed to be able to make these memories with our kiddos. Tom was able to join us for the full trip last year and he's joining us again this year (the previous two I drove out and he flew out to meet us). I pray that our children, like yours, hold these memories for a lifetime. We are definitely blessed ❤️
  8. Agreed, which is why I am a huge proponent of covering ones mouth when you sneeze or cough... especially with a napkin or hankie. While I understand that not everyone has learned this common courtesy, just one look around any store and you'll see that not everyone has learned how to properly wear a mask. Even to catch those droplets (which are heavy and have a good chance of falling before they get too far in the air. which means that someone needs to be pretty close to you in order to have those droplets land on them). I do understand your point and I don't mean to or want to belabor the
  9. Understood. I imagine those will stay up for a while, but I'd be surprised if they are being enforced... except for Costco. I grew up in Washington state and have had a Costco membership for over 30 years (it was PriceClub before it was Costco). This is the first time I have not renewed our membership and will not, unless they drop the mandate. The "funny" thing about Costco, is they will allow you to wear a face shield which is fully open on the sides and bottom. WalMart, Lowes (and in our area Publix, Kroger and Aldis) all have signs up however, I've never worn a mask once. If I was as
  10. Surgical masks were developed to protect the surgeon as much as the patient. The surgeon's face is exposed to fluids, when the surgery is being performed and the patient has an open wound, which nasal/oral drainage and/or sweat from the lip could drop into. They were not made to stop the spread of a virus and the subject of surgeons wearing masks has been in debate for years. Even the NIH weighed in on this with a study where they found that, "It has never been shown that wearing surgical face masks decreases postoperative wound infections. On the contrary, a 50% decrease has been reported
  11. Thank you. May is an earlier date and so, I believe, those restrictions were dropped by DeSantis. I understand what you're saying, that other attractions are also limited occupancy... I was just curious if they were following a local (county) mandate or making a company policy choice. Nah... masks are not sanity, but we can move that to the debate forum if you'd like. DeSantis wanted to allow local control, which is a trickle down of the 10th amendment (in my opinion). A governor allows local authorities to make decisions, until he needs to step in and take control of th
  12. I thought that DeSantis had lifted things last fall... went back and found this from September. The EO in on the Florida gov site. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/politics/os-ne-desantis-florida-reopens-20200925-f3sr4wk5tncvvkhwr6ua4pereq-story.html
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