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  1. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    A Very Short Trip

    It was, thank you.
  2. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    A Very Short Trip

    Took Annie to Epcot last night, rode Imagination, saw the movies in the building behind the main one. It seems every time I go there the movies have changed. Really good, I enjoy them. Then did some grazing, stopped at the Bar-b-que spot for protein and then the CHOCOLATE for a tasty treat. Lot of walking, Bill pushed A in the chair and I had my rolling walker! Saw movie in France, by then almost time for fireworks, started for Mexico but stopped in Germany for apple strudel. The short fence across from food was almost empty, so we stopped to watch the show from there. PERFECT! no smoke, small amount of visitors and we could see the MK's high fireworks. The MK show and Epcot's started almost in unison and finished same. Gotta admit, I like the MK show much better than any of the other parks' shows. Food we had was good, saw more I want to try, weather was delightful, except Melty Mo would have been sweating. As we walked out a shower started, very nice, gentle rain and no thunder/lighting. Also cooled air so this morning the temp was comfortable.
  3. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    No doggie door needed.

    When I sez I wants out, I WANT OUT NOW!!!
  4. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    So much for a marriage proposal.

    Gives Disney lawyers something to do
  5. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    Be Our Guest now serving alcohol at all meals

    YES! Walt came up with the idea of a park without alcohol to protect kids from drunks. But we know now that it's not the kids that matter but the bottom line.
  6. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    Price increase on drinks and snacks

    That's what I said to DH, plus the Costco ones taste better. Probably because they are fresher.
  7. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    SDMT queue removed

    That would be me.
  8. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    March or Nov 2019? Help

    You and granddaughter planning on entering any of the races ?
  9. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    Post Your Pictures From the Fort Here!

    Me too, nice!
  10. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    A Very Short Trip

    Oh we found a good spot to wait on the roof of the Orange garage, but when the high fireworks failed to start at 8pm Bill left at 8:08, of course when we were on the road there they were. time 8:11pm. Grrrr. Oh well, he took us to the Twisty Freeze for cones. They also have a small frozen cup for dogs. Taffy gave her approval. It was frozen yogurt with banana and peanut butter and a lot of weird stuff.
  11. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    Six Bits

    I agree!
  12. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    A Very Short Trip

    Well Annie is not so positive about life, she wants to die. But I told her that plan did not seem to be working so let's DO something. We tried to get to the parking garage roof to watch fireworks the other day, unfortunately we forgot it was Saturday night and the traffic around the Village was awful. The plan is to try again tonight. I'll let you know how that goes.
  13. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    Rafiki Dead

    I for one will be sad if this is true. I don't get to AK often but Rafiki's Planet Watch is a favorite. A must do if children are along.
  14. fladogfan  aka Gretchen

    A Very Short Trip

    Last Friday, September 21, Bill and I took his Mom, Annie, to MGM. Yeah, yeah OK I know it's called something else, but my old brain thinks MGM. So anyway, we entered HS about 3pm, amazingly the weather was decent, lots of clouds kept the temp around 89 and a small breeze helped too. Now Annie is 96 and can walk with a walker around the house, but for jaunts out of the house it's in a wheel chair she goes. Of course she is not into rides any more, but we got to Indie's stunt show just before the show started, after that we started to Toy Story area, just to look around. Bill and I hadn't been there yet. On the way we stopped at Little Mermaid's show. Annie seemed to like both shows. So onto Toy Story! Time might have been between 5 and 6pm. The rides look like fun, but the 70 minute wait for the Slinky Dog coaster and the 40 minute wait for the little green aliens did not appeal. Annie kept saying "go on the ride, I'll sit here'. But the waits were not appealing. Then we stopped at the open air eatery across from Beauty and the Beast. We had 3 kids meals for just under $22.00. Annie still was not able to finish her meal. We were too late to see a B&B show, so something for next time. End of report . except we didn't have a camera with us!