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  1. Thanks and no prob with 'late' reply as I am just now seeing it
  2. How do they load wheel chairs, etc? Or do the cars stop long enough to load strollers, etc?
  3. Congratulations, would be great if we could ask for him and not just get next in line.
  4. Mo, after the pics are uploaded can you still see them on your phone?
  5. Yes, how did you get that. Sorry about MIL passing but nice the family worked around that and surprised you. I would love to do the Africa Trek, it looks like fun.
  6. Turn right, at the pasture where the brown and white cow, with the Mickey Mouse marking on her side lives.
  7. Hey they are fun to watch and they are a trip report !
  8. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks for taking us along for the ride!
  9. I'm sorry about the fountain also. So nice on a hot day to walk on the downwind side. Good idea about using the international gate. the front of the park is a pain. AK also has building going on near gate.
  10. My sound is out at the moment, but just watching is fun. Mom holding cam did a good job!
  11. What a neat thing for the kids, you and the wife/mom. I bet the kids remember a lot of this weekend. Unfortunately the photos stopped showing for me after the one where the skilled employee was the highest paid worker. But the ones up to that point were very nice. Cool brick home!
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