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  1. Glad you had a good time. Wisconsin is a long way to come. Y'all will be back.
  2. I hope their company does well, imagine asking and listening to people who use the RVs!
  3. Thanks for your first trip report, good job.
  4. WOW you got a lot of rides in! Soaking wet rides are good in Florida this time of year. It has been many, many years since I've been on Dudley-Do-Right's ride, I laughed the whole time. What fun.
  5. And my opinion is impatient local drivers and lost tourists. The impatients weave in and out of traffic going as fast as possible. (at times you are likely to end up at same exit with them just in front of you) Then we have the wonderful tourists and the locals who slow down to be able to read their phones. PULL OVER you fools. I-4 has been a nightmare to drive these past few years. It is getting better but is still under construction. I forget who first called the "construction of I-4" the Destruction of I-4. That has been what I've called it since. During the fir
  6. So, tried to check retired cast reservation system. Can't get past April and this is the first time ALL the parks are blocked to retired cast for the rest of April. Don't know about active cast. I know someone who has been successful getting res. so will ask him. But ....Grrrrrrrr
  7. I agree with what you all are saying. Good to 'see' you Lou and TCD so glad your girls have found other jobs. Their youth and education probably helped them. I know former cast members with years at WDW in salaried and 'helping' Tigger positions and they still trying to find a new job. Two in my neighborhood went ahead and retired, at least that freed up a couple jobs. I haven't even tried to get a reservation to get in a park yet. Now have learned I need to navigate that system to make, if possible, resies for out of town friends coming in Sept. rats I hate not being able to ju
  8. Good luck to you. I hope they allow you to spend $$$$$ at their stations. I want the tater chips!
  9. And my friend is lucky, she is in a position to wait for the job she loves to be available.
  10. A friend who 'helped' Tigger got a call back for a job of loading rides. Not what she is trained to do.
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