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  1. Not a good thing for this company. Wonder how many other people have this experience with these rigs? Hope you are no longer on the side of the road and somewhere safe.
  2. Love those little [email protected] The more you camp the quicker it will be to set up and close it down. Of course you already know that
  3. Sounds like you are moving right along. Hope it wasn't one of the cold and wet nights.
  4. Reminds me of my mother too. She liked it warm, like sliced off the cow and run over a candle flame..
  5. Good start Robin, glad the weather was good for you.
  6. Poor kids. Life lessons in a tent. Set up looked fine, did you figure out why it leaked?
  7. I agree with Ivy, looks cozy and homey. Looking forward to the "rest of the story" .
  8. It is in the shopping center across from Disney in Lake Buena Vista. I think the center is called Crossroads, brain not working at remembering so well these days. There are a lot of restaurants located there. Also the remaining Goodings grocery store. As you are facing it, Perkins is on the left with the big American flag flying. Good breakfasts and tasty lunch and dinners also. Prices not too bad.
  9. The Perkins near by serves a good breakfast. Their pancakes are my favorite.
  10. Thanks to Travisma we bought one of these passes and it helped us on our trip to New England. We had not heard about it before reading the news here. YAY fortfiends!
  11. Just read through the reviews of RVers who stayed there. Sure sounds like fun. I hope your trip is not cancelled because of their mistake about pricing.
  12. Does not sound legal to me. Too bad they didn't have correct up-date for prices, BUT that is not your fault. They should honor your $40 per night reservation.!
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