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  1. Too early in month for Christmas crowds. Maybe you just hit it lucky.
  2. Remember when they stopped building those hotels back when the money troubles hit? When the money started flowing again they were finished. I keep hearing that the big guys took cuts early on but now have been paid bonuses or maybe regular salaries. Do any of you know the truth or fiction behind that rumor?
  3. Gwen, it is different from days gone by. During lock-down I drove to Longwood during usually very busy rush hour time, traffic was missing. It's picking up now. Maybe it was so slow for you because of holiday time?
  4. WOW! There were signs saying surface lots were closed, guess they changed that.
  5. A few days ago we were on our way home and the line of stopped cars heading into Disney Springs was loooong. All directions. Wondered if Disney let them in the parking garages?
  6. Good to see you report. I think you were here at the coldest (so far) temps we have had. Good thing you had layers to don, even then it was too cold for you Sorry about the hand and I agree a lot of old age stuff is NO fun at all.
  7. It's a good site. Anyone can buy from the members. A couple of neighbors have used pressure washing services for their homes.
  8. I saw something about this, maybe in the Orlando Sentinel. Hope you had a good time and without crowds.
  9. Gwen, just noticed you were scheduled to be here til Dec. 15. Hope your trip home is/was uneventful and that storm leaves you alone.
  10. I'm very happy for the layers I bought the year I went to Nome, AK for the Iditarod...in March. They get used a few times each year. Gwen, last year Bill and I went to the GG in Tenn. late Sept. Nice weather there, then on to VA, PA and ended up in NH at the sled dog trade fair. It was so cold (at least to us use to much higher temps) And I had thought about taking my warmest jacket. Sure wish I had done so, so I understand about your wish for your warm heavy coat. I am wearing the top half of long underwear under my long sleeve tee shirt. and a denim jacket So yes I do enjoy the
  11. Wow the weather sure doesn't like you folks who have come down here for sun and warmth. Suppose to warm up to the 70s tomorrow or Friday. Of course Disney loves cold or wet weather, out come the sweatshirts and during rain there are rain ponchos in piles at the registers. Hope the sun made your day a little brighter, still chilly tho. Beautiful clear day, sunny but started at 40 degrees and I think it made it to the 50s. I'm layered up. 😎
  12. Well I'm one of the people who are thankful for cooler weather after so many months of 90++ degree weather. Hope you still have a good time while here.
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