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  1. Sounds like fun on a hot day. Good the phone was rescued.
  2. Thank you for posting this story. What a wonderful life, which she tells us she was still enjoying in the interview at the end of the story.
  3. I have no idea about co-op college jobs. I only know what friends and family who were part of Disney's college program told me. They had no choice but to stay in Disney apartments with up to 6 other kids, maybe more I forget. Could not stay with family or friends, money deducted from pay for rent and more my brain is not remembering.
  4. Hey! First in, don't remember that happening before. Sure hope lights were easy to get lit. I'm guessing Hersey Park in PA. Our RV needs to go for fixing soon.
  5. Some companies are paying $15 an hour, Disney has plans to get to that pay. So if a cast member wants to enjoy a park all he/she will need to do is work an hour. But if the family wants to come also it will take more hours. Wonder how much time a visitor will need to put in to be able to afford WDW? I understand many families save for years to have a Disney vacation, gonna take more years.
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