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  1. " Disney World, located in muggy Florida, a state not particularly known for furry brown bears." I have seen black bears in the neighborhood, now they are not brown, but they are bears.
  2. I just renewed my tag for 2 years last August. Did you read the list of 'special tags' Florida has? I counted about 124. That could be off some, was hard to count that list.
  3. Article in Orlando Sentinel this morning says 8,857 more cast let go. They are part-time union cast members. So that is over 15,000 employees from Disney World. Now I guess the full time cast will get their cuts. Disney will expect those workers who are still there to cover all the work the laid off/fired cast won't be there to do. But at the same pay.
  4. There is a lot of bitterness among the fired/laid off cast, i don't think a lot of them will even want to go back to WDW. I don't know if it is alright to post this here so, if not, take it down. Some of the let go cast have created a face book page to support each other and to hopefully sell some of their wares/services. The name of the group is "ear for each other". It is a public page but only the fired cast are allowed to sell on it. Anyone can buy from it. We all can comment and buy. I believe there are cast from both coasts involved.
  5. I have learned he is not that good at the job, the other cast members tried to teach him but .... making less money gets my vote.
  6. My neighbor had heard she is in the laid off list. 30 plus years with WDW! She will lose her silver pass and insurance. Maybe she will be hired back. I hope if people are hired back they will receive their seniority they have already earned. The kick in the gut for her is a man hired many years after she was, trained by her did not get laid off.
  7. A friend of mine got fired from Universal last week for an infraction that would have only been written up before. So yes Universal is getting rid of employees in many ways. Wonder if WDW is doing the same?
  8. That's too bad. I'd think they would be attached much better than that, liked baked on. I like the shape of the mug.
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