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  1. Had to laugh out loud, really loud, about the driving I-4. YES teachers are not paid anywhere near what they are worth. A few weeks ago I was ticked because someone was treating me like a little old lady. Then I remembered how old I am(78) and thought, Oh yeah, I am a little old woman, sometimes I'm a lady
  2. My husband and my parents and I took a train ride many years ago across Canada. One of the stops was Banff, beautiful. Was much easier back then to cross the border.
  3. Wow Nicole, that is some trip you have planned. Looks like a lot of fun and learning. Good to know the info to get into Canada and back to USA. That was interesting Keith.
  4. I agree TCD, our phone gurus kept checking their phones and it was to see IF the ride had stopped. All was good, all day the ride kept working, then our # came up and we made our way over to the ride. OOPS it had just stopped rats. We also were one of the first groups to cheer after the 8am opening of the reservations. We were #51 or 53, in that area anyway, So even if you have a really fast phone and operator of said phone, you don't automatically get a low number. Lottery system indeed.
  5. Retired cast are blocked out of HS through April and I won't be surprised if the blocking goes all summer. I want to give a big THANK YOU to the WWz who got together and bought me a ticket to HS so I could join them last Saturday. I had a really good time and was thankful for the ones with experience and fast phones so we were able to ride. I look forward to the days when WDW gets the ride working consistently and has something newer to draw people away from HS.
  6. WOW what a bunch of neat ideas. I had no idea about whippets. There is a dog park at The DR. Phillips park. I'll have to check fence height, don't know if big enough to make a whippet tired.
  7. Me too Robin, very enjoyable.
  8. Stopping at Six Flags is a nice way to get ease the let down of the end of your Disney vacation.
  9. The weather matched your mood.
  10. Thanks for writing your memories.
  11. Finally took time to read the rest of your story(so far). I'm glad you had a good time and sorry it was cold. Question...did you try taking a hot shower to get into bed already warm? That's my trick, of course, depending how far away from comfort station your camp is you could get too cool just getting back to camp.
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