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  1. Exactly! that's what I've been wondering too. When we had the gondola in the MK it would stop running for bad weather. We have had a lot of thunder storms this summer! Waiting to see how hot it's going to be.
  2. We like to camp at this place. https://www.portcanaveral.com/Recreation/Jetty-Park-Campground You get to watch cruise ships coming and going. The Disney ship often plays a song on their horn.
  3. Good for Keystone! Sounds like Saturn Cars back in the day. There was something wrong with an early model and Saturn replaced all of them. Called the owners in and handed them a new set of keys. One of my friends had another Saturn model that had many problems and finally she went to pick up her car and she was handed a new set of keys. She made me laugh when she mentioned having to wash her car, Saturn always washed our cars after repair!!! Am I upset about GMC stopping making Saturns? You bloody well bet I am. 😠 I did luck into a Captiva, supposedly built on the Vue line. When it's parked next to a Vue all the parts check out as the same. But now I'm told GMC is no longer making Captivas either I'm keeping mine till the wheels fall off. My Saturn had over 300,000 on it. Anyway Nacole, back to your good news Have a safe trip and you will make the new RV your own also.
  4. Good photos, lots of eagles, sorry only the two whales but cool one was a youngster. The weather looks very nice. Did you hear a reason why the groups were smaller?
  5. Guess I've lived in Florida too long, the water tastes OK to me. But I do notice different tastes in water from other places and just drink them anyway. Even the water on the cruise lines is fine to drink. I was told that water is processed sea water, true or not, I don't know.
  6. There are so many ways to get in the parks, how do they enforce the ban?
  7. It sure doesn't. Worked earlier and I saw an airplane with very nice Disney art on it.
  8. Thanks Carol, looks interesting. Only 2 in Florida, Dade City and FT. Pierce. It sure is a lot less than the ones who come to the Fort. But.... Found their utube video I think the scratches came from another washer down Miami way. Interesting couple.
  9. Yeah, our roof was seriously neglected as in we didn't touch it at all.
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