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  1. Seeing your bike come by a camp site must be fun for the campers. Cool idea.
  2. Our county library has reopened and are delivering books again.. Order then by computer and a few days later there they are sitting on your porch. I have re-read all the Anne McCaffrey books of Pern that I own. Now the library is delivering some I have missed. Sadly Anne passed away a few years ago but her son Todd writes of Pern and I just discovered a Pern book written by Anne's daughter Gigi.
  3. Hoping you are an early riser and can 'treat' them as you were treated. +
  4. To me Country Bear is just fun, a cool place to sit and I like that music. But just, FUN!
  5. Looks like a lot of fun, glad the weather was nice.
  6. Blue grass music is my favorite kind, but I would not want to have it played loudly sites away from me. I guess someone is trying to share, but that is not a sensible way to do that. Hope ice cream was tasty.
  7. I hope the yard workers were near the late night noise makers. Take a nap someplace quiet!
  8. I agree with Mo. that trip sounds like it will be so much fun. Looking forward to TRs
  9. Boy Ray that was not nice of WDW. A question I have is what are the ticket prices? Since so much is not being offered at this time it would be nice to reduce the prices. You know, reduced prices for reduced experiences.
  10. It would be something to see them on the big screen. That is neat that you met Todd. I wish he would write some more of Pern, even if it's not as good as Mom Anne.
  11. My favorite book series. When the ability to make dragons look real on film started I said , Oh boy Pern! But then I read that Anne McCafery was not in favor of her stories being put on film. Think it had to do with being able to control the story line. Too many books I've enjoyed reading left a lot to be desired when put on film. It would take long films to create most of her Pern books. But wouldn't it be wonderful to see all the people and dragons we've come to love. I'm re-reading my Pern books during this lockdown, very nice.
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