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  1. Just drove by DS and there were closed signs on Orange and Lime garages. What time does DS open? Time was about 10 minutes before noon.
  2. Add 3 sets to my order please, if possible. Total 4 sets. Make good gifts for friends who can't go to WDW at the moment. Thanks.
  3. I just took the time to watch and listen to these videos. That was fun. thank you Mo and Beckers.
  4. From what I understand, me wearing a mask probably will not protect me from catching the covid-19 virus. But If I have the virus and cough or sneeze, it will help other people a lot by keeping the germs near my face and they will not travel several feet from me. Thereby helping keep others from catching this disease. I have read what others have gone through when they have been sick with covid-19 and do not want to find out for myself if they are being truthful or not. The only cure/help, as I see it, will be when a vaccination is available for those willing to be vaccinated. Even though I know several people who don't get the flu vaccine I hope most of us do.
  5. Bet a lot of the rules following, mask wearing guests will be all too happy to report non-mask wearers. We just need Disney to follow up on their rules.
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